Mark of the Beast Explained Back Scene Decoded

Written Feb. 2021    Well we are getting several of confirmations on the back scenes side attacks. Current date 4-8-2022.   See Rumble but don’t go there if you took the back scene.  Best those who took it stay in denial.  Ater all some are seemingly unaffected.

Update on the one shot J&J back scene.

They are labeling it as not being mRNA.  I find that interesting when its still giving directives to your DNA.  And its still entering the nucleus of your cells uninvited.  And its still using DNA as its catalyst.

To learn more study “viral vector vaccines”.  Its still doing an edit and using genetic material.  J&J’s Janssen is using a rarer adenovirus subtype, Ad26, in its COVID-19 vaccine

“The Johnson & Johnson vaccine is what’s called a viral vector vaccine.

To create this vaccine, the Johnson & Johnson team took a harmless adenovirus – the viral vector – and replaced a small piece of its genetic instructions with coronavirus genes for the SARS-CoV-2 spike protein.

After this modified adenovirus is injected into someone’s arm, it enters the person’s cells. The cells then read the genetic instructions needed to make the spike protein and the vaccinated cells make and present the spike protein on their own surface. The person’s immune system then notices these foreign proteins and makes antibodies against them that will protect the person if they are ever exposed to SARS-CoV-2 in the future.”

How Dare the Talking Heads on TV say “the back scene will teach your immune system how to work on CV”.

“Our immune systems have quite literally taught these sinister drug company scientists how it works NOT the other way around.” Laura E

This article is choppy and very long but very informative.  It covers the back-scene that I believe is the mark of the beast written of in Revelation. Normally I would wait to publish and do more editing but this is important so I release the article as is.

CDC Covid 19 mRNA Back Scene Risks

Red Flag

They can call you stupid for taking the shot because NBC told you flat out the Drug companies hold no liability.  They can kill or paralyze you and you can only receive a standardized compensation.  No law suits allowed.

So drug companies invert the child back scene injury act  pretending it protects the children calling the “national childhood Vaccine Injury act”.  Saying You don’t have to sew anymore you will just be compensated.

Right.  Like a class action suit where they damage the lives of so many children the standardized “compensation” money gets split unto minute amounts.  What the act really means is it protects big pharma from liability or being sued ever again for hurting children with their poisons.

Somebody out there wants us all sick and dead and it is those who have the most money apparently.  To the elite we are the virus.  They mock.  They lie.  They make fun of.  They show how stupid and vulnerable the masses are.  And they justify the killing by that stupidity.  But what they call "stupidity" is really lack of knowledge and the brain washing of billions of people who trust. Their crime is trust.  Their mistake is to judge the insides of the elite by their own heart.  Big mistake.  These corporate serpents are not like us AT ALL.

Ah see now you don’t have to sew there is a standard payment cap.  Ya, we know how much money we get when there’s a class action lawsuit and you win $5.00 or $500 if your lucky split between a multitude of people.

You can’t sue Pfizer or Moderna if you have severe Cv back scene side effects. The government likely won’t compensate you for damages either


Execution to the American People.” there double meanings of words is not funny.  We know what “exection” means.  ______Says General Gustov Perna on Dec. 12, 2020 at the 23.35 minute marker of the CSpan Video Here about back scene “deployment” another in very bad taste military term.

The General said it word for word..yes however my partial quote is only part of his choppy run on sentence. The full sentence was as follows,

“things that might happen in distribution as we go along execution so I can immediately get things to where it needs to be so everyone has fair and equitable [execution to the American people.]”


The media’s new style of English constantly uses military terminology to talk about health care and we the people.  This is alarming.  You may say “execute a plan” or “execute by firing squad” or the execution of a planned military koi. But you DO NOT SAY ON NATIONAL TV “EXECUTION TO THE AMERICAN PEOPLE”.

