Has Jesus Called Us to be Martyrs?

Clearly somebody has to fulfill the martyrdom end of the age prophesies.

Pre-trib rapture or post-trib rapture for the chosen few?

Written by the Irate but chosen.

Honest to God I do believe that its the end times.  I see unbelievers standing in defense of the beast & beast system.  If they come to believe in God/Jesus they may likely (according to prophecy) be martyred and hence saved.  The called to be tribulation saints.  Such as those who refuse to take the mark of the beast and are killed for it but did not previously accept Jesus as their Savior for some reason.  (likely because of religious hypocrisy and evil).

But what about the 144 who are on earth and are waring against Satan’s strongholds, crushing demons, fighting and sending out the announcements of His coming and so on regularly.  And what about those believers who have the gift of Love and go before His throne daily?  Do they have a choice in the matter of pre tribulation rapture vs. post tribulation rapture?

Is God recruiting martyrs in all the earth both believers and those soon to be believers called the tribulation saints?

What about the rapture?  I WANT TO BE RAPTURED!  My God the 144 (God’s army on earth) and 133 (those who go before His throne from earth) know they have ALREADY come out of great tribulation now is God asking them to walk back into it when we felt like all that tribulation was past/finished…no more struggles?  We have had 3 1/2 years of nourishment and even more years of peace and now what?  We are just reclining waiting to go home right?

After all these end times unbelievers have made their choices. They are the one’s under the new covenant of salvation for end time believers who must die for their Faith as martyrs.  They preferred the lie.  They did not seek God.  It was their choice to choose unbelief.

Why would I ever choose to stay and miss the first rapture?  And inadvertently die for unbelievers in the face of the mark of the beast threat just so they might see a great act of Faith and perhaps follow?  Uhg!

No I prefer the pre-trib rapture thank you!  Yes I know we cannot take the mark that’s not the issue here.  I am talking about a possible choice between pre trib rapture and post trib rapture for the elect/chosen few who speak and hear from God. 

I just want to go home.  I have no heart for these unbelievers.  I am not filled with fluffy feelings of Love for them nor some drive to convert them.   Well except maybe in a wave here or there that passes like some indigestion.  I have fulfilled my several ministries to the lost through the years. God knows I have given my testimony in periless settings.  I put in my time.  I am not a spring chicken after all.

And furthermore would that not be what Jesus did? I am not God on Earth.  He also died to show us Faith so the words of God would go out far and wide.  I am not Jesus!

Perhaps I am just mind screwing myself.  Putting a heavy burden on my own shoulders.  But I woke up today with this great feeling of martyrdom possibly being God’s will for me.  That’s the reason I am processing this with your now.  I supposed if I am feeling this way, then too other believers may also be getting this feeling.

My Decision

Well I told Father “If I stay behind and die as a martyr missing the first rapture I would not be doing it for those, the lost, I would be doing it because I want to please Father.  Surely motives matter right?  I do want a better place in Heaven as well…naturally.  I can admit that.  And if martyrdom grants me a place closer to Jesus well then heck yes its all worth it! More Uhg at the thought of the gallows!

“There is no greater works on earth that a man can do than to die that others may live.”

I scrambled around trying to figure out why I felt God was asking me to make a choice between “pre rapture or martyr-post rapture”.  You know what….I said to myself and God, if someone will get saved and delivered by seeing my head bobbing on a post well…perhaps its God’s will.

The Twisted Story of Isaac and Abraham

Then I considered the Abraham killing his child story.  You know what I think…I think Satan changed that story into an act of murderous child abuse and that originally it was a Jesus story parallel.  Doesn’t that make more sense?  Abraham dying so others might live?  Heck yes it makes more sense.  He probably had to walk into some firey furnace situation and turn off the consuming flames for the town.   Saving the town in a great exhibit of selfless  Faith so others would see God’s great Love, believe and live.

After all if I go kill my child and people are looking on how in the hell’s bells does that little scenario benefit ANYONE or pull them toward God?  No that would REPEL people from God.  The story is wisdomless in my opinon.

