Rapture will happen some time this year.  Most likely prior to Summer 2024.  My date is and has been April 8-15th 2024 since 2018._________Jazweeh


The Blue Angels Is Already Here!
When The Sun/Son of God comes the chosen will be empowered by Him and transformed by His Light.
The Tree of Life. No longer will the many eat of the Sacred Tree of the Knowledge of Evil.

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“Son of God” Changes to “Son of Man” in Bibles.


And Gentiles are veiled from the abomination of desolation x2. Veiled from the fulfillment of the prophecy outlining the desecration of the temple of God’s words, WORDS.   And the desecration of the other temple, the bodies of mankind.  They drank Esau’s soup and deny it’s purpose by not researching the ingredients of the mark of the beast.  This is why they need the gift of desperation by putting them into a seven year trib to strip away the walls of Jericho.  The walls around the heart must come down.  And with the programming only God Almighty can hand Gentiles the tools to finally get REAL with God.

Only those who are watching the prophecies fulfill in real time (not on TV the image of the beast) can understand prophetic interpretations.

Jacob’s troubles is about over.  I know this because I am Jacob, I am Israel, and I have The Holy Spirit of God which came to me by prayer, by those who also have the Holy Spirit and by the laying on of hands with aloud proclamation of Jesus’ name in praise and thanks.  That is how it happens usually.  But we believe there is another portion of the Holy Spirit which comes when the man is truly born again by the washing of God’s words.  Not many of God’s words are now left in the books we read and call holy.

Still the Gentiles look for talking statues and announcements of the antichrist’s identity on CNN nightly.   We know who the anti is and the false prophet.


The False Prophet put the Antichrist into power.  Those “beast, Dragon” and more words have replaced Truth in the books.  Who are they?  WHO indeed.

Warren Buffet is said to be the Oracle of Omaha….a prophet of financial prediction who owns about everything on this Earth so he thinks.   He put Gates of Hell into power!   Gates of Hell promoted Esau’s soup which steal the inheritance of those who took the chot.  The back scene.  The final solution.

Only Jesus is THE WORD OF GOD.  Bible idolatry is rampant as the books turn to pish posh before our eyes.  And yet they love not the Truth enough to be able to tell the difference.  The Gent’s embrace the vile and vulgar words of the Dark Lord.

The electrified plasma mass (electrified gas) called the fake ‘sun of man’ is in the sky ruling the day.   By it’s rise Earth was knocked sideways and two realities mixed.  Bringing in signs and wonders, and deceptive signs and wonders as the bibles change supernaturally day by day.  Some remember God’s Truth and others do not. Many Christians worship the god of the bible.  The scripture is no longer Truth and so it doesn’t represent the Creator of the Heavens and the Earth or His Son Jesus the Son of God.  But rather he is the Dark Lord ruling the day.  The god of the iron rods of the towers of Babel has a measure of control over the masses.

The sun of man rules but The Son of God is coming very soon!  And the white hot fake sun will then be put down like a rabid dog.  The fake sun will ark and desist.

Yes they bought us some time.  And saved the trees.  But the scientist are not God. And they missed a few of creations most important factors…In doing so they created a very temporary light source that will quickly spiral into a Supernova as dwarf stars usually do after many many years. No not “billions”. Billion is the code word for pish posh.

“A supernova ( pl. : supernovae or supernovas) is a powerful and luminous explosion of a star. A supernova occurs during the last evolutionary stages of a massive star or when a white dwarf is triggered into runaway nuclear fusion.” NASA

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Sorry but it appears you will have to upload this file video of the sunbeam showing as a ray lazer.  Until I figure out how to open it on this platform.  Photo below.  Video above.

I just found out that on Directv there is a Sun show “NASA’s Unexplained Files” where they admit that the real Sun of God has gone dark partly.  The prophecy of the Sun of God going dim is fulfilled.  “The Sun rules the day”.  This scripture is why and how the beast system is ruling right now.

When the white hot plasma  ‘sun of man” was hoisted like a satellite up into the magnetic orbit of space all Bibles changed to “son of man” from “Son of God” depicting Jesus as Son of God no more.   Coincidence?  I think not. .  It’s magnetism holding it in orbit.  Everything changed including our bibles which now call Jesus “the son of man”.  Their white hot sun saved the Earth’s green grass and trees as prophesied.

But the Sun of God is coming to renew Earth with all the glory of the Son of God.  Again –as prophesied.   The Sun/Son of God will put down the sun/son of man.