Furthermore at the very beginning of the Cspan live video the General Perna is introduced by a woman’s voice as “The Reaper”.  Oh no she said “briefer” says my husband as the word “briefing” flashes on the video screen.  Well that will be the consensus no doubt but I played it 2 or 3 times and clearly she said “reaper”.  You decide.

The Author of confusion (Satan) is afoot.  He came to steal kill and destroy and is using the drug companies and their Aluminum Lake #5 and other toxic heavy metals to do it.

You see they can only do so much with the stomach acid human defense system in the way.  They need your blood stream for ultimate affect.  The stomach protects us from many of their feeble attempts at making us kash kows for big pharma and the Cancer industry.

Forget the flu, take off the carcinogenic mask and breath free air before they find a way to charge you for that too. DO NOT COMPLY TO THEIR IDIOCIES.  Make no mistake ALL to most of the fabrics are Carcinogenic FACT.  Bad enough we wear their poison fabrics on our skin and have to hunt to find cotton anymore.  God only knows what their new microbial fighting fabric accomplishes in their culling of the heard efforts. (we are not cattle how dare they call us a “heard”.  And don’t forget the detergent chemicals mixed with dyes and sizing on all fabric the masses have covered their airways with.

Your chances of getting bacterial pneumonia or Cancer from the fabric breathing are much higher than statistics for getting sick from ANY so called lethal flu strain. And there’s the oxygen issue, & carbon dioxide rebreathing to shut down you brain’s good sense.

Every one in two men WILL- NOT MIGHT- WILL GET CANCER. American Cancer Society statistics from from 2002.  These numbers are and will only get worse.  Why the old statistics.  Thats when I had Cancer and was given/sent a booklet stating these horrible numbers.  The cures for Cancer ARE in nature.  Learn to eat.  Start from scratch.  Think LIVE FOOD PLANTS.  Grow your own.  Cut out food they can hide chemicals in.  That means processed.

THE BACK SCENE (I learned the word play from the theys”.

“My people are destroyed all the day long for lack of knowledge”.

WHAT IS TRIPLE HELIX DNA-Associated topic PDF to help understand by reading the “abstract” part of the research it shows that Triple Helix is a form of gene editing.  By nature our DNA is double Helix…as far as we know.

The Back Scene is what they call mRNA (messenger RNA) dna that tells human DNA what to do. Directing our DNA.  How is that NOT changing the human DNA?  Pfizer & Moderna have both developed mRNA back scenes for the by Russ.  It sends messages to DNA the building blocks of a human body.

CRISPR Editing VS. mRNA Editing

CRISPR Tech cuts DNA.  It has to break in to the DNA by force causing gross mutations to the human or animal all along the way. (we don’t call them “host” or “heard” they are people/humans that mad scientists serving corporations with control issues on steroids are experimenting with.) For the science see  STEP ASIDE CRISPR RNA EDITING IS TAKING OFF!

Whereas mRNA editing has the ‘Golden Key’.  (Dream prophecy)This is why politicians keep mentioning a “key” or a “golden key” when speaking of the new found back scene.  That’s the elite’s pattern of an inclination to brag by stealth.  Disclosing yet not telling us what the hell is going on REALLY.

SEE Jazweeh’s Prophetic Dream of the hospital/blood/& Golden keys.

Take a look below at the face of the man who allegedly broke this DNA code so as to edit DNA.  What they really broke is the LOCK that God put on our DNA so it couldn’t be tampered with.  They broke the code no doubt by using QUANTUM COMPUTERS.   It has to do with INOSINE the chemical that did lock the imposters mRNA OUT of our temple.

DO NOT TAKE THE BACK SCENE the mark of the beast!

A long sought after secret language unlocking the door to now vulnerable DNA so as to control and change it at a molecular level. Think of the power that looms behind this concept.  A desire for power far surpassing  greed & money. If you control the man you control the masses.

As with every corporations (corpses) they require the perfect FACE for their division PR. or propaganda.  They obviously shopped for a face grandma would Love on this one!  Thorsten Stafforst  Even his name is rigged for kindness as the “Forest” within.

