Cure for Electrical Imbalance Tremor Diseases, Parkinsons etc.

Best to read all of this.  However primary solutions are numbered at bottom of page.

Use Prayers to finally see Truth.  Keep an open mind.  This article requires emotional processing.  Looking into the face of evil is not easy.  Admitting that we have a lethal enemy afoot is not something easily dealt with emotionally.  Denial is the go to solution for Truth we cannot handle.  Anger is the failsafe.  Blame is dysfunctional.

Disclaimer medical.  The authors ARE NOT DOCTORS OR OTHERWISE medically trained in any way.  We do not claim medical advice here.  We claim we had a dream that gave us an alleged non-medical, non-chemical treatment for Parkinson’s Disease.

An uncommon sense article.

Remember this mantra.  “OUT OF THE PROBLEM INTO THE SOLUTION”.

“All things work together for the good to those who Love God.  God makes a way where there seems no way.”

Why They Don’t Teach Us About the Dangers of long term exposure to Electrical Currents in School.  Same reason the lie about the Earth we live on.

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Fake Sun or Fresnel Lense?

UPDATE VIDEO BY JeffSnyder2 Youtube Channel  Thanks Jeff this video gave me the missing puzzle piece to my theory of the Sun.

  1. Sun Went Dim as prophesied.
  2. Mankind used Fresnel lenses and maybe parabolic mirrors & fractaled lenses.
  3. The chem trails to balance light sun energy so it doesn’t fry Earth like a magnifying glass does.  See video.


A Fresnel Lense is a magnifying glass shaped a certain way.  Onion style for instance so it intensifies the magnification.

Related Article

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The Hour of Our Deception is Over. Light Workers Rise Up & Roar as Lions

The Wise Shall Understand the rest will not see.

From the Heart of the Seer comes God’s Truth.

They shall learn who they are.  And mount up with wings as Eagles they shall run and not falter, they shall crush & overcome the serpent by talents of God Almighty.  And by the breath of God with their Breathren they stand firm on foundations of God by FAITH & of HOPE.

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To The 144,000 One Hundred and Forty Four Thousand

To The Chosen of God & The Tribulation Saints

What is written in your Bibles about the Lion who lies with the Lamb?  Isaiah 11:6 now reflects that it is the wolf who abides with the lamb, no longer the Lion.  Jesus is a Lion.  “Out like a Lamb, in like a Lion” was once prophecy written (removed from all bibles by deceptive signs and wonders.. Covered up by the strong delusion).

And I will put enmity between thee and the woman, and between thy seed and her seed; it shall bruise thy head, and thou shalt bruise his heel.

NO! The Lion of Judah CRUSHES the head of the serpent. Yes.  What’s this “bruise, bruise” B.S.?  The evil one attempting to put the serpent on equal footing with he Lion.  It ain’t happening. Not in my heart!

Jesus was crucified as The Lamb of God but His return is something quite different.  He returns as a roaring Lion.  Evil is the serpent but Jesus & His Lions CRUSH (NOT BRUISE) CRUSH the head of the serpent.  These bible changes are unacceptable.  They are supernatural and few remember.  Few see the blasphemy of the desecrated bibles.

At the second coming of Jesus He is no Lamb.  And neither is His army on Earth as a lamb, anymore.  The children of God are now Lions.  Just as Jesus left the lamb in the bible to the wolf (because of their choices by free will they chose the beast weather aware or unaware.)  So too the Lions who walk as Jesus did on Earth are leaving Earth to the wolves.

Shall I write to you as one who is writing to a brother or sister who has already been through the end of days processes for the chosen few?  Or shall I write to you as someone who may have gone through the process unaware?  Or am I writing to those believers who are left behind?

Who are the 144?  Who are “those who go before the throne of God”?  God’s army are the 144.  His human army on Earth who battle in Spirit by His words.

They sing the new song that others cannot learn.  How?  They have the higher languages of God abiding in them.  By the baptism of The Holy Spirit gifts were given unto men.  So as to accommodate mere humans with the spiritual weaponry of God Almighty.  Of course the powerful and mighty gift of tongues is the most desecrated and mocked gift of all.  But without it, God’s words do not flow as perfect from human lips.

This gift of tongues is fluent and not to be confused with utterances that are very good but limited to words of praise & worship.  The full gift of tongues allows the calling out of angels.  Both warring angels and end of days tasked angels who have one purpose.  Just as the angels pouring the viles upon Earth.

Those who call out the angels also can see them in the sky.  The Angels of God came with the viles pour out the end of days events.  The 144 can communicate with them.  And God trusts these 144 with His work on Earth.  Mankind is included in God’s plan but if a man cannot fathom the supernatural how then can he carry out God’s miracles on Earth?

The Revelations from Jesus to us, are so powerful for those who believe we can barely contain the knowledge He pours out in the days of the great revealing.  The 133 are those who go before the throne.  They have The gift of eternal Love.   That Love plays out in ways they are lead to engage in.  Love toward God and His children means gifts of charity toward the needy.

The personality of a warrior who must also be as a child before God is quite a balance. We do not know if all those with the eternal gift of Love are also warriors by supernatural gifts.  But often these titles 133 & 144 are both on the child of God.

