The Parable of The Talents Has Become The Prophecy of The Talents

“Spiritual Talents”

Have you lost some of your usual lifelong spiritual gifts?  Fear not, for end times has its own list of spiritual gifts that do not apply to the age of Grace that is passed.  I do not speak of Love, Faith, and Hope the greatest gifts of The Spirit.  Nor do I refer to “Love your God with all your heart, soul, and mind, and Love your neighbor as yourself.”  These gifts and the commandment of Love remain the greatest.  I am referring to Spiritual helps that are gifts, like sight, intuition, prophecy, visions, dreams, healing, deliverance, knowledge, wisdom and more.

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The parable of the talents is that there will be men(kind) who neglect the spiritual gifts God has given them..therefore Jesus will take the unfruitful servant’s gifts and redistribute among the sheep who have been fruitful.

This does not mean perfect.  We all have times of learning when we are not fruitful by our highest standards of acting on behalf of our fellows that they may be saved.

This parable was a prophecy and it has come to pass.  How do I know?  Because the burden of the intercessors of God “the woman” to pray for souls and to deeply travail for the lost by supernatural prayer is DONE.  Done!

No more does the woman receive great heavy burdens for souls.  Therefore her gifts have changed to accommodate end times.

What were the Woman’s gifts in the age of Grace?

She would walk by a person and catch their heart and soul’s need for prayer.  She would travail for the lost sheep and the prodigal sons.

She could look into the eyes of a man and see into his heart therefore knowing what prayer was needed for that man. She could read eyes.  No more is there a need for her to read the eyes of the many.  No longer has she this burden.   The baby is birthed.  The true children of God have been separated from the goats in the supernatural realms.  The age of Grace is over.  Please, repentance is still possible but we are now in the age of judgement.

What Supernatural End Times Gifts are New?

“His sheep KNOW His voice, if a wolf impersonates the Loving Good Sheppard the sheep know it and do now follow the wolfs voice. The goat’s know not the voice of the Good Sheppard. The goats will follow evil and the beast.  You will know them by their works.

Have the sheep lost their discernment by losing their supernatural sight into the souls of men?  NO!  The end times replacement gift is this…Now the sheep know one another by the feeling in their heart.  The sheep can easily walk into a room and will be automatically drawn to other sheep.

The sheep know the voice of God and will NOT follow the voice of the wolf or the voice of the beast that now fills the KJVB.

We automatically know our brothers by their spirit that is kindred to our own.

We do not need to see into the souls and hearts of men any longer because no more does the woman travail for the lost.  Finally the time is drawing down.  Finally the great towers of time that deceives men is melting away.  Time is an illusion not set forth by malevolent motives but rather so the separation of the sheep and the goats could take place.

Spiritual Warfare Gifts of The Holy Spirit is an end times gift.  Dreams and visions are an end times gift.  Confidence to witness is an end times gift.  The ability to be lead by The Holy Spirit has increased.  We can now more easily hear our Father, our spiritual guides who are “just men made perfect”.  We could hear our ancestors who came and went before us also in Jesus.  The stand for us and have hope for our spiritual accomplishments.

Know this, the church teaches that many supernatural things are evil because the beast, the harlot does not want the children of God to have power.  Know evil by it being evil not because someone said its evil.  Right & wrong are evident.   For instance crystals, those things that even the streets of Heaven are made up of are called evil by the harlot.  Evil is as evil does.

“Let not your good be spoken of as evil”.

Now Satan makes his own separation of wheat and chaff.

How is Satan separating the sheep from the goats?  The book now calls the “chaff” the “tares”.  Whatever.  That is an old supernatural bible change done around the same time as the Lion & Lamb script was changed.  Well before 2006 I think.  I found “unicorn” in the book ONE TIME only, in 2007.  Now it has multiplied IN ALL KJV bibles.

What are other end times gifts?  Prophecy, knowledge, wisdom, Truth, opening of the spiritual eyes, the great awakening, to see the signs and wonders, to share a word for our breathren.  To know what is good for us and to know finally who we really are in Jesus.

Being “the watchman on the wall” is an end times gift.  Also being a torch bearer is also a new end times gift.  Those intercessors who deeply travailed for years, and are called “the woman who bore the child” have been given torches.

You will not see the torch with your eyes, it is supernatural.  But when they pray now, you can be one of their arms/hands will be in the air as if holding a torch as they proclaim in the spirit realms the coming of Jesus and the end times warning that go out across the lands in spirit and then fall down into the natural. That is how praying in The Spirit works.