They would not expose their DNA editing golden key boy to the public by showing his true face.  Would you?  Who knows who really unlocked the lock of human DNA.  Would you show the face to the masses of the golden boy genius who just gave you control over the entire human race on a silver platter of blood, sweat, and there will be tears?  Its bullshit anyway, we know they couldn’t have figured it out with out their quantum satanic computer.

Models and Actors NOT authentic people are the Face of Every Large Corporate Logo & Fairytale of success.

And as if his face wasn’t appropriate ENOUGH with its boyish charm, without them adding the Dr. Phineas J. Whoopi glasses.  They could not have done a finer job at finding a face that draws caring empathy from unsuspecting humans…..that’s us.

Hypothetical Likely Scene

“Oh bless his heart, he’s going to save the world with his Frankenstein science woe, woe, woe, scream the double blind back scene CV experiment volunteers…woe woe woe.  The boy genius will do nothing short of helping power greedy desperate very sick people to  finally unlock & create the mark of the beast we were warned about for so long.  (But still this kid is a commercial for them, that’s all. Without the quantum computer they would not have gotten the gold key to the entry of the DNA to instruct it unto replication throughout the body.  Know this CRISPR technology HACKED DNA by cutting splicing and editing.  This causes gross mutations so even though they likely used CRISPR on their mutant clone army (think Lord of the Rings Orcs).

The Three Armies Mutant CRISPR clones, GMO Soldiers, & Upgraded Bio hacked metal head Tech Soldiers

Low and behold like the science article here states “Move Over CRISPR mRNA is Taking Off”  

“Excitement over RNA editing is finally catching on” The Scientific America article reads.  That’s the same mRNA tech that’s in all of the new CV back scenes including the J & J that will be only one shot.

They straight up call the mRNA “editing” yet hundreds of articles swear the back scene won’t change your DNA.  Contradict much?


Christians have been wondering all the while…what could possibly ever separate a man from God in such a way as by a single “mark”?  It made no sense to us until now.  Making a human being something else.  Satan is re-creating man in his own image.  You can bet there will be some form of beast DNA in the backs.

It is Written that Those Who Take the Mark of the Beast Will Be Separated From God Forever

I had a dark drug induced experience in real time.  God showed me what it will be like for Christians who have His Holy Spirit yet take the mark of the beast.  How they will feel to lose the divine presence of God given to ALL man-kind.  Our own free-choice will is the only thing that can separate us from God..

THE GOSPEL OF TRUTH/JESUS How I Received The Holy Spirit

"Neither height nor depth nor angels nor principalities nor things past or things present can separate you from the Love of God that is in YOU!"

My friends, there is only one thing that can separate us from our Father.  And that is our own choices by free will to reject the gift of Faith, Love, and Hope that is nourished by our relationship with Jesus.  And it is curtailed by separating sin.

We will not be perfect as long as we are human.  Do not expect it.  Father says every 144/elect has at lease one sin that he has not yet and won't overcome, yet, yet.  If we could make ourselves perfect spiritual beings to present to God then we would not need God.  It is by our need for Father that we draw nigh unto Him and He to us.

False pride is always trying to creep in the more "good" we become.  Balance Faith with Hope.  Know that God is Love.  Grace is part of forgiveness, all is forgiven to those who ask.

The Gospel is your living testimony of what Jesus has done for you in that area.  Deliverance and Healing are His forte.  Seek God while He may still be found.  For when He takes His Holy Spirit from the Earth some may be very surprised at just whom is left behind.

Pray ye be not deceived children.  Ask for the Holy Spirit IF you don't know with evidence that you have received it.  It would have been a monumental event by which you were changed forever.  Being born again is to be born of the spirit.  The Comforter comes after the born again experience in my experience by prayer and the laying on of hands by others who usually speak in tongue and also received the Holy Spirit in the same way.  But it could be different for others.  I am pretty sure I know someone who received the Holy Spirit in a more solitary way...but I can't say for sure.


