My Delayed Rapture Guess Date is Late July 2024

Based On Four Out of Body Dreams & Visions

Picture taken by Mr.MBBB33 on youtube the day of the 2024 eclipse.

Something great did take place during the eclipse of 2024.  My guess.  I saw a kind of planet filled with entities of twisted spirits.  They need bodies to inhabit.  They were likely released from the gaseous ball they travelled in.  And are now honing the Earth for hosts.  This is just a guess by visions I saw on the image of the beast.  Where I don’t usually get any prophecy fulfillments from or visions.  As most watchmen get all their prophecy fulfillments from the news. (TV = Image of the beast)

It’s not always easy being a scribe of God.  It’s a life long calling.  Scribes are the clay in God’s hands.  People cannot take in the Truth when they are programmed by lies of TV preachers and churches they attend.  Not to mention unbelievers attitudes toward those who proclaim the supernatural.

Around the 25th of July 2024

The first rapture date was based in a vision.  It is a guess not a “thus sayeth the Lord”.   The guess is based on a very good foundation.   I had four out of body dreams.  The dreams are listed in my book Paradise for the Hellbound.

Three of the out of body dreams have already come to pass.  Two came to pass in real time, literally and the third one happened in visions.  I did not understand these dreams when I had them.   I had the dreams soon after I received the gifts of the Holy Spirit by baptism of The Holy Spirit.  It was back in the late 80s or early 90s.   I knew the dreams were from God because I literally left my body during these dreams.  I was forever changed by the dreams.  How? Once my Spirit left my body I knew that I knew that I knew, I am not the flesh.  The flesh is the temple.  I am Spirit. Regarding Apostle Paul’s testimony of his dream.  Apparently he never left his body or he would have known it.  Or they just didn’t write it properly.

Out of Body Dreams in Late 80s

One.  I was floating above the church.  They were clueless and could not see.  Nor could they see me.  This depicts the 2018 deceptive signs and wonders which I see.  But the church does not.

Two.  The bowels of the Earth I went to purgatory.  Just as Jesus brought people out of purgatory in the original bible as I remember it (it was called “the grave”).  Since that dream I visited purgatory several times with Jesus…in visions.  Those there are on the top floor of Hell. They are self condemned and Jesus & I bring them across the hall of the dead unto the righteous throne of God to be properly judged.

Three. Jacobs Ladder.  I climbed Jacob’s Ladder and encountered a scary skeleton.  It startled me and knocked me off the ladder.  This dream depicts Jacob’s Troubles which I have experienced since about three & a half years hence.  I will finish climbing that ladder of troubles.

Four.  The unfulfilled out of body dream.  I completed my mission.  I went to the upper room and saw Mother God or Casiopea the black lady in the rocking chair.  Her kind and welcoming eyes congratulated me saying “I knew you would finish the race!”  And learn the lessons!

Five-There is one out of body dream I forgot to list.  I was on a stairway standing high above the people of Earth.  I saw their eyes and they were crazed.  They lost their good sense.  The people of Earth were dismal.  Like the old cartoons of crazy people with a spinning vortex in their eye sockets.  Luni.  This one has not yet come to pass either…at least not wholly.  though Christians are clearly under the strong delusion unable to see the effects of the towers of babble and the Locust parasite.


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