Many religious people proclaim their belief in a supernatural God.  Yet, when confronted with the prospect of true miracles of God in real time, they run.  They run as if these miracles only occur remotely to….perhaps Mother Theresa and the Saints of old.   If someone in real life talks of miracles happening they are usually called crazy and dismissed as being mentally touched or worse.

As Ostrich they bury their heads in the ground.  They cover their ears for they lack the emotional stamina it requires to walk in two worlds at once.  Zion & Carmel.

God gave men spiritual gifts.  For instance crushing free flowing demons in real time….Some see demons and other dark entities.  Seeing spirits would be considered insane in todays society.

I have yet to see a woman cast a demon out of another human.  Of course a woman can resist some sins and demons will leave after a while.  Such as lust, sloth.  These can be expelled by resistance. Other demons of oppression require deliverance prayer from the preacher.  Men are one’s who receive this gift of casting out demons.  They also receive the gift of healing.

Prayer and the laying on of hands is how supernatural gifts are received.

Bible Worship

Idolatry.  Why on Earth Did God Mention it So Often in the Bible

Some Christians worship the Bible itself without realizing it.  Often they worship and praise the bible over God Himself.  The Bible is now competing in idol status along with Hollywood movie stars or sportsmen icons.  Father showed me back in the early 90s that the bible would be a juggernaut of idolatry to many proclaiming Christians in the end of days.  They call the bible by God’s name.  The bible now proclaims itself to be God as prophesied.

Jesus is filling His children and transforming them.

Many shall be purified and made white, clean. 

This prophecy is happening now as a natural process.  Once 2017 came the chosen few began a lifestyle change.  They stopped eating dead animals.  They stopped many processed foods.  They began using purifying essential oils.  They went from start to finish cleaning up emotional wreckage of the past.  That means forgiving and addressing their trauma issues.  It means some behavioral changes and sin eradication.  They are not who they were 5 years ago.

In the twinkling of an eye

The chosen now see the twinkling of the eye prophecy within their own eyes.  The prophecy is literal.  With visions of a star white and bright twinkling from time to time in their inner eye meaning only they can see it.

The Mark of the Beast

The chosen see the forehead mark.  It’s likely obvious to all if they look.

The Seal of God

The chosen also see the seal of God on themselves or others.  Few others.  It’s either Jesus or a cross.

Not all shall sleep but we shall all be changed

This is our Hope.

The dividing of time a time and two times.

The few now see two realities due to the Mandela effects and the sign and wonders with the deceptive signs and wonders.  This means some see the M.E. and other say they are crazy.  Those who see the M.E. have a greater chance of seeking God in Truth.

Jacob’s trouble

The five years since 2017 have been troubling for Jacob (Israel) the chosen few.  This is NOT about geography.  God looks upon the heart.  By our choices we step into one of the templates that God prepared for all people on Earth.  Goats, wolves, and serpents.  Lambs, Sheep, & Lions.  All people will choose one of these templates by their choices in life.

Israel-Is as corrupt as the rest of political entities.  

However “Israel” stands for the chosen few.

Those who go before the THRONE

Are the 133

Some have gone through great tribulation in life.

Many lessons had to be learned by the 144/133.  All the 144 have died at least once already.  Hence the second death.  There lives have included the walk of the prodigal son.  With much seeking and sin.  Love covers a multitude of sin.  He who sinneth much Loveth much.  To him who much is forgiven is all the more grateful to God.  To seek God early in life due to the feeling of separation from God manifests in ways you would not expect.   The 144 have suffered attacks all their lives.  Emotional pain means alot of self destruction was likely.

Desperation prompts seeking of solutions.  God is the solution.

The simple shall not understand the prophecy but the wise shall know.

Christians just do not see the fulfillment of prophecy.  “A greedy & adulterous generation shall seek a sign but the only sign God will give them is the sign of Jonah.”  And He gave it.  In June 2021 a man was swallowed up by a whale…not all the way into the stomach but yes in the mouth of the whale.  AND SURVIVED.   The Revelation 12 sign is only understood by the woman herself of Rev. 12.

Who is she?  She is the intercessor.  Who did she birth?  She travailed in deep groaning prayer to birth God’s army on Earth for end of days.   She knows the burden of travail by supernatural prayer of intercession.  Years on end.  Deep gray groaning prayers.  All the 144 are both the child and the warrior. Hence “man-child”.

Signs in the skies

We see the angels.  We see the sun change to white.  It is changing so drastically that it will create an electrical ark and go black we think.  Clouds have changed.  Stars have changed.  Moon on its side.  Smiley face moon.  Many of the signs are covered by the strong delusion.

The four Angels

Are here and pouring pouring pouring the viles.

Trials of Jesus

The chosen are the woman at the well.  They are the woman who grabbed Jesus’ hem of garment.  They are the many who saw His miracle of the fish.  They experience in real time what Jesus taught.  And His walk they walk.

What I do ye shall do also and greater shall those who follow me also do.

dreams and visions

They are now many.

The prophecies, the last trump, the abomination of desolation, the strong delusion.

Repentance Life’s realizations, All things work together for the good to those who Love God.

Amos 8:11 &12

Zion & Carmel

The Revelations of Jesus are so powerful for those who believe we can barely contain the knowledge He pours out in the days of the great revealing.