Tiberius and D day is what the media & government have labelled the deployment of the big pharma potion.

D-day is about invasion.  And Tiberius the Caesar was a brutal wicked ruler who oppressed and killed the people of Rome.  Invasion of the human DNA by messenger RNA that’s the D day.

There are now hundreds of articles on Google saying how mRNA doesn’t change you DNA.  Wonder how they justify that lie?

Back on Topic GMO HUMANS

If we are no longer human given whatever animal DNA they choose to mix in the back scene and we become a zombie race of GMO humans by choice then we have chosen Satan over God.  My guess, “goat, mice, & swine a tasty medicinal soup” is likely on the menu of the back scene.  Furthermore some say they have learned how to genetically block our concept/hunger/need/awareness/and motive to seek our Creator.   After all they cannot control us by mRNA if we have our priorities straight and we wear the armor of God.

If the divine presence of God that is in EVERY man is blotted out, you will see mass, mass suicide.  See my vision and my real time experience with temporarily losing the divine presence of God.  Father showed me what will happen to those who take the mark. Leaving them susceptible to grievous sores and horrid locust from the pit.

What about the script “they will want to die but won’t be able to”?  Well so far that scripture is a mystery or its a lie that has crept into the books.  2022 Update.  The “want to die” script likely is the recent Christians common desire to be raptured.  Which is a form of death of the body.

He did it all on his own.  Bless his little eyeball glasses and his sacred heart of pure gold.  After all, he’s not concerned with what the drug companies will do with the info he hands them.  Oh hell no.  He’s just concerned with himself his lover, and how much he can show off with the money they just gave him.

[Hypothetical] “Screw the human race, what have they ever done for me?” says the genius level genetic transhumanist loving hormonal man-boy.  Yes, allegedly this is

Thorsten Stafforst who unlocked our DNA for his corporate friends so as to CONTROL US BY (messenger) mRNA.  “m” stands or messenger according to Anthony Patch independent science investigator.  Mr. Patch seems authentic.  However he contradicts himself alot and sends out mixed messages.   He says the back scene isn’t the mark of the beast.  And he goes on about HIV in the backs.

While I have found no data science showing me that the back scene has HIV RNA in it.

Be sure to see Mr. Patch on YT.  Watch the ones titled “Recombinant” & “GMO Humans” vids to get educated but don’t automatically believe everything he teaches.

Of course the article explaining mRNA & CRISPR Cas9 tech will cure Cancer….right (sarcasm) They make more on treatments than cures, after all.


You know every time they say “Its to cure cancer” they harness/vail their ulterior motives because it NEVER PANS OUT.

The de-code for “we will cure Cancer” actually means “we are going to make a shitload of money on this and your health WILL suffer for it.”

The men that sit at the LONG TABLES inside the drug companies deluxe top floor high rise luxury complexes said this——

“Hell NO! Nobody is curing Cancer on our watch are you kidding you naive boy genius! They probably are seducing the smart kid using some lover to keep him in check. Covertly getting him whatever it takes to control his ignorant brilliance.

And the men at Pfizer scream! No-one will cure Cancer-thankyou.

By golly we invented Cancer for the purpose of culling the heard and filling our pockets.  Cancer is our most profitable invention to date.  We are eugenicists by inherited purpose.  If we don’t cull (kill) the cattle heard we have no reason to live.   No-one cures Caner not as long as Chemo is our top seller and we control all of the Cancer Business.”  And believe you me, the Cancer industry is booming & corrupt as hell.

The mRNA Science

[Adenosine deaminases acting on RNA (ADARs).These proteins bind to RNAs and alter their sequence by changing a familiar base known as adenosine into a molecule called inosine.]

Clearly the back scene is an mRNA type substance.  Here is the most informative article I could find on CRISPR vs. mRNA.  Put it this way, CRISPR cuts the lock off the DNA to get to the nucleus to drop its payload.  CRISPR cut edits causes immune responses and ghastly mutations. 

