BLOOD Gospel Vs. Gospel of Jesus from the Heart of Faith Eternal

An Angry Jane article. Short version

Scroll to bottom to see how to really be Saved by Faith in God.
The great falling away is imposed by a fake bible and the towers of babble which steals memories of Truth.

Verse of the day Isaiah 11:6 (Lion & Lamb magically changes to Lamb & Wolf) Verse #2 is Amos 11:6 the famine of God’s words on Earth.

The Lion of Judah Jesus the Son of God no longer lies with the lambs. He has left both the churches and the holy books. He has gone to prepare a place for His sheep who know His voice.


“A greedy and idolatrous bloodline seek a sign.  But no sign is given to them except the miraculous sign of the many watchmen on the image of the beast TV.

The end of days sign of Jonah the watchmen. For just as Jonah warned the masses so too we have an array of Watchmen proclaiming Jesus’ return.  THE WATCHMEN ARE THE SIGN OF JONAH FOR OUR TIME.

I made clear in this article (scroll to bottom) what the new gospel is and who the new Jesus is. He is here now on our Earth as prophesied.  And how to really be saved.  What is the true gospel in a nutshell?

The true gospel comes from the heart of those who know Jesus when they share their testimony of Him working in their lives to give them life abundant.  Without Jesus I could not walk in the will of God Almighty.  Salvation is by eternal supernatural Hope and Faith from the Love of God.

Isaiah 11:6
The wolf also shall dwell with the lamb, and the leopard shall lie down with the kid; and the calf and the young lion and the fatling together; and a little child shall lead them.


Act 17:26

“And hath made of one blood all nations of men for to dwell on all the face of the earth, and hath determined the times before appointed, and the bounds of their habitation;”

And that’s not all…..

Who is the “Modi”?  The modified Jesus of the new gospel of blood and faith put in blood.  Or Faith eternal put it ANYTHING BUT GOD ALMIGHTY.    Blood is clearly of the flesh?  Granted there is a great power and symbolism attached to the blood of Jesus.  But it is a mystery.  Put Faith in Him directly & Faith in The Father The Living God who saves.  And until that day…we have the Helmet of the Hope of salvation.  Hope is another eternal gift. It is not a certificate of salvation.  We must wait until that day for our Hope and Faith to be wholly & fruitfully fulfilled.

“Not by might nor by power but by my Holy Spirit sayeth the Living God”

“The letter of the law kills The Spirit gives eternal life.”


The Blood God Modi

“Jesus did not come into the world to condemn mankind, but rather He came so mankind can be saved”.  God sent His only begotten Son into the world so we could believe in Him by putting our Faith in Him, seeking Him, & have Life more abundantly.”  See my testimony of deliverance, healing, and change.

“Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness for they shall be filled.”

Now that many Christians have taken the mark of the beast their minds are going reprobate.  Common sense is not common anymore.

As the bibles magically change before the eyes of the children of God the supernatural & on going desecration of God’s words gets more and more blasphemous.  Even perilous.

Now that the bibles (babbles) are telling the many to take their Eternal Life bringing supernatural gift of Faith in God, from God to be put instead into “BLOOD of flesh”.  Rather than in God Himself.  Such a sneaky misnomer  instruction is a snare to the soul.

And so the Watchmen who don’t know their right hand from their left (Jonah) proclaim the worship of blood on youtube.  “Put your Faith in blood” reads the new desecrated bibles of the Dark Lord.  Research Diablo 4 the demonic game of souls.  It will tell you to also put your eternal Faith in blood (the flesh).  As for the bible….that’s no longer my bible since it’s changing on the shelves.   My  Jesus left all bibles and He left the churches with the wolf or their choosing.

The Lion no longer lies with the lamb.  Now the WOLF LIES WITH THE LAMB and the Gentiles forgot, forgot, forgot the voice of the Good Shepherd. See the new & desolate verse in Isaiah 6:11.  Now they follow the blood god membership.  The same blood god of Diablo 4.

Keep your eye on blood of flesh.

Put not your precious gift of Eternal Faith bestowed upon all of mankind in the Modi, the God of Blood. Now that the bibles are under the Dark Lord’s rule will you follow the magic changes to the bitter end?

Or will you remember the once biblical words of The One True God of Love? To put Faith in God and in His Son Jesus.    Many have forgotten that Jesus is The Son of God.   Jesus is Living.  Not a corpse of blood.  The blood has it’s place yes.  Symbolic and a spiritual mystery true.

“They overcame by the blood of the lamb and the word of their testimony.”

