NO RAPTURE YET! But We Are in the Season of Harvest


The 144 appreciate that the MANY watchmen ARE the sign of Jonah. Just as Jonah warned the Ninevites so too today’s watchmen are warning the world of the soon coming of judgement and God Almighty.

God Almighty is the Alpha and the Omega the Beginning and The End.  NO ONE ENDS THIS EARTH EXCEPT HIM.  He created the Earth and He says when it’s done!  That is why He put His symbol over Earth by the paths of totality!  And the watchmen proclaim that sign.  The Creator is the ALPHA GOD, The God of all gods.  He created Earth and mankind.  And He is the harvester who ends this stage of existence.  He is the One who finishes the work.

He gave His words to His Son who came to deliver His children from evil.  Now His words have left the Earth.  The Dark Lord’s time is very short.  All my life the evil one ruled this Earth.  Demonic forces were here along with strongholds.  While most watchmen are still waiting for “Satan”.  As they call him.  Shall I remind them? ANGELS GOOD, DEMONS BAD!

Are there Angels of darkness? No they demons and dark by nature.  They come from below.  Angels come from above and are of Light.  The alleged fallen angels are Deity who had to do the hard job of introducing evil unto mankind.  For a very good reason.  So mankind can make their choice of God.  And make their choices of their own spiritual path.

Creation of man part two is the spiritual journey of free will.

Evil no longer reins on this Earth and the strongholds are crushed.  The Serpent’s time is already finished.  We are in the latent days of the beast.

It’s over and God Almighty is coming to collect those who are His.  The Dark Lord shall collect those who are his.  And the unbelievers who have no God well tey are just done.

The new Hebrew dialect is vile.  All of their language is straight from Hell by demonic issuance.  Especially the new Hebrew doesn’t mean what they say it means.   They took the worst words in the original Hebrew and named them of new Hebrew dialect so they can deceive and spread curses.  The serpent beast hates the “common people”.  And Christians are taught to worship the political entity called “Israel”.

ALL THE EARTH belongs to God Almighty.  And ALL people had the same chance to become “chosen few”.

Now the Gentiles are trampling the holy place.  As they desecrate the English language by reading/quoting the Dark Lord’s bibles changing daily unawares.

The Gentiles simply will not ever see the fulfillment of prophecy.  They get one sign.  The Watchmen.  The Watchmen are the sign of Jonah as prophesied.

I have two hypothesis of what’s coming.  The troubles of Jacob are nearly complete.  Will the Gentiles have a great trib?  If they do Jacob will be raptured from this Earth this year 2024.

If the Gentiles are not going to have a great tribulation, as many of the watchmen proclaim, then all people will be harvested this year.  And dispersed to different callings.

Call it a rapture for the believers.  Some will go to Heaven.  Others to the Lake of Fire where the soul is just ENDED.  And others will seed the New Earth and move on to their next purpose in God.  Gentiles will go into stasis the 1,000 years as one day of paradise.  Same day over and over and over unawares.  The chosen few have more lessons to learn in their spiritual walk part two on the New Earth.

“Not all will sleep but we shall all be changed in the twinkling of the eye.”  And at the last Trump.

How do I know we are at the end of days?  Many reasons for we see the miracles all around that many don’t see.  Even many previous unbelievers can see the signs and wonders the changes in reality.  The dividing of time to two realities (two times).  We see the changes to the luminaries not keeping their place.  We see the fake sun and our yellow sun went dim.  We see the deceptive signs and wonders in all bibles.  We see the changes in our prayer in the Spirit.  We have sent out the warning of His coming for SEVEN YEARS ON END.  Unlike any other prayers. And more.  The Blue Star prophecy is fulfilled as are many other prophecies.

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