Recombinant DNA, molecules of DNA from two different species that are inserted into a host organism to produce new genetic combinations


recombinant DNA technology has made it possible to isolate one gene or any other segment of DNA, enabling researchers to determine its nucleotide sequence, study its transcripts, mutate it in highly specific ways, and reinsert the modified sequence into a living organism.

Great Blasphemy Here, Rape of the Human Genome

Where as mRNA is a key that opens the lock and puts the instruction straight into the Nucleus, that’s [Nuke Lee Us] (not ‘nuk you lus’) of human cell structure.  Then with their “repeater” technology the instruction is duplicated in all targeted cells.

My theory about the back scene is that it has little to do if anything with CV except that they needed a viral or bacterial carrier to tote their message and decode.  They use the CV as their RNA (m) message carrier.  Since it requires a bacteria or a virus to get into the nucleus and instruct the DNA.

There is a chemical called Inosine that apparently says to the immune system “its okay he’s with me, don’t kill him, listen to what he says and obey”.  Imposter.

tRNA “t” for transfer.

Its no wonder they are selling it as a supplement likely to better create the perfect setting for RNA instructions.  In theory by what the’s article is saying is that without the Inosine the body will ignore the message.


But not in nature.  According to

A technique to insert a third strand of DNA into the double helix of
specific genes could be used to throw a spanner into the works of the cell’s
machinery. The American scientists who developed this triple helix, or triplex,
technique hope to eventually cripple viruses in this way. The same approach
could also inhibit the hormone progesterone, and so terminate pregnancies.

Beast system articles do show in plain sight DNA editing.  Know this…the beast’s educational indoctrination patterns are built to make you feel stupid-always.  Low self worth is the goal of the beast system.  That way you fail before you ever try anything beyond the narrative you are given.

The beast works hard from your birth forward to demoralize you so you will become manageable.  The elite know that trauma in youth makes for a manageable quotient with predictable emotional reactions.

If your heart tells you that your “bad & wrong” you will follow the leader (status quo TV’s Kool, the pretty people) just to be seen as “good & right”.  Its 1+1=2 demoralization causes emotional defense mode.   Why do you think so many relationships fail now as compared to back in the 1900s when couple’s stayed together for life?  Because low self worth makes for strange bed fellows of dysfunctional responses and twisted emotional patterns.

mRNA dna


by accepting an authority that wants you sick then dead.  The risks of Cancer from wearing a toxic poison cloth breathing fibers and detergents day in & day out far surpass any risk of sickness from the flu.  Every one in two men WILL, not might, WILL get Cancer per the AMA back in 2002.  (See my “Fabric gave me Cancer” article written by Laura E.)

I wrote this paragraph below before the news article came out by CBS that “zebra tech. plays key roll in back scene rollout” I previously got the vision 2018 of “Zebra” being the keyword for me to confirm the mark of the beast when it arrives.

Jury still out on exactly which abomination is the Mark of the beast. UPDATE We believe the backscene is the mark of the beast due to the Zebra vision and prophecy fulfillment from 2018 to recent.  I thought the mark would be an rfid chip.  I didn’t know a backscene would edit dna.

What Zebra Technologies innovations are being used by healthcare providers? We offer mobile computers and barcode scanners using advanced medical-grade plastics as well as wristband identification technology. And we’re offering Temptime temperature sensing and monitoring solutions. Hospital wristbands are typically strips with printed information wrapped around a patient’s wrist. We can print human readable information, barcode information, and have radio-frequency identification (RFID) built into it as well. We can be within proximity of the wristband and read it. Temptime is a set of label technologies able to indicate the temperature profile vaccines and medicines have been exposed to over time. Vaccines need to be kept at a certain temperature and before they’re administered, brought up to a certain temperature. Temptime’s HEATmarker Vaccine Vial Monitors have been used to monitor the temperature exposure of vaccines, as recommended by the World Health Organization and UNICEF.



