Fabric Gave Me Cancer

Stand Fast!  Do not wear the Muzzle of Silent Oppression for Anybody.


What’s a rant without a few cuss words?  Medical reasons why I don’t wear a fabric muzzle.

Long story short-I had gulf ball size Fibro-hystio-cytoma a Sarcoma in my thigh in 2000.  It was removed by Dr. Peter Sarantos in Florida the man saved my life.  I took the poison radiation not having any idea of the lethal debauchery of Cancer treatments and just how poison they are.


Fact two:  I know what gave me the tumor.  As a seamstress I work with much fabric.  The chemicals on fabric that are poison carcinogenic and toxic are endless.  Research “toxic fabric sizing”, “toxic Carcinogenic fabrics” “Toxic Cancer causing Fabric Dyes.” etc. Its all there in peer reviewed living color.  Oh and don’t forget “your laundry detergent is killing you”  “Carcinogens in laundry soaps” “Cancer linked to detergents”.  Etc.

I found out by an article in the newspaper back in 2001 when there were still one or two investigative stories, a story about several children in Indiana who swam regularly in a creek for fun where a dye factory released their pretty colors of dyes into the creek daily.  The children loved how one day the creek was Red, then blue, then purple and so on as they immersed themselves in the water colors.

Every one of those children ended up with the same type, matching Sarcomas. Same Cancer I survived.  No coincidence.  Still think breathing fabric is a good idea?


Fabric Causes Cancer especially synthetic, detergent drenched, micro fiber flurries being sucked down your lungs. WAKE UP!
Cancer stats in 2002

And people fear a virus that is questionable to exist while Cancer is a fatal plague taking the lives of nearly 1/3 of the population at large or worse yearly.

Why do you think they make Cancer victims out to be heroes?  Think about that little psyop.   Its the icing on  the cake.  “Look at me, I am a hero” because I have been poisoned!”   NORMALIZED GENOCIDE.

Those who rule are absolutely diabolically genocidal.  They are ruthless in murder and efficient in mind control.  They are better than the Nazi’s because what we have here is a silent holocaust that people deny.  And if you point out Truth people will get pissed.

Putrid Poison Potions (chemo/radiation) Tagged With Uncertainty

“Kill the body kill the Cancer”.  That’s the approach of allopathic medicine.   Allopathic poisons, they want you think their medicines are so much better than Gods natural cures.  They have successfully educated good sense out of most people.

Cancer cures are and have always been IN NATURE.

Allopathic Treatments for Cancer are straight from the pits of hell called big pharma.

Now then…take all this information about toxic cancer causing laundry detergents add the sizing and other horrible chemicals in fabric add dyes and how sick they make people and you get such a mess of carcinogenic coctail that even walking into a clothes store can put you on your ass by respiratory shock and burning eyes.  If you work in a store like Belles clothing stores you’ll have lung Cancer in no time flat or worse.

Emotional Sobriety

Learn how to emotionally process bad news on my recoveryfarmhouse.com & recoveryfarmhouse.net websites.  They will not teach you emotional health in school or on TV.  Nor will they teach you how to survive a toxic world.  The TV will however help you self destruct by normalizing all things bad and wrong.

Mask Theory Rest of the Article is Venting and Redundant.

Please I won’t make this a science article because you have the ability to verify what the ruling eugenicists are putting in and on fabric and laundry soap including fragrance & dyes.  Die/dye.

So why are the controllers pushing the masks you may ask?  And why will just any mask do?  And which fabrics are the worst?  Clearly fabric that sheds is far worse.  Cotton is poisoned by dyes, chloride, sizing, and god only knows what else so they are all BAD.  Take one mask and breath it for hours and your basically killing yourself slowly by loss of oxygen, C02 intake, carbon monoxide, bacterium formations & accumulations etc.


Breathing a mask that’s been laundered in poison, cooked in carcinogens and baked to a crispy color is a slow kill cauldron.  Furthermore I am certain the brilliant controllers have an even worse reason for you to muzzle yourself.  Besides the loyalty to the beast that it shows and making fools of us all.

I surmise that between chem trails and the mask itself you will end up with a nasal brain coctail of bacteria sucked onto the mask by your suction for a coctail unsurpassed by most pharmaceuticals.  1+1+1=poison.