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200 Million Man Army? Pale Horse Rides Video


Video not for sensitive people or children.  Graphic medical researcher shows cremator’s discoveries of lethal blood clots and vascular & arterial malignant tumors unlike any ever seen during cremations.  So much so that fluids can’t be pumped into the bodies for funeral preparations.

Pale Horse Rides
Rev. 9:5 And to them it was given that they should not kill them, but that they should be tormented five months: and their torment was as the torment of a scorpion, when he striketh a man.

Do NOT watch this if you were back sin ate Ed. with the clot chot.  We at Jazweeh than Mr. Stew Peters for leaving the embed codes on the vital video below from Rumble to freely post and share here.

Population Numbers?

Who knows how many people are REALLY on this Earth.  The beast lies like hell.

The Beast system 200 million man army prophecy interpretation theory is to control the minds and actions of the many people on Earth.   It’s likely there are only a chosen few number of people over 200 million on all the Earth.  They say billions because they want us all in fear or dead, or in the hospital as a kash kow.

If each person on Earth doesn’t have one child each with two children per couple then the population can’t be maintained. It decreases.  And these days many people don’t want children.

Supernatural Bible Changes to All Bibles

Revelation 9 depicts the huge army as one in the same as the Locusts from the pit.  That’s new.  Revelation 9 is neither written directly, correctly, or articulately.  The book is erroneous at best & lies like hell, it is as unstable as a broken toy race car. Bibles were holy until the Lord God Almighty took His seal of Daniel security off the book before 2016. Now it changes daily on the shelves. But the strong delusion covers the supernatural bible changes. And the passive blasphemy is disguised quite well for readers who already have preconceived notions of what the book should be.

Locust from the Pit

The only reason I am now connecting the Locust to the 200 million man army is because of the prior chapter Rev. 9:16 describes an un-named “army” out of the blue.  With no explanation or prior context.  The only connection is the prior chapter with it’s references to “horses & Locust”.    The bibles were holy & articulate.  Now the bibles are for those who cannot see and who use preconceived notions to interpret them.

Jazweeh’s Vision & Experience

However I had a revelation that the beast does have such an army…Granted the Locust have already ridden on the backs of the wing of abomination to arrive at their destination. Men’s faces.  While the winged rat perches on their heads.

As I said before I heard the creatures wings and I felt it’s suction cups.  I felt it’s vile attempt to infest my head.  And I slaughtered it as God taught me to do.  He also supplied all the weapons.  And God Almighty provided me armor.

The Locust is painless as I have said before.  But it connects to the mark of the beast in those who do not have the seal of God.  Just like the book said it would.  “Face of a man hair of woman”.  Is not its appearance but rather that is wear it lands and sets up residence.

Seeing these creatures is not a pretty sight.  And God will deliver those who repent.



Dearest Readers The Scribe Bids Thee Farewell!

My Faithful and Loving Readers

You are no average people.  To say one believes in God and to really know God are two very different events.  Those who crave the supernatural have God in them fuller than most.

“Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness for they shall be filled.”

Father says “Will I bring unto labor, travail, and pain without bringing forth the birth?”

No He is neither done with us or this Earth.  Why did God allow this evil Earth to endure?

So the children of Earth could choose their eternal God and eternal Homes.

“We are saved from death and hell by Faith.  Faith is the substance of things Hoped for and the evidence of things not seen with the eyes.”

“Store up for yourselves treasure in Heaven where moth doesn’t eat and rust doesn’t corrupt.”  Nurture your Faith with Hope.  Visualize your paradise and it will be so.

So much I didn’t write.  So much I could have shown you but didn’t.  Some were not ready.

With God all things are possible.

Be not restrained by the confines of status quo shaming and notions of what is kool.  Imagination is your canvas.  Freedom of thought is your power.  Paint it.  Paint it.  Hope and Faith with Love are eternal supernatural greatest gifts.  Gifts given so you can form your next life’s canvas.

Process your emotional issues then let them Go.  The things that we do not express and let out have a way of consuming us.  Binding us up in chains to compare our insides with the outsides of others.  Shame, guilt, remorse, resentment, and fear if not released by TRUTH in writing, speaking, screaming, sharing, crying, moaning, groaning if necessary.     If not overcome these poisons will affect our perceptions throughout our lives.

Clear the wreckage of the past and it clears the way for the canvas to paint the afterlife with color and with Love.  By Truth & expression of Truth we are set free to Create.

In meditation one finds self.  By meditation the issues will surface so they can be remitted to dust.  By the hearts voice.

Guard over your heart for out of it flow the wellsprings of Life.

My job on this Earth is nearly finished.  All secrets & mysteries that I am given are revealed.  My calling is nearly fulfilled.  I have shown you the enemy the beast.  I have shared the solutions of God, Truth, and of Faith & Love.  The rest is up to you.

I have work on The New Earth.  But not before the old earth burns.  I will leave Earth very soon.  The words I leave behind will endure but perhaps under a different name.  The scribes words will endure.  But I do not know how God will play that out.

God makes a way where there seemeth no way.

Farewell my Job is finished

Why Watchmen (YouTube) Can’t See That The Great Tribulation Is Now

What Three Statements Are Said Most on Youtube by Watchmen on the Wall?