The Problem with CV Back Scene

July 18, 2018 I wrote about CRISPER about CRISPER based DNA editing called also Cas gene-editing technology. At that time (2018) Father was already teaching me about what mankind has done to the food of the humans.  God The Father showed me what they put on our clothing (Carcinogenic Chemicals, Dyes) and He showed me how and why I too came down with Cancer in 2000 from fabric dyes.  (I have been a seamstress for 35 years).


CRISPR Clustered Regularly Interspaced Short Palindromic Repeats, which are the hallmark of a bacterial defense system that forms the basis for CRISPR-Cas9 genome editing technology. mRNA means “messenger” RNA that gives your DNA directions.

The Back Scene does employ CRISPR gene edit instructions that enter the Nucleus of your cell, change directions using enzymes/bacteria/ or virus to enter as the foreign DNA piggy backs on the back of said natural bacteria. “repeats” or “recombinant” means what? The instructions repeat in your body like Cancer cells that repeat to infinity. (I have heard but have not confirmed that these [Pfizer] mad scientists actually use Cancer for the cellular repeats directive part of the process so it will endlessly reproduce changing your DNA forever.


Biden calls the backscene a “golden key” literally.

The Prophecy

The Ten Horns are Identified as Ten Gene Editing Companies to turn men into non men unable to speak to God.  GMO men.

The TOP ten companies leveraging gene editing technology (CRISPR) in 2018.

The back scene briefing document of testing processes of Placebo affects Vs. Back Scene consequences.  I can hear the corporate heads of Spizer Company in their greedy word domination scheme willing to do anything to make the back scene look safe for the masses of humans.

Hypothetical Conversation and Easy way to change safety statistics of the backs.

“Well Jack (see page 41 on the document or Spiro Skouras recent video on YT) looks like 3 people just died of heart attacks after they got the back scene, call the clean up crew, we will now have to chemically stroke out 3 healthy members of the placebo group.  These volunteers signed their wavers.  They knew what could happen and were paid well for their willing participation.  Send a fruit basket to their children.  Killing 3 healthy of the placebo group will, after all, even the odds making the heart attack by back scene evidence statistically null and void cause HEY,,,,the placebo guys stroked out as well so 3 minus 3 is zero bad effects.”

Top 5 Public Companies using CRISPR TECH.

#5. Editas Medicine

#4. Intellia Therapeutics

#3. Sangamo Therapeutics

#2. CRISPR Therapeutics

#1. Horizon Discovery Group

Top 5 Private Companies using CRISPR tech

#5. Inari Agriculture   (After all folks, the billion dollar copses I mean corps. have to be in Agriculture shuving GMO’s down every child’s throat so they can create their rare and rampant diseases that they do by the way in turn and in like manner use mad scientists who think they are doing good to create the astronomically expensive drugs to treat these poisonous GMO food induced illnesses.  More on the way.  You are what you eat.)  More on poison foods below.

#4 Private Co. #4. Inscripta

#3. Beam Therapeutics

#2  Pairwise Plants  (more GMO plants-pair wise)

#1  #1. Precision BioSciences


GMO & Genocidal Foods 

For instance friends, most GMO’s by Monsanto (now owned by Bayer who supplied the Nazi’s their poison gas by the way) are “roundup ready” what that means is this.  They can spray, no drench the plant foods, corn, soy, etc with as much poison pesticide as they want to and the plant simply WILL NOT DIE from the toxic rain.  Then they can gladly suppliment their Cancer treatment poisons with a rash of new VICTIMS.


CANCER IS THE PLAGUE TO FEAR Not some flu.  At this point and allegedly since 2002 according to the American Cancer Society every 1 in two men WILL get Cancer & every 1 in 3 woman WILL get Cancer.  Match those public odds to the stats of the .05 chance of flu CV virus and see how the numbers fair.

Ya put that toxic mask on while you sleep too, after all its keeping you safe right?

Know this, the detergent on the clothe mixed with the sizing (a chemical carcinogen put on all fabric to keep it from wrinkling.) and the carcinogenic cloth dyes & don’t forget the carcinogenic DETERGENTS.