I am guessing you will get a bacteria via suck mask that goes straight to your brain via nasal passage.  A bacterium poured out from on high that has accumulated onto the mask that you’ve been sucking on for hours.  People will really start getting sick and soon.  But not by some contagion.  NO.  By a bacterium that they can control that makes you sick and isn’t contagious so they do not have to worry about contaminating the wrong people.


My Doctor Now Hates me for Pointing Out Big Pharma Debauchery

Today I was making what I saw as small talk about resenting the beast system before my doctor just after I prayed.  “Let my words be your words”.  It seems little by little each month I have been planting seeds to my doctor.  Well the vaccine topic finally triggered him and he called me a “complainer”.  “We never had it so good” as he quoted how horrible the old days were without big pharma and vaccines having allegedly the black plague and the rest of the mess.

God has revealed so much debauchery and destruction against humanity in this country to me that I was becoming resentful toward the “they’s” again.  I say again because even as a teen I could see the oppression of the system.

In this paradigm if your not grateful for everything the beast provides then your seen as un-spiritual.  Negativity is frowned upon even if its to warn people of poisons in their processed foods while their legs swell up to twice its size crammed full of heavy metal toxins.

Boy you better eat your poison and like it say the brainwashed masses, and be grateful for it to.  Even though they have stolen by education and laws our right to self sufficiency and producing wholesome food on our own land as it should be.  Not to mention what they have done with the true seed heirloom good seed of old THAT DIDN’T NEED POISON ON IT TO GROW.

Ya they rounded up all the true seed into their own control and began changing seed at a molecular level.  Imagine corn that produces its own poison, how nice for us.

My tolerance for the sleeping masses who should now be enraged over what is happening and has happened is waning.  I am trying really hard to not judge and not become bitter over the truths that have been revealed.

You cannot call yourself a spiritual warrior if you don’t recognize the beast.  That’s just the way it is.

The People do not want to Know…..Period

Prepare to lose friends and get shut down by loved ones if your eyes are opened.

If you say “hey everything is poison how the fuck is that okay?” or “hey education is a lie and propaganda machine that lies to our children” or “hey mind control is real” or “Hey, diseases are man made and by design” or “hey I researched food in the U.S. and look what I found.” or “hey its true what they said about vaccines so beware” or Hey all furniture is poisoned, clothing, carpet, food, water, basically anything you bring home from the store is poison and will poison also the earth.

Dyes in Fabric Cause Rare Cancers

I know for a fact the dies in fabric gave me Cancer, Fibro hystio Cytoma and rare Sarcoma, nasty tumor in the leg had to be cut out like a bad spot in a potato.  God forbid if I didn’t have the sense to stop the ongoing radiation their handy dandy destructive “medicine” the degenerate foreign heartless greedy, Oncologist wanted to burn my leg beyond recognition.  When I told him “that’s enough” he was pissed and would love to use laws to invoke his poisons onto me and my leg.  The idiot techs missed the mark and nearly burned mucous membrane no where near the tumor.  Furthermore….I walked out of their one day with a large red TRIANGLE BURNT ON MY ASS FROM THEIR RADIATION.  FU*K THE BEAST SYSTEM.  Your damn right I am pissed.  When I told the Oncologist what they did (mind you I have known people they flat out fried with that shit back in Dixie County were every other person has Cancer.) Ya when I told the doc they missed the mark twice!  He answered “maybe you have a yeast infection”.

ARE YOU FARGING KIDDING ME?  Like I don’t know the difference between a radiation burn and a yeast infection.  The doctor well indoctrinated by the beast system profiteers of poison who make more money the more chemo they serve up.  They will be judged for they “work”.

And don’t think it was the doctor who told me what caused that rare Cancer cause THEY WILL NOT GIVE YOU ANY ANSWERS AT ALL regarding their favorite plague.