  1. “It’s Not the Mark!”  (they took it therefore they must proclaim its not the mark).
  2.  AND…”We are NOT IN THE GREAT TRIBULATION!”   They insist on pre trib rapture therefore they cannot look at the great trib, the beast, the pale horse.
  3. There is a Rapture and lets argue about WHEN.  Pretrib-Posttrib, pre-post, pre-post!  The rapture debate is the Christians distraction giving them someone to hate.

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Do Not Read if you took the Monkey shott.

The Father speaks to the children of God by means of His scribes.  Throughout the night the scribe passes from darkness to light.

The scribe is enlightened by his own writing.  Each sentence shows him what he is to learn.  And so automatic writing is a form of prophecy. has several articles we believe are from God.

  The elite have tried to convince us that we humans came from monkeys for a very long time.  But the truth of it is they have turned some into part monkeys.

What Is The Holy Spirit Revealing to The Children of Light?

Time time and two times have passed over the children of light.  My children remember what is forgotten by the masses.  When the devices spin the wheel within the wheel is revealed by it’s delay.  Then the wheel speaks tragic and prophetic Truth to be heard and shared.

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Image of the Beast is the TV & Cell Phone

The Image Reaper sows its discord.

Its always better to admit one’s questionable behavior patterns to God rather than hiding from guilt.  Burying guilt and shame makes for a rough ride through life.  A spiritually attuned human knows his own shortcomings.

“Confess your faults one to another and pray one for another so you will be delivered.”  Prayer by my readers about my TV watching is welcome.

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The Waiting is the Hardest Part

What to Do When Everything Around You Is Crashing to the Ground?

The Beast is crashing the bankers system.  While God Almighty is crashing the Beast’s system.  Oh yes.  Let the O.W.O. do their reset. Let the one world order usurp their authority over the Harlot ($religion$) and smite the once corporate restrainer.  She was the lesser of two evils.  Watch the beast’s O.W.O. crush the bankers to dust.  They have worked out their details already…world wide.

Your Not Alone.

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“Laser” is NOT how Lazer is spelled. But then In Comes The Modern Day Tower of Babel.  Soon there will be no international communication to be had.  All language is changing magically in the minds of the many.  Changing to babble.  Have you read the bible lately.  It seems the scholars were apparently 10 year old who flunked out in Spelling Class.  But I digress, as they say.  If you never click “add to dictionary” when writing on a device then your simply not living.  (joke).   And you may not be mandela affected” either.

Seems the only one who can see the bulbs in the sun by using the reflective side of sunglasses -method is me.  Both my brother and JeffSnyder2 the plasma fire extraordinaire youtuber, neither saw the light bulbs in the sun that I see.  Well Brothers, I am a seer after all that may have something to do with it.  So I wrote an entire article on the sun simulator with pictures and commentary proved by a method of sight that nobody can see other than myself, so far.  That’s okay.  The sun is by far changing.  It’s white hot.  And it now causes glowing clouds or the real sun is now setting in the west behind said glowing clouds.  And perhaps the bible prophecy of the sun going dark already happened we just don’t know it because the smart guys already put up a new fake sun while we were sleeping.

“The sun’s a deadly lazer BUT not any more cause we put up a blanket” says the Beast!

Check out Jeff’s “sun deadly lazer” video on youtube.  JeffSnyder2

I Apologize If I Have Not Answered Your Comments.


Due to sin sore ship the innocent apps that help the author wade through spam comments is also the arm or sin sore ship.  But I am on it.  If your mints were put into the scam folders I will now find them.  I have correct the sneaky settings of default.

On the same line of thought your browsers will be ramping up the blocking of MANY MANY mom and pop websites.  Brothers and sisters how in the hell can we maneuver our online activity with so much opposition?  It’s getting worse and worse and worse for authors of free thought.

Did I set the setting to “delete all scam msgs”?  Or was that chosen for me due to my haste in setting up the website?  This is the kind of thing we are now dealing with.  Having 600 scam msgs to wade through shall be a challenge. But thank God for speed reading class in high school.  Lol.


Precious Readers A Prophecy Dream of Sukkot

The Feast of Tabernacles (Feast of Booths).  A Jewish Old Testament Holy-day.

Apparently God does have some connection to this Jewish Event.

Otherwise He would not have given me a dream of a booth.  I had no idea what the booth meant until I researched the word.

I don’t normally put alot of credence in the Jewish holidays.  I am not religious.  However, I had a dream of a Booth covered by a soft & cozy blanket of protection.

My Recent Dream of A Booth by Laura E.

Begin Dream-I was sitting in a booth with this pretty actress who I saw on TV in real time some years passed.   Carla Gugino played in Snake Eyes w/Nicholas Cage.

Coincidentally I found her name on a prayer list for rock stars.  

But then I found her name on listing her religion as “JEWISH”.  My oh my such a coincidence?

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Red Tide. The Un-doing of Old Earth by Wormwood

Update start 8-20-2022  “Looking into the Beast”

The New Earth is Coming. But first the old earth must burn.
Red Tide. The waters ran blood red.
Volcanoes Erupting All Around Earth 2022.


Christians who say the antichrist and beast have not arrived yet are wrong.  They have not looked into the face of The Beast.  They have not studied the food additives, Cancer industry (man made diseases) fulfilled death prophecies, gmo’s (plants & humans), farming & miracle grow’s effects on Earth, back scenes, man made diseases and more.