The exact magnets and plasma lazer light was part of what the elite & scientists needed to save the green grass and trees as prophesied (bible tells the Angels of God to not let the vegetation on Earth die).  Along with mankind I also surmise.

The New Sun of God Is Already On It’s Way

01-01-2024 Written by Jazweeh the son of God.

Coping skills for end of days stress.


My guess is that the many artistic part man part beast pictorials of Egyptian hieroglyphs are clearly a desecration of sacred cave art done by the beast system who always wanted men to believe that they are Monkeys anyway.

By their inversion of truth seems they have recreated mankind in the image of the monkey with their mark of the beast.  But that’s another sharp topic all together.

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What To Do With the Time We Have On This Earth?

Read Paradise for the Hellbound my first book.  ByLaura Edgar


What to do with the time we are given? Seek what is seen by the eyes? Or seek diligently what is felt by the heart, the is unseen.   Those who seek the Holy Grail seek the unseen Truth which is locked away within their own heart, soul, and helps by their guides of the spirit.

God Almighty shall “turn the Earth to sand and still commit no crime”.

If you don’t know this music, find it now. Moody Blues “Every Good Boy Deserves a Favor”.

Seal. “Crazy”

Lyrics to Seal “Crazy” Hidden meaning.

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Rapture, Rapture, Rapture! Good News

Spread the Good News of the gospel of Jesus far and wide!

All who put their Faith in God shall eat from the tree of eternal life.

You can find my own testimony of Youtube at this link.


What does Jazweeh say about a rapture?


The veil over the Gentiles is living vail and having protects the wearer from seeing the Beast.  Looking into the eyes of the Beast is emotionally taxing. Therefore not all are prepared to see into the dark realms of the end of days.

So, being under the deception of the beast system doesn’t mean your not saved. 

“If it were possible even the elect would be deceived”.

The people cannot feel or see the veil which inhabits them.  They usually cannot see or feel the towers of babel influencing their thoughts.

If the Gentiles believers have just a mustard seed of Faith in God & Jesus they shall be saved!  So let’s talk about rapture for the Gentiles.  After all most believers are Gentiles not chosen few.  Make no mistake, if Jesus was not going to save the deceived only a scarce few would survive to see the promise of God.   There are too few people who are God’s army to say we are the only ones’ saved.  It’s just not true as far as we can tell by visions, dreams, and God’s promises.

God’s army follows their very heart’s voice.

Even those who have the mark of the Eagle on their foreheads still receive the promise as long as they have a mustard seed of Faith.  As far as God’s Holy Bible read, both pre and post desecration.


YES, YES, YES, put your Hope in God and He will NOT let you down.  Yes we see a rapture coming.  The Gentiles will be raptured when the Son/Sun of God arrives.  He will take them all up to a safe place.

The faithless will simply burn in the extreme Holy Light of God’s new Sun.  It’s that New Sun that will bring immortality to the chosen few and the Gentiles.  For it will be full of God’s presence, His Light of Life.

The Gentiles will have 1,000 years of sleep that will seem like its only one day.  And that one day will be drafted by their best day ever on this fallen Earth. Most people don’t really know their own heart.  And may not be able to identify which day was their best day on this Earth.

2Pe 3:8
“But, beloved, be not ignorant of this one thing, that one day is with the Lord as a thousand years, and a thousand years as one day.”

For instance I saw my Dad in his 1,000 days.  He had a really nice new house.  But he also went to work at a job he had when he was younger.  His heart loves that time.  And so that time will be his thousand days in sleep.

“Not all shall sleep but we shall all be changed.”

It’s okay to be a Gentile because that means your saved from Death and Hell.  And it means your forgiven for all the mistakes and the mishaps of this treacherous Earth’s folly.

Keep Hope as your helmet of salvation.  Keep God’s promises to you in your heart.  Like John 3:16.  Replace the “should” with “SHALL”.

Your Spirit shall not perish but rather it has everlasting life.  Your Spirit holds within it all that is you.  You are one of a kind.  Pray from your heart when you pray to God.

All people are selfish we can be nothing else.  Even when we give charity we know we do it for the reason that “its better to give than to receive”.  WE WANT WHAT GOD HAS FOR US and there is nothing wrong with that.  He made us imperfect for a reason.  So we could overcome the flesh with Faith & Hope & Love.  And do good things in spite of our selfish nature.

You are right where you’re supposed to be!

The scribe writes the scary Truths for a reason.  It’s fear which motivates us to seek God with our whole heart.  And by fear we nurture either the flesh or the spirit man.  That is fear’s option.  For it’s not fear that is the enemy but rather it’s our reactions to fear which can be faithful or faithless.


