Black Tea Causes Arthritis

Testimony  Know this:  You are programmed to only believe the liars and what they teach the doctors.

Know them by who they show you they are.  Doctors cannot cure arthritis because they have no experience or knowledge with it.  So why would you go to a doctor for arthritis pain?  Except to poison yourself and pay big $$ to big Ph*$ma?

Here it is, TRUTH The Long Short of it….Green tea and prayer to God/Jesus healed my Arthritis.

I Am a seamstress.  One cold winter I gorged myself with black hot tea.   two months later I had trouble sewing because now suddenly I had terrible arthritis in my hands.

I was diagnosed with it by doctors with ex rays bla bla bla they offered no help for it.  What would I do?  I had to work?  My hands were all wrapped up in support tape and gauze it was horrible.

I prayed and was led by the Spirit…Oh did I just lose you?  Had I said “I went to a specialist in the depths of the medical field” would I still have lost you?  CONTEMPT PRIOR TO INVESTIGATION?  FINISH THE STORY!

Long story short.  The cure is green tea, hot green tea daily for as long as it takes.  And DO NOT SLEEP ON CONCRETE FLOOR, do not drink black tea ever.

Look at your diet and remove all non food items.  By nonfood I mean unnatural.  Eat plants and other live fruits and vegetables.

Go on a live food diet now.  Get exercise, and live.  Big Pharma wants you sick and dead.

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