These Christians who see end of days but don’t see the beast prophecies fulfilled are under the Locust vail.   They are under the strong delusion. They have the mark on their foreheads.  They get all their prophecy off the image of the beast (TV, cell phone) and serve it still .  Few are sealed by God as of yet.  Why?  They must endure the Great Tribulation to become desperate enough to finally get real with God.  God (we think) prefers transparency over sanctimoniousness and acting.  We must all take off the mask the beast provided to us by it’s image (TV).

-See now.  I wrote the following Red Tide article in 2016 when I began my study of food and water.  I found that all of mankind is being poisoned by the food additives.  But not just that.  Today I realized that Red Tide syndrome in oceans and salt seas that is caused quite literally by Miracle Grow chemicals has spread to fresh water.  Another bloom another lethal new bacterium “Cyanobacterial” the likely compartmentalized, clueless, ‘ignorant’ scientists created in a laboratory.  “Just taking orders, its my job.” said the creator of the weaponized nature.

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The New Earth Is Approaching

And We Shall Not Call It “Jeru-Salem” Nor Israel.

Father says “Shalamar”!  The Abode of Love.  This is the Earth He planned for His children once all souls have chosen their eternal homes.  Free will shall always flourish on God’s Earthly plain.  The darkness shall be put down, finally by God’s chosen few.

And this is why darkness fears and hates The Children of God so fiercely.  But the time of darkness’ rule is nearly over.  It’s on.

By 2024 the New Earth will have been Created.  This is our belief/prediction/understanding.  More on this at the article link below.

The Goats No Longer Have Access to God’s Powerful Words

Yes The New Earth Approaches.  But in the mean time “mean” time “Everything Broken”  Bob Dylan the Prophet

“Broken lines, broken strings,Broken threads, broken springs,Broken idols, broken heads,People sleeping in broken bedsAin’t no use jivingAin’t no use jokingEverything is broken
Broken bottles, broken plates,Broken switches, broken gates,Broken dishes, broken parts,Streets are filled with broken heartsBroken words never meant to be spoken,Everything is broken
Seem like every time you stop and turn aroundSomething else just hit the ground
Broken putters, broken saws,Broken buckles, broken laws,Broken bodies, broken bones,Broken voices on broken phonesTake a deep breath, feel like you’re chokin’?Everything is broken.
Every time I leave and go out someplaceThings fall to pieces in my face
Broken hands on broken ploughs,Broken treaties, broken vows,Broken pipes, broken tools,People bending broken rulesHound dog howling, bull frog croaking,Everything is broken
Video link below.

They Laid Their Crown (Minds) at the Alter of The Beast

I Will Not Tell you of the Lambs to the Slaughter Without Explaining Also the Lions First.

Disclaimer.  This is what I feel in my Spirit written below.  I am a scribe of God.  I hope I am not wrong about any of these end of days scenarios.  I pray God I make no mistakes with the visions of the hereafter that I have within me written here.

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Financial Help With Hosting Is Needed

Paypal Link

If I can’t get the funds to pay hosting and domain renewal (Domain renewal is around $27 one year.  Hosting is about $20 a month or $145 for 6 months twice that for a full year.)  If I can’t pay it I must assume that God is about to take me in another direction other than writing for

The writer and developer of is facing domain renewals and hosting renewals.  Point blank I have not been this financially baron in years.  I am asking for help if anyone can afford it.

Thank you so much for your kind attention.  Here’s the link to Jazweeh paypal.

Hosting Fees are Due. Rare Request for financial Assist.

GoDaddy Hosting is Due for this website and others. Please donate if you can. I have never asked before but I don’t know what else to do right now.


For transparency sake here is Laura E the writer/developer/and producer of all the Jazweeh websites.  Long time ago.

Laura E

More recent photo


But For The Elects’ Sake These Days Are Shortened

The Knowledge The Elect Carry is Not Easy

Alabaster Box by Julie Meyer

Written by a 144.

To See clearly the end of days is Difficult 

Yet we prefer it greatly over being consummated to the Locust and it’s vail of blindness.  Most Christians are under the vail and have consummated with the Locust from the pit of hell.  If they resist the mark they shall be saved.

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Jazweeh–End of Days Encouragement Needed



Sister website     Some of our guest writers posts cannot be posted on Jazweeh.  Articles stating viewpoints which straight up Christians cannot tolerate.  Christians who will not veer from the Christian script norms of bible doctrine.)

Jesus “OUT LIKE A LAMB IN LIKE A LION”  Leo from the tribe of Judah is the Lion.

Sometimes the scribe needs to be encouraged himself.

So I will remember some of the many signs and wonders God gave me regarding end days prophecy fulfillment.  I told Him very recently that “the waiting is getting to me” even though my own dates that I set (as guesses) are still pending. (DATES BELOW)

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Stomach Nausea & IBS Cures

The Following My Own Experience with Spirit Lead Natural Remedies Nothing More Nothing Less.  Use these as needed.  If it doesn’t work at first increase strength.

No blind studies, no test cases just a simple solution to an age old problem.  In my experience pig farma’s mad scientists have concocted NOTHING that works like these simple herbs.  After all pig farma cannot patent nature to make $$$.  Therefore they prefer robbing you and me of the knowledge and wisdom that nature’s plants hold.  God given remedies are stolen from mankind.