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Rapture, Holy Grail.

The Morning Star Is Here. 

I show you a mystery.

Have you seen it?  The four Angels are here pouring out their viles and doing great works while we sleep

The Image of the Beast promotes this…

“The world doesn’t revolve around YOU!”

However if a person is to find the Holy Grail the world must revolve around the the only soul they have power to make eternal choices for.  YOU.  Do not live by other’s lead as much as possible.  When the heart is leading the man the world mocks.

Eternity & Wisdom stand waiting for us to find them.

I am the only one in this life (children are grown) who I can make choices for.  Every adult must make their own choices.  And if they don’t choose dark or light…life itself will choose an eternity for them.

If I don’t at some point realize that the world does revolve around my actions then I may not find the Holy Grail.

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Here they Come. Song Meaning. Ten Years After.

Scroll to listen on this website.

Hear song on youtube here.

TEN YEARS AFTER (song meaning in prophecy)

Here they come, and they fly with the power of the sun
Here they come, and they’re going to touch everyone
Far, far, have they come
Here they come, and the fire on their wings doesn’t run
Here they come, and they know everything we must learn
Round, round, we must turn
Watch out, you, sinners
Don’t you know that your time has come?
Watch out, you, winners
Now it’s the same for everyone
Here they come, and the stars in their eyes seem to glow
Here they come, and the fear in our hearts starts to go
Now, now, now we all know

Host Body Demonic Infiltration-Lord of Hosts

The Reapers have arrived!  To harvest the wheat and the chaff.

Chaff will be bundled and burned while the wheat shall be taken to their next calling of God.  Whatever that may be.
Full Video shows the reapers caught on camera (3.03 minute marker) right after the eclipse released the. One Holy Angel commanding the many reapers. The spiritual eyes can discern.

MrMBB333 Watch video to see better view of more of the odd shadows.  These shadows were spotted on the sides of buildings and various other places right after the Eclipse Oct 14, 2023.

This link shows video starting at 2.96 minute marker.
The Reapers of the Harvest
Most people have the Eagle on their forehead.  The mark of the beast.  Some have a goat and serpents.  These are headed for the Dark Lord’s realm below.

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Fallen Angel Propaganda is Big Money!

Article by Angry Jane


That demons below and Angels above have equal names and mirrored existences.

Where there is an Azazel below.  There is an Azazeliel above.  God made three realms of Earth in perfect balance.  However middle Earth where we are is completely out of balance with evil dominating.

Demon Azazel/Azazeliel


Angels are not flesh to be tempted of demons.  They are spirit. They are not in a position where they need to choose between evil and good.  They are already in eternity.  Holy Angels do exactly what God Almighty made them to do.    They are good ministering Spirits.  And have many helps for mankind.  Every person has an Angel to get to know.  There are NO EVIL DARK ANGELS.  Not even Lucifer.  Fallen means they had to come to Earth for a mission.  Calling an Angel ‘demonic’, is a contradiction of terms and blasphemy toward God’s Deity to say they are evil.


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The Dividing of Time into Two Times (Realities)

Jazweeh’s Believe it or Not

Please readers forgive my redundancy of articles.  I am having trouble letting go of trying to wake up Gentiles to what’s happening on Earth.

We are in two separate realities.  The dividing of time into two times as was once prophesied in all bibles occured back in 2017.

Daniel 7:25
“And he shall speak great words against the most High, and shall wear out the saints of the most High, and think to change times and laws: and they shall be given into his hand until a time and times and the dividing of time.”

We Israel have watched as nearly every prophecy in the bibles and those we thought were history came to pass one after another in real time. Not on the Image of the Beast TV picture show fables.  Israel the people the people (not some geolocation or religion) We do not get our prophecy from Tv.

Granted the Watchmen was the TV and quote it’s fake politics because they are unable to see the miracles in plain sight.  Just as the unbelievers cannot see them.  However they have an anointing that makes them KNOW that Jesus IS RETURNING.  The many Watchmen are the sign of Jonah.

MIRACLES in real timehttps://jazweeh.com/a-z-fulfilled-prophecy-from-2017-forward/ not TV.

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Don’t Give Up Before the Miracle Happens!

To the Gentiles and Israel the Children of God

The New Earth is coming.  God’s promises are not empty promises.  We have suffered the agonizing prophecies.  Now we hold on to Faith & to Hope for the good parts to manifest.

