The Practical Date of the Rapture (Anther Prediction/Guess)

Remember the precious most valuable spiritual gifts on this Earth are Hope (the promise of salvation) Faith (in God Almighty) and Love.  To do unto others as we would have them do unto us.  Why?

Because NOW is the time we have to hold to our hearts God’s promises by Faith.  By great works of Faith we store up for ourselves treasure in Heaven.  Only mortals have the opportunity to do great works of Faith.  To take action while seeing that God Almighty is giving us a chance to be of worth in the Kingdom of God.  It is better to give than to receive because of this.

When we are torn and despaired we nurture our Hope by remembering the great things God already did for us.  Healing, life saving, He gave us gifts to make strong our hearts by works of Faith.  We have the power over our outlook and we won’t give up on Faith or Hope because God Loved us first.  When we were yet in ignorance and debauchery.  Lost yet to be found.

And in our prodigal walk He saved us from self annihilations and death.  Or perhaps He saved someone we deeply Love when all carnal odds were against it.


We are very hopeful that the coming of The Lord God will be THIS YEAR 2024.   We wait for His coming In whatever way His promises are fulfilled. Though as usual we could be wrong about our date but not about the season we are in.  The many Watchmen on the wall are not giving in to hopelessness.  And neither are we!

We share with the Watchmen a deep emotional and spiritual yearning to finally see the promises of God.  Hence we will not give up Hope for a better world even if we must wait until our dying breath to see it.



We apologize for the failed guess of rapture on April 8th, 2024.  Though I did say that Passover is looking very high watch at the end of April and that it could be anytime between April 8th and June’s end 2024.

My second guess (if August 21, 2024 doesn’t pan out) Is Passover around the 30th of April according to John Watchmen for that great day.

Also there will probably be an unannounced eclipse on the day of Jesus’ return.  So Jazweeh’s eclipse/rapture vision is not a failed vision until we are raptured and an eclipse doesn’t accompany the event.

That is what a real solar eclipse looks like in totality when the moon is in front of it.  Even the one in 2017 looked normal like the picture.

Speaking of eclipses the 2024 was not an eclipse of the full moon.  But rather it was the real sun of God eclipsing the fake sun of man.  That’s why it just appeared as if electric gases were passing by the white hot sun of man.   It clearly was not the moon.  Also one of the Angels were present during the eclipse.  It looked like a fireball. Probably the Red Kachina.

Third prediction is during the 2024 November presidential appointment of Trump.  If he’s elected due to the prophecy “Not all shall sleep but we shall all be changed at the last trump in the twinkling of the eye the mortal shall put on immortality.”  If Trump is elected in early November 2024 it could be viewed as “the last Trump presidency”.  But of course their will also be the sound of the angels trumpet.

August 21st Is My New Rapture Date Guess.

It stands to reason that the April 8, eclipse was a secondary warning sign for the world.  The “A” over the U.S. which the three eclipse line paths of totality have important meaning.

God Almighty is the Alpha and the Omega.  The Beginning and the End.  Only HE can end the fallen Earth.  And only HE will say when it’s over.  In the mean time those of us who are waiting guess when high watch times are at hand.


Most of the Gentiles are under the vail.  This means they don’t see the supernatural signs.  Maybe due to unbelief.  Or maybe because they do not Love the Truth.  After all most of the Youtube watchmen re following the desecrated bibles.  They cannot remember what God’s Truth said before the desecration of the Holy Bibles.  This is one of Jacob’s greatest miraculous signs that Jesus will return very soon.

We weeped that He didn’t come on our April 8th date prediction.  We hoped that even though it was not yet seven years from the Revelation 12 sign that “the days will be shortened” for the elects sake.

But people need to repent and every day matters in the heart of Jesus.  He knows we want to be with Him.  He knows we yearn for His Truth.  But there are many who must come in.  The remnant of saved.

Some of the signs that the gentiles cannot see

The luminaries have not kept their places.

The fake sun

The two suns

The dimmed true sun

The green grass and tree being saved by the fake sun.

The black hole sun.

The spinning moon.

The chemtrails to block their sun because they made it far too hot and far too bright.

The condition of the Gentiles who are infested with the creatures listed below.

God of the Iron Rods-  The beast is already ruling the many with his rods of iron that are placed at the top of the many towers of babble.  By his rule of come the reprobate minds of the blind leading the blind.  Their memories are hijacked.  Their brains are being uploaded with lies.

Rods of Iron- CELL TOWERS

Rule with a rod of Iron-  By the phones they are so close to their brains are hijacked.  They are now all as one.  They are a hive mind controlled by the beast unawares.

Towers of Babel-(tower of babble)  It’s the Dark Lord who rules the minds by deception and control.  Not God Almighty who is Love.

Jesus is Truth and He rules with a GOLDEN SCEPTER but the many cannot remember that.

The Locust-Flew on the back of the winged abomination.  The creatures infest the hair and faces of the unsuspecting.

Apollyon the Locust King.
I am not the only one that fought it off and crushed it in the night. Nor am I the only one who sees the creature. Though they are Spirit and painless. It’s not what it makes them see. But rather it’s what it blinds then to.

Continued Signs.

The towers of babel changing dramatically language and dialect on this earth.

They call evil good and good evil in regard to their Dark Lord’s bibles.  Bibles are changing daily on the shelves and before our eyes by magic.

(deceptive signs and wonders)

Mandela effect-Harmless signs and wonders miracles in plain sight.

Changes in nature’s plants.  New Earth is already starting to emerge.

Changes to insects, new insects.  New plants.

The Four Mighty Angels called the Red Kachina and the beautiful Blue Kachina to be seen with binoculars.  Here since approximately the time of the 2017 August 21 eclipse.

Dreams and Visions are plentiful.

Unbelievers see nothing new nor can they remember the way it was before 2017.

Red Tide dead oceans.

The beast already killed 1/3 of mankind with it’s hand made diseases.

The poisoning of the masses by most anything (pretty much) that they walk out of a store with.

Mind control by the Image of the Beast (TV/Cell phone)

Towers of babble controlling memory and brain downloads of deception.

The sign of Jonah ARE the miracle of the anointed MANY Watchmen

Also the whale incident in 2021. (man gulped into the mouth of a whale & survived)

Rumors of wars.

The beast controlling elite have gained way too much knowledge giving them puppet master control over the masses whom they feared.

Jesus walked this Earth for years in Spirit doing miracles through preachers.  Deliverance and healing came to many in the last fifty years.

The Gentiles are already “caught up” in the “cloud” that controls them unaware.  Jesus carries a golden scepter.  The Dark Lord wields the cell towers of babble and it’s Iron rods which sear the minds of the many.

Reprobate minds

Burning Earth


Angels which had the hard job of introducing evil to mankind.  They did exactly as they were supposed to do by God’s command.  Angels are deity but they became lower to do their job.  They had to hide out for years on end in a cave.

Until they were finally released to go home to God Almighty.  We humans had to know evil to make our spiritual choices.  Each man chose their god.

Natural disasters abundant.

Polluting devices of mankind.

The element have changed

The periotic table has changed

The gentiles have turned unto FABLES literally.  Unawares unawares.

I wrote my own prophecies back in 2012 of which many of them have come to pass already.










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