We are all programmed to fear plants.  It took me years to build bridges over plant fear programming.  Before your own programming into the beast system takes you here, “Oh -nature doesn’t cure anything, only the drug companies have pills that work”.  Know this…Pig Farma learned what they know from nature. And all their cures have a high price take to be sure.  Pig farma’s motto especially regarding their favorite invention- Cancers ‘to cure the ailment….slowly and by stealth you must KILL the body.’   Nature may work slower sometimes but nature is True.

Stomach ache or nausea drink organic Calendula Tea from Frontier Coop.  Use 1/8 cup with 2 cups hot water.  Again NO CHLORINE NO FLUORIDE in water please.  Well water is good.  Spring.  Or distilled.  Boil the water for tea before adding it to the herbs.  Calendula is an amazing cure for nausea.

For lower intestines’ problems like CHRONIC DIARRHEA CAUSES. A wide range of problems can cause chronic diarrhea; some of the most common causes include irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), inflammatory bowel disease (Crohn disease and ulcerative colitis), malabsorption syndromes in which food cannot be digested and absorbed, and chronic infections USE ROSE HIPS ORGANIC DRIED HERBS.

Take 1/4 cup of rose hips dried.  Add 2 cups of hot water (NO FLUORIDE/CHLORINE) use distilled if you have to or spring water with no additives.  Check bottles for additives.

Drink the hot tea then eat all of the mushy rose hips.  This is an instant cure I have used it myself after have IBS for months on end I suspect due to eating raw fish of sorts.  Or God only knows what else caused it.  But it won’t work if you don’t eat the herb much.  Really its not that bad.  Its kind of yummy like oats or something.

Theatre of The gods.

Adriana Tellez. A sweet spirit of encouragement.

Are you the chosen few.  Some chosen have already died once and come out of great tribulation in life?

Ye shall not suffer from the second death.  Not all shall sleep but we shall all be changed.   See the Sheep, Lion, Lambs articles in the menu.

New Earth Prophesies. The New Nature. Familiar Spirit Pets

Today I Woke at Dawn to the Birds Loud Singing

Have you noticed everything is louder now?  Clanking dishes are nearly too loud to endure.  Motors in vehicles are annoyingly loud.  Even the birds singing echoes through the window much louder than ever before.  Sound has changed has it not?  Few notice.  Few notice.

New Earth Youtube Channel covers many prophesies of the end of days.

The morning birds are beautiful in their singing.  My cat is vicious toward small animals.  She or he I call “Cat” because she adopted me rather than me her.   I drove her/he far away, but she found her way back amazingly.  She was determined to live at my home.  I suppose she is  She eats small animals.  Stalks them in trees enthusiastically.

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War Pigs. Here’s to you Joanne-ah

May Ye Rest in Peace

JoAnne L. Laura C. & Mark R.
Michelle B. Jeanne C. JoAnne L.

Black Sabbath – War Pigs Lyrics

Generals gathered in their masses
Just like witches at black masses
Evil minds that plot destruction
Sorcerers of death’s construction
In the fields the bodies burning
As the war machine keeps turning
Death and hatred to mankind
Poisoning their brainwashed minds
Oh lord yeah!

Politicians hide themselves away
They only started the war
Why should they go out to fight?
They leave that role to the poor

Time will tell on their power minds
Making war just for fun
Treating people just like pawns in chess
Wait ’til their judgement day comes

Now in darkness world stops turning
Ashes where the bodies burning
No more war pigs have the power
Hand of God has struck the hour
Day of judgement, God is calling
On their knees the war pig’s crawling
Begging mercy for their sins
Satan laughing spreads his wings
Oh lord yeah!

My childhood friend Joanne L. loved to listen to Black Sabbath.  Her viewpoints and ideas at the age of 12 were that of a wise old woman.  She died young in a car wreck.  Her mother somehow new it would happen constantly hovering over her daughter.  Powerless to save her from fate.

She proclaimed atheism staunchly.  Oddly I always believed in God with Faith.  Jazweeh had a vision of her in a timeloop room.  We sent a msg about Jesus.  But we doubt she would understand it.  Still God is good to all of mankind.  We believe JoAnne is at rest.

Laura C.


It is Science that Now Need to Learn from the Spiritual Teachers

Dearest Readers.  I am posting articles at you may want to check out.  ______________Laura E.

Science Cannot Conceive of What is About to Take Place.

Dear Mr. Science,

Greetings to you.  I greet you and yet you are the arm of much that is vile upon the Earth.  In the name of “curing Cancer” you have made more death so 1/3 of the Earth screams out by torture of your prolifics for hire.

White Angel Flies Now. With the 3 others pouring out the viles of supernatural change.
Blessed is the blue star Hopi prophecy.
Lake of Fire
Earth’s Aired Environment Transforming.


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The Four Angels & Four Horsemen of the Apocolypse

War, famine, pestilence, death, Let it Rip Great Father of Lights!

(the writer often just writes “man” meaning “mankind”)

By God’s Holy Spirit of Truth I pray all my words are accurate for they are for the trusted few.  The few who shall retain the knowledge of both good and of evil.  While from others The Great Sacred Tree departs.  The many need not the knowledge of evil where they go.  Still God’s holy judgement shall awaken it for a time so they can see themselves in a light of Truth, finally.