By a chance plan of God my friend who read newspapers at that time 2000-2002, showed me an article (while in the county jail on false charges) of a little Indiana running Creek that children loved to play and swim in. The creek was next to a fabric dye factory and the water would run all pretty colors blue, green, yellow, red, purple, orange, rainbow colors as dyes were released into the water from the plant.  Fast forward the article travels up ten years later….this group of seven friends (I am going by memory on the 7) ALL, ALL, ALL came down with the same rare Cancer that I who have worked with fabrics for years had contracted.  It was called fibrohystiocytoma a DEADLY Sarcoma.  That’s right….the heavy metals in the dyed water took its time into the bodies of the children, to give everyone of those adults the same type Cancer that I had rare and explicitly slow growing…that is until it gets going, then watch out….it will consume your entire body if its not cut out.  Image what happens when you sweat in clothing.  And worse now the monsters are adding antimicrobials to your clothing, hormones, carcinogens, heavy metals and more and more and more poison during washing and so on.  Its DIOBLICAL yet INVISIBLE.

I went to 3 doctors who were baffled and would not touch the tumor.  I became so desperate since the growth was growing at light speed I tried to cut it out myself making a very slight incision and pushing at it like a bad zit…..thats when I discovered it was solid & well rooted.  Well rooted.  I knew then I had to find a surgeon to cut it out or it would consume my leg’s ability to even walk.

You think that’s crazy?  Maybe so.  I was a radical drug addict at that time and was used to taking things into my own hands.  I had already been thrown in jail for crimes I did not commit, raped, nearly murdered several times, abused, brain washed, indoctrinated, and presented with the false realization at a very young age that “I was clearly bad & wrong in the heart and mind and a piece of shit who deserved the abuse I had brought upon myself.”  I believed what they told me.  Sick relationships?  Look at your relationship with parents, it starts there.

I had already been falsely accused by the beast system and made to plead guilty by lawyers who threatened my long term freedom for a guilty plea. Yet even back then I didn’t realize just how evil the system really is.  I always blamed and hated myself NEVER taking the time to realize that I hated myself by intricate design starting with Mom & Dad’s ignorance to their own mind control, then education, then TV, then peers and on and on.

Did I mention I am a seamstress who works with many dyed fabrics still?  These same fabrics that are chemicalized for your wearing pleasure.  You think its greed?  Well that is part of it but not the main reason everything is poisoned.

And they/it/them will NOT STOP until we are all bio-tech dummies who follow the pied piper to the tee.  They won’t stop until all freedom is destroyed.”

So in a world with a raging holocaust killing far more innocents than the Nazi’s killed by type 2 Diabetes and Cancer plagues, high blood pressure, heart attacks etc next is coming…wait for it…the electrical diseases from all the warfare in the air.

Nevertheless if they are not coming to the door with guns and shooting people in the streets we must ignore it  because all they do is lie to the sleeping masses and say “it necessary that we poison all of you for your well being that is”.  And you all need wifi don’ t hard wire anything….says the prince of the power of the air.(sarcasm)

Brothers and sisters, God is Love. I must not hold bitterness toward my assailants through life.  My assailants are blind.  They know not what they do.

A vert small part of me wishes I was still blind left in comfortable ignorant bliss and self blame.  No! I value the Truth over comfort and I will get past the emotional implications that the present day secret holocaust has dished out.

Brothers and sisters, I have pointed out very few of he weapons the beast system wields.  The 144 will judge the fallen and the blind.

Know this…for it is for those who have been shown and see the weapons of the beast and have fallen prey to that beast by ignorance and by assuming the world and its people are good.  By judging others insides by my own I have misjudged many a man.

Still men are deceived, they know not what they do.  My doctors knew not what they did.  My parents knew not that the medical practices are corrupt.

Now is the time for God to pour out His Spirit on all flesh.  Why would He do that?  Why would He just pour out His Holy Spirit on people who are not seeking Him?  Possibly two reasons. One, that their eyes may be opened to Truth, that they may see and be saved.  Two…what if 2 is Truth, what if God is showing people the beast so they will be without excuse when they are judged?

My doctor clearly sided with the beast when I showed him the evil being done to the children of God.  When I told him the vaccines are poison and on and on he called me a complainer.  He shall be without excuse because he chooses the lie over truth.  Why?  The truth takes too much work.  The truth is too uncomfortable, the truth is scary.  They loved no the truth so they were sent a strong delusion.  Not from God…..God allowed it.


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