And if there is some unknown, hidden benefit, well neither does that help if we can’t see it.  The story is a blatant contradiction to God’s Love.  The Abraham story is B.S. no doubt in my mind its Satanic at face value.

Its part of the programing of the beast system, “don’t do what’s right do what we say, don’t follow your heart or trust your own eyes.  Don’t follow your good sense, out of Love! No, follow our evil directives no matter how tyrannical they are!  Its good to slaughter your child like an innocent lamb.”  says the beast.

So how do the preachers rationalize murder, child abuse, child sacrifice?  Them scream blind faith.  Well blindness is unacceptable especially when it involves child sacrifice, murder, and evil acts of torture.  The child trusts his daddy more than anyone.  How dare Satan change that script.  Love does not harm others and God is Love.  See this is where we are to draw the line and say “NO! I will follow my heart and the law of Love NOT some story in a book”.  “Love thy neighbor as thyself.”  God doesn’t contradict Himself so therein lies my moral choice.  Obey God yes, but test the spirits.  Is murder the spirit of Love.  Is harming others of God?  Furthermore its one thing for me to make a decision of martyrdom for myself but I have no right to make someone else a victim or martyr.  EVER.

God the Father is the ONLY ONE who can make that story work He is the only one who has the right to make the plan of salvation for His children–that– “God so loved His children that He gave His only begotten Son that whosoever believeth in Him SHALL not perish but HAS everlasting LIFE.” Amen!

Only The Father gets to say when death is a blessing.  That is the plan-death, deliverance from the body of death through Jesus.  Why? Jesus took the keys to death and hell for us.  He overcame death so we too shall overcome it.  And now DEATH IS MY SERVANT.

And it wasn’t Jesus’ earthly daddy Joseph who slew Him was it.  No It was the enemy, bad murderers who hated Jesus because they were threatened by His power.  What they did is wrong.  And will we follow such actions?  No.  “Thou shall not kill”…but go ahead and kill your son..right.  See what I am saying, even back then the bible was corrupt.

So would it be so bad to die as a martyr somewhat as Jesus did so others can see the great act of Faith and defiance of the beast?  “YOU WILL NOT SUFFER FROM THE SECOND DEATH”.  Weather it be your literal second death or your first death being the death to the flesh when born again either way I conclude that you and I won’t suffer at all if we die as a martyr. I believe this with my whole heart.

Also, Jesus will scoop us up right before the painful part occurs.  I just know it.  I know that I know that I know He will.

And so the Conclusion.

“Thy Will Be Done In My Life”.   This is always the right choice.   This prayer taught me so much. This prayer is how we grow spiritually.  “Thy will be done Father”  If it be thy will that I die so somebody will see and get saved by such a show of Faith, well so be it.  Is my heart bleeding for the unbeliever right now?  NO.  Not even.  I am actually annoyed by their choice to embrace the lie over truth.  I am not a saint in that way.  I do not have the supernatural gift of Love where I feel fuzzy and yummy toward all who I meet.  After all Love isn’t feeling, not godly Love.  Love is the act of kindness, respect, Truth, Love never fails.  It is giving and empathic.

No, If I was to do this martyr thing in not taking the mark of the beast instead of getting raptured well before the sh*t hits the fan, it would be to follow in the way of Jesus and to be in the will of the Father.  It would be an act of obedience not some great act of giving or charity.  So…it is what it is.  As long as I am in the flesh the flesh will speak to me.  But be of good cheer we have overcome evil with good and overcome the flesh by The Spirit.

Not by might nor by power but by My Spirit sayeth The Lord.  Plus if we are martyred perhaps there will be something great in turn….ya flesh speaks.

I will NOT risk my name being erased from The Lambs Book of Life oh hell no!  I won’t risk it.  That means I will NOT take the back-scene.  You know of what I speak.

Thy will be done

“Lord my body, its been a good friend, but I won’t need it…when I reach the end….ey ay.”  Cat Stevens


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