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In The Beginning God Created The Heavens & The Earth

What is predestination?

How can we be predestined and still have free will?

God made the earth and man.  Then God set down templates for the end of the age.  There were six templates of which mankind of free will would choose, could choose only one.  By his choices in life man chose his spiritual template sealing his relationship to his Creator.  And sealing his eternity.

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What’s Next as the Future Rolls Out 2022?

I Conclude Coe Vid Is an Environmental Injury not a by Russ.  Injury due to sun’s UV=corona discharge=splits the Oxygen molecule=harmful ozone on earth’s surface =same symptoms as the vid.

Air Now Ozone Map

Stratospheric aerosol injection

Seems the elite may not be as evil as we Truthers suspected.  They do have a thread of compassion apparently.  At least for Earth itself if not for humanity.


refer to caption and image description

Chem Trails/Geo Engineering Atmospheric Aerosol Injection

If you follow the truth threads you have heard of chemtrails and seen the many chemtrails in the sky.  We, many of us

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It’s Too Late For Big Pharma-Prediction-Vision

What Will Become of Big Pharma?

In a word GOD’S JUDGEMENT.  Make no mistake, He is on the way.  Jesus is returning but not in the way you think He is.

Hide and watch all ye of the top tier of corporate America, hide and watch. What is coming you well know because the elite of the elite have stolen for themselves the prophesies of old.  Has daddy dollar showed them to you son of perdition?  Has he told you of the fulfillment of most of them already?  Therefore making the impending consequences unavoidable?

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Four End Times Out of Body Dreams

After I Received The Holy Spirit Baptism I Had 4 Dreams

Not all are the hand or the arm.  There are many gifts of the Spirit.   The scribe of this article, Jazweeh is 62 years old.   She has sought out God from the time she was young.  She fell many times and got back up.  Faith is how we are saved.  Faith in God.  Do not build unfair comparisons in one’s mind to belittle your own walk with God.   Wisdom comes with age.

It takes years to build this kind of relationship with Jesus.  To receive such a well rounded understanding of God’s Love & Grace moreover to believe in what is the supernatural.  Baby Christians are not expected to be all that.

Jesus is Lord & He promises that if He is sought with one’s heart He can be found.  Seek & ye shall find, knock and it shall be opened unto you._______Laura E. Editor

(Feel free to skip to the interpretations.  But you may not get much out of it that way.)

This happened in the early 90s approximately.  How I know I was out of my body?  Well let me tell you this. If any man quotes Apostle Paul by saying “in the body or out of the body I do not know”.  Then be certain they were NOT out of their body.

When I was out of my body I KNEW IT.

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What’s Coming in the End of Days?

We Know Something is Coming…but what?

I could be wrong but this is what I am getting about the future.______The Sympathetic Dreamer.  It’s all prophesied in the sacred books way before I saw it in visions.

Not all shall sleep but we shall ALL BE CHANGED.”

Death & the Apocalypse by fire

The Lake of Fire (eternal death)

The Rapture of the chosen few (new bodies to seed Earth)

The imprisonment of the evil who survive underground (by Holy Angels)

The 1,000 years of sleep & or the seeding of the New Earth

The meek & the Saved shall sleep for 1,000 years

The few chosen shall seed the New Earth

Judgement after 1,000 years of sleep.


Jesus Arrives in 2024 but not in the way that people think.  All will go to their appointed places.  This will be the rescue of mankind and the destruction of the enemies of God.  Those who don’t respect God and The Earth shall be dealt with at judgement.  Grace will be applied to those who cried by repentance.

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Evil Is As Evil Does


Why Greedy Men Took The Feminine Out of The Family God Head-Spiritual Five.

Evil is as evil does.  Why oh why would God not have a Mother God if we are made in His image-and we are?

Doesn’t it make sense that the feminine would also be reflected in spirituality just as the male is?  Of course it would.  Why would that be evil?  Are all women evil?  All men good?  No.

There was a time when men oppressed women greatly.  And in some countries women have few rights (we are told).  Women are not lesser in God’s eyes than men.

Men are the strong arm of the family physically.  To deny that is folly.  Without women the hand of empathy is small in families.  Women are nurturers.  Women are care takers of the innocent.  Women have a strong place in the 5 part spirituality of the family.  To call the Mother God ‘evil’ is a mistake.

She is not evil but rather she is humble and prefers not direct worship.  She says “get up, do not worship me but rather respect me and see me as being part of”.  This is what The Mother God says to me anyway in my visions…”respect all deities.”

Mankind Chooses Hell over Heaven by Their Daily Choices

Evil wicked men would not be comfortable in Heaven would they?  Hell no.

What if Satan is doing exactly what God ordered him to do by tempting mankind with evil?  What if Satan is still and always was obedient to God’s will?  I believe he was and is.

This is the deception.  What if the so called fallen angels had the hardest job of all spiritual entities.  To bring evil to the earth so mankind could make their choices?  Somebody had to do it.  Eve had to eat of the tree of both the knowledge of evil and of the knowledge of good.  Furthermore if evil was not in the land how would we humans choose our eternal homes?

All men are exposed to both evil and good, truth and lies, kindness and trespass, to steal or to give, to protect or to attack, to smile at or to send scorn, to bless or to curse.