What is done in the Spirit WILL manifest in the carnal world.  The task of the Spirit has announced Jesus’ return for nearly seven years.  There are around seven months left in the timeline.  We Hope that now we can enter into Jesus’ rest for a while.  Before the good parts of prophecy are fulfilled.


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Faith Vs. Works. Shalimar The New Earth.

God’s Promise of a New Earth Is Already In the Works

By the hand of the beast and the eternal Faith & Hope of the Godly God’s will is done on Earth.

When the Harvest is finished then Shalimar the abode of Love, the New Earth, comes.

The sanctified, holy, unstoppable prayers of Faith have gone out to set in motion by God’s hand destruction of the beast system.   You see God gave all His children a part to play in bringing down the beast.

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To The Gentiles! Good News!

In the Wake of Pain the scribe Writes.  If you’re Israel perhaps you will relate.  Or perhaps you will understand.

I am Israel.  The troubles are/were horrible.   We were pushed to our limit.  Consider Job and what his wife said to Him.

“Curse God and die”.

Israel did not curse God but we were taught by our horrible pains of child birth, finally just how the Gentiles are so enthusiastic about what Jesus did.

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Seek & Ye Shall Find

To Lions of the Tribe of Judah.

Lions and Rubies Lions and Rubies.
Will they burn or do they yearn for God?
Angels pour their magic red flaming dust. What’s bad for the Serpent is good for us.  If in God we do trust.  That’s a must.

Knock and it shall be opened unto you!

The time has come oh Father of Light.  We wait we wait for your Glorious Sight.

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The Hour of Our Deception is Over. Light Workers Rise Up & Roar as Lions

The Wise Shall Understand the rest will not see.

From the Heart of the Seer comes God’s Truth.

They shall learn who they are.  And mount up with wings as Eagles they shall run and not falter, they shall crush & overcome the serpent by talents of God Almighty.  And by the breath of God with their Breathren they stand firm on foundations of God by FAITH & of HOPE.

They drink at the well of power.  They rode the sacred mule.  And they met Jesus at the well of souls and the wells of Love.

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Why are Wildfires & Unbearable Heat Surfeiting The Earth?

Wildfires as they call them in the news are now all over Europe, and the U.S.  New York is burning.

Are you a spiritual man/woman/youth?  If not you won’t like what I have to reveal here.   You will likely label us “crazy” or “Satan”.  But spirituality is another topic.

The Problem Is Very Evil Men & Women

Make no mistake the fires and heat are not your fault-first of all.  The corporations have endorsed and promoted excess waste.   The production of unnecessary, useless, metal & plastic products of all kinds are polluting throughout the Earth.  The corporations are primarily responsible for the state of pollution that our Earth is suffering.

We the people never should have trusted the greedy men of Earth to produce our food.  Big mistake.  We should not have been mind controlled by the Image of the Beast to buy their products of waste and greed.  We put the bastards into power by buying what they sell.

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Do Not Be Deceived Into Worshipping The Modi of Blood

Who is the “Modi”?  The modified Jesus.


The Blood God Modi

“Jesus did not come into the world to condemn mankind, but rather He came so mankind can be saved”.  God sent His only begotten Son into the world so we could believe in Him by putting our Faith in Him, seeking Him, & have Life more abundantly.”

Now that many Christians have taken the mark it seems their minds are going reprobate.  As the bibles magically change before the eyes of the children of God the supernatural & on going desecration of God’s words gets more and more blasphemous.  Even perilous.

Now that the bibles (babbles) are telling the many to take their Eternal Life bringing supernatural gift of Faith from God to be put in “BLOOD of flesh”.  Rather than in God Himself well, such instruction is a snare to one’s soul.

And so the Watchmen who don’t know their right hand from their left (Jonah) proclaim the worship of blood on youtube.

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Fate of Mankind & Earth

The Original Sin “All things work together for good to those who Love God and walk according to His will.”

Mankind committed the mortal sin of eating and killing kind animals.  Taught from birth we thought it was normal to slaughter defenseless beasts.  And as God is the God of irony, the downfall of mankind is by the beast.  And that mark thereof.  “Taking beast attributes into our very physical make-up.”  What is done is done.

Still the Christians & media (TV Image of the Beast) cry out with fallen angel propaganda.  Proclaim fallen angel propaganda all you want.   But we have realized why the fallen angel desecration in mankind’s Genesess story is total bullshit.  How do we know?  Because we do have The Holy Spirit of God and this is our proclamation by His leading.  ‘Evil is as evil does’.

I have seen and been victim of evil much of my life.  God’s Holy Deity, Angels had no part in the dark peril which evil brought to my door step.

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