We overcome death and sin with Jesus’ help, and because He overcame death and sin.

Jesus or The Father are not some god of flesh and blood.  Has common sense now become uncommon? Do the many dictate your hearts voice? Evil is here on Earth. It is the time of black magic and dark potions galore. The Great Tribulation is upon them with the towers of Babble.   And yet they cannot see it to protect themselves from it.

“Not by might nor by power but by My Spirit sayeth The Living God.”

What is the new gospel? Any gospel that tells you to put your eternal Faith into something other than THE LIVING GOD & JESUS HIS SON. Please you must let Faith in God endure to the end in you. Keep Hope the armor of your salvation is Hope in God Himself. Hope covers your head spiritually.  Hope is for the promises He made to us of the Promise Land and a better Life more abundantly than this mortal life.

Jesus came to bring Life more abundantly to those who seek Him. “Him” not His face. “No man can see the face of God and live.”  I don’t think this “face of God” scripture exists anymore since it contradicts so many “seek his face” new scriptures.

Why is the Dark Lord promoting “seek his face”?  Because you can look upon the Dark Lord’s face and live.  However I doubt you would ever be the same after seeing it.  Or if you truly do worship the One True God Creator then seeking his face is folly.  Making any prayer of such also folly.

“They turned unto fables”.

Can you not see that the desolation, the desecration of God’s words is here? And what of that script “scroll rising up to the Heavens”?

The scroll that rose to the Heavens forever set in Heaven is God’s sacred words.  Why?  Why would God let His words be desecrated by the abomination of desolation?  Say the many, “God would not allow the bibles to be desecrated” they say.

Yet it’s prophecy Amos 8:11 & 12.  Famine of God’s words IS HERE.  But the strong delusion covers it.

“His children (sheep) know His voice”.

“And when he putteth forth his own sheep, he goeth before them, and the sheep follow him: for they know his voice.”

The Good Shepard scriptures will soon also be lost to Earth.  “Putteth forth his own sheep” is already very desecrated making little sense in English dialect.  And is anything BUT ARTICULATE.  How does one “putteth forth” a  sheep?  Forth to what?  The front of the line maybe?

What the Good Sheppard verses used to say is that When Jesus calls His children they come forth to Him.  For they know His voice and will NOT follow another.  That’s us who refuse to follow a false blood god and the Dark Lord’s words.  When the Lion left the lamb of Isaiah 11:6 we saw it happen back in 2007.  Scripture after scripture changed or lost.  We saw Jesus leaving the lambs to the wolf of their choosing by their own free will.

The Watchmen on Youtube did not follow Jesus away from the desecrated holy place because apparently either they are temporarily vailed or they never knew Him.  Or both.  And loved not His Truth.  They are posers it seems.  Or they are just greatly deceived and maybe God will bring them out of it at some point.   If they really have Faith in God.

We are not the judges of the gentiles over this deceptive sign and wonder.  We had our own time of being vailed and deceived.

John 10:5
“And a stranger will they not follow, but will flee from him: for they know not (follow not) the voice of strangers.”

“Finally, brethren, farewell. Be perfect, be of good comfort, be of one mind, live in peace; and the God of love and peace shall be with you.”
Alot wrong with this 2nd Corinthians 13:11 Now every time I think of “Corinthians” I think of The Corinthian on the new very entertaining show “Sandman”.  He’s a bad guy whom has a great personality for a serial killer that is.  Of course the Image of the Beast has its way to detour our morals by coaxing us into liking & cheering for a murdering maniac.

The New Godspell Gospel.

First Corinthians 1-4 they say is the gospel.  But not the gospel of Jesus.

Those scriptures say your saved by Paul’s preaching.  What?  And that Jesus was “buried”. What?  And that if you keep in “memory” Paul’s preaching your saved  Saved then by intellect (instead of by the heart’s Faith/Hope/Love.)  Now granted in some ways this forgetfulness thing is true…due to the towers of babble most Gentiles forgot he Truth that was once in the holy bibles. So they didn’t “keep it in memory” as the Dark Lord had it written.  Fact is God’s Truth was not in their hearts so when the towers skewed the intellects of the many they lost the words of Truth.  The towers of babble cannot erase what’s in our heart.

That’s why some remember and see the mandela effects and the desecration abomination of God’s truth and others simply forgot God’s Truth.  His Truth was not in their heart.

He didn’t die for my sins.  Quite the opposite.  And all that He did sure as Hell was NOT “according to the scriptures”.  As if the desecrated book is God Himself.  The bible is not my authority.

The Dark Lord is proclaiming to be God