Now put that cloth stew on your face with its, polymers, rayon, polyester, silicon,  and other toxic man made fibers over your oxygen intake function (mouth nose) and your pretty much giving yourself a guarantee of Cancer of the lung, throat, esophagus, or really anywhere in your body amped up by 1,000% or worse.

But wait!  Let’s not forget the rebreathing of your own waste products, bacteria, and carbon dioxide.  Also your cutting 25% of your Oxygen intake in the process.

The New Fancy Microfiber to Appeal to your Vanity while it slashes your health at its Marrow

Microfiber conveniently created pre-clothe-mask over mouth and nose age shed toxic fibers bad enough when your wearing them or are in a store full of them.  Which stores by the way will burn your eyes when walking through.  Now watch an endless supply of bleaches, ammonias and antimicrobials sprayed fervently into every store, counter, etc and you have a bunch of stupid humans poisoning themselves so they can stay safe.

I am sad to say, says Laura E. that my Own Parents are Idiots who have no clue what is good for their health.  My mother lives on jelly beans of high fructose corn syrup mixed with tangy guar gum, orang #6, and red dye #9, she baths in toxic bath bombs and while wondering why she is so over weight and can’t breath.  She cleans her lungs with lingering bleach and clothes herself in toxic microfiber.

God help her & Dad.  The generation of the 80+ are seemingly more obedient to the media’s lock step instructions than even the millennials.

THESE PEOPLE ARE REALLY REALLY BRAIN WASHED. Who needs drugs and addicts when food, fluoridated water, and clothing are set to destroy humanity.  Walk to the checkout of the grocer and your counter is soaking wet with toxic cleaning chemicals that these idiots spray endlessly.

My own mother is on Oxygen.  She will not open the windows for fear of whatever.  She trusts the government and CNN.  She fills her sink with bleach daily and leaves it there.  The fumes are so bad I have to open the windows when I get there.  Its horrible.

They gave her a long tube of plastic that takes the Oxygen through it so she ca move around.  The plastic tube smelled so toxic it stunk up the whole house.

Never open new packages inside the house.  Every package just about from large companies especially electronics will be horrible air pollutants.  Let them air out outside.

Given all these genocidal tactics of food, clothing, masks, poison drinks like soda and black tea that causes Arthritis what do you think these bastards will do with the keys to your DNA that they now have by their CRISPR Tech?

They are not like us.  They hate us and want us dead.  They will kill unto 500,000,000.  That is their goal.   Only 500 million humans allowed to live.  See The Georgia Guide-stones .

MY GOD WILL NOT CONTINUE TO ALLOW MEN TO GENOCIDE HIS CHILDREN.  The harvest is nigh.  The separation of the goats & sheep is near completion.  And the revealing of the antichrist will soon be upon us.   The mark of the beast is here.

The Third Company Johnson and Johnson to produce a Back Scene

The word “ERASE” is in the mix. The patch will erase your connection to God.

NEW INFORMATION-this is the hardest article I have ever research and written.  Why?  Seems the mark of the beast is really really here.

Johnson and Johnson is coming out with a micro needle array patch COVID-19 Vaccine.  Honestly I thought the patch was disinformation….with the 06060606 and the Luciferase  mark and an ID history of back scene’s. Its too obvious I thought.  It must be disinformation to keep us waiting for the patch while the real mark soaks the lands.  Well seems now that J&J are connected to Janssen and Janssen-Cilag is connected to the  Luciferase patch.

Beside the headquarters in Beerse with its research departments, pharmaceutical production and the administrative departments, Janssen Pharmaceutica in Belgium still has offices in Berchem (Janssen-Cilag), a chemical factory in Geel, and Janssen Biotech in Olen.
Parent: Johnson & Johnson
Founders: Paul Janssen
Place founded: Beerse
Industry: Pharmaceutical industry



Top 10 Companies Leveraging Gene Editing in 2018

COVID-19 Drives CRISPR Diagnostics

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