As above so below.  When you proclaim in the Spirit realm it falls into the natural.  Prayer accomplishes God’s will.  Its like this, my body is flesh but if I have no Spirit in this body it will die.  The Spirit gives life therefore prayers in The Spirit are great and they are not seen with the eye but rather they manifest from out of what is not seen.

Allow me to witness to you this time a confirmation for you.  Those who once prayed in travail for the sons of men now bear a torch in The Spirit that scream forth the soon coming of Jesus.  The intercessors have this confirmation by The Holy Spirit.

Character is more important than gifts because by our choices do we become who we are.  By our choices we become either the goat or the sheep, the 144 or the wolf, the serpent or the Lion.

Who are the 144,000 Really?

Those who were with God before He made the earth will remember who they are in these end times.  There is also a great desire spreading through the children of God to go home.   The great burden to go home has spread across the lands of believers.  We deeply want to go home to be with our very heart.  This prompts His children to process all core issues with God.

The bride Loves Jesus and have great character, but they do not have the same roots as the 144,000 who were with God from before and have come out of great tribulation already.  The 144 have had special jobs all through their life.  They were tempered with fire, Satan wished to sift them like wheat but Jesus said He would not lose any of them to Satan.  All of the 144 have come in.

How do you become 144?  This is not predestined because of free will.  Therefore to be the 144 you would have made choices that are conguent with the personality of the 144.  You would have chosen to become him who walks with God by your choices.  Therefore you would have stepped into the calling rather than being the calling.  Do you understand? Anyone could have been the 144 by the choices that they made.   Yes there were candidates that showed from birth that they had the qualities of possible 144.  That is how Satan identified them and put them through HELL on earth.

These 144 suffered with demonic attack most of their life and yet chose God over and over and over and over.  The 144 Love Truth.  The `144 know their own heart and THAT is the reason they can stand before the throne of God in Truth.  They would of had to go through some kind of emotional process that cleared away their self deception by which they were programmed by the beast system to lie to themselves and others.  The 144 would have to have seen how they relied on the lie at one time.  They would have also been the prodigal son to learn how evil works in men.

He who sinneth much Loveth much.  They have come OUT of Great Tribulation already..   Not “the” great tribulation.

Amos 8:11 & 12

“I will cause a famine in the land.  Not of food or of drink, but rather a famine for the words of God.”  They will seek but now find my words, sayeth The Lord.

“Every knee shall bow and every tongue confess that Jesus The Christ is Lord of all.”  Not “should”!  Oh hell no!  They SHALL bow their knee before the Creator of Heavens & Earth.  Know it.

End Time Supernatural Gifts

Now friend…end times gifts are different than the gifts of the age of Grace.  Please know the false gospel is here as is the false Jesus whom they call homasaya momishiack wait that’s not right…its Yes-hu-a Ha-mash-I-ach.  Anyone who knows Jesus and knows His voice isn’t about to change the powerful name by which they professed and were then born again, filled with The Holy Spirit and delivered, healed etc.

Are you kidding me?  People who have been delivered from evil by opening up to Jesus in their hearts and by receiving prayer and by praising His name aloud have received great relief from dark forces would NEVER entertain switching up His name during the end game.

So quite possibly anyone calling Jesus by these new names, well “they never knew Him”.  How could they have?

Now is the time to cry out to Jesus IF you do not know Him.  Please don’t self deceive because if you do you will have to suffer out the great tribulation.

Discernment is increased to fit end times dangers.  We now see the beast in a clear way.  The beast is no longer hidden from the children of God it is exposed in all its blasphemy and lies.  His sheep know His voice.

The mark of the beast can be seen on the foreheads of those who have made their choice by the 144,000.  I do not know if the bride can see the marks on the foreheads.  Also we can see some of the demons that control the human marked on their forehead as well.

This mark of the beast phenomena gift is confirmed by both Jazweeh and by the gifted woman on the YouTube channel “change is coming”.  I do not agree with everything the woman says in her videos nor do I know her spiritual condition.  She has been given many dreams and visions that I agree with however it concerns me that she does not recognize the voice of God and takes heed to the wolf over and over and over by honoring the words of the wolf.

Why Would God The Father Cause Great Tribulation?

Answer-To bestow on the masses the gift of desperation.  Many will not seek God unless they are pushed up against the walls of desperation.  Then shall they cry out, then shall they be saved and healed.  The great tribulation is not punishment, it is an opportunity for salvation by The Most High God who hopes all will come to the Love of Jesus by choice.  By free will.



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