The deception is that God lost control of His creations.  Not so.  Angels are perfect in their obedience to God.  Angels do what they are assigned.  They have free will just as mankind does.  But they also have enough knowledge to know that defying God is detrimental to their own peace.  They see what we cannot.  Karma. Action-reaction.  Every action has a spiritual reaction.  Every spiritual action has a carnal reaction.

All men have choices but ultimately we and only we decide where our eternal home shall be by our choices.

God doesn’t punish men by sending them to Hell, they choose hell by their hearts condition.

Faith is the key.  Once we are transformed faith is no longer the great powerful force that it is now.  Great works of Faith, are mighty and echo throughout the chambers of eternity.  Love, Hope, & Faith these three are eternal.

All of mankind have been given a measure of Faith.  But where he puts that Faith, that is they key that unlocks his eternal home.  Does he grow his faith and in what?  To put faith in God requires prayer.  You have not because you ask not says the preacher.

Ask for more Faith in God.   Ask for the things that are good and spiritual.  Ask for the things that are eternally beneficial.  Granted, they don’t come easy usually.  Challenges come with spiritual blessings or carnal blessing for that matter.

You know not of the challenges of a rich man. It is harder for a rich man to enter The Kingdome of Heaven than it is for a camel to enter through the eye of a needle.  Be careful what you pray for.  And when God says no, it could be for your own good.

Evil Is as Evil Does

Not “evil is what the preacher says it is”.  If the preacher can label things ‘evil’ that are not evil he can label you and I or any  God given blessing as being ‘evil’.

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Signs & Wonders Is Hell Real? Bible Changes. Patience of the Saints.

Short answer—YES.    But Hell is not like the preacher presents it AT ALL.   The Patience of The Saints

Hell is much like Earth with it’s comings and goings and people.

In this article by Jazweeh are analogies of Heaven & Hell.  They are informed spiritual theories not “thus sayeth The Lord”.  None of the predictions on any of my sites are ‘thus sayeth the Lord’. Rather writings are based on my many years of seeking out the things of God and becoming the clay in His hands.

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To The 144,000 The Time of Sorrows & Purification is Upon Us

White Horse


But first the purification.  The purification of the 144 is both physical, emotional, & spiritually.

For the good news skip to the bottom “THE NEW EARTH.  Rapture?”

Do Not Lose HOPE in your trials of fire Brothers.  For After the Trials of Fire Comes The Great Peace (& mature temperance with humility & Love) of God that Surpasses All Earthly Understanding.

“Weeping may endure for a night but joy cometh in the morning….joy cometh in the morning the morning.”

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Trials of Fire are Looming. “Let Her Cry” & “Drops of Jupitor”

The Chosen Few are going through a severe cleansing that involves a sort of…emotional purge of sorts. Where we are going we cannot take such life long issues of pain and fear. This process is a hard one. Its different for many. It requires emotional triggers for processing by groans that are too strong for tears or words to harness.

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An Untested, Unvaccinated Sixty Two Year Old’s Fight With the Deadly Malady of not being able to breath right.  Causing heart strain and more.

by Angry Jane

The Fear of God is the Beginning of Wisdom

“Be not wise in your own eyes”.  This means watch lest ye fall into diverse temptations.  I thought I was above fear and so fear was able to deceive me for a time.

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Protection-Blood or Love? And What About the Armor of God?

Edit.  The Blood of passover protected the Hebrews from loss.  It showed God’s Spirit of Death that those with blood on the post’s first sons where not to be taken (killed).  The symbolism is that Faith in Jesus saves us?  Or our loved ones from death.  Perhaps the Loved one’s of Judah will be saved by the Faith of the Lions, Lambs, and Sheep.

The Armor of God is our protection in battle.

This article is very long.  Take it piecemeal if you need to .  But it has the substance of both the problem (anxiety, fear, self loathing, bondage to sin etc.) and the solutions to life’s challenges.  Solutions to depression (anger without enthusiasm) anxiety, & panic attacks.  It takes work to beat the programming of the beast especially because the problem is both intellectual, emotional, and spiritual.  But we can learn healthy emotions and learn to let ourselves off the hook.  We were not taught emotional health.  We were taught actions contrary to healthy instructions.  We can become who we really are in God and live free of the voice that beats ourselves up.

We must give prayer and meditation a chance as prescribed. I will not tell you anything that isn’t tried and true in my own life.  We should work all the 12 steps to our advantage.  Step one can be anything we want it to be…”I am powerless over my own sin and my life has become unmanageable”  or “I am powerless over anxiety attacks and my life has become unmanageable”.

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The White Flame Is Now Upon the Earth


I do know the white flame has gone out I just don’t know what the effects on people and on earth will be from it.  _________________Jazweeh

A Wizard’s Prophecy of Three Days of Truth & Darkness starting now.

by Johanne Strondale

The White Flame Burns on Earth for 3 Days

The scribe Jazweeh

The White Flame is Three Days of Truth

The vail is lifted for three days.  It began at midnight 8-11-21.

For those who love the lie and bind it in defense to their hearts for protection & comfort they will be stripped of its effect.   And those who by denial protect themselves from fear will be emotionally struck naked for three days.  They shall see deep inner truth about their own hearts.  They shall know they need God desperately.  The masses will either run away or run to God.  The white flame may cause men to curse God or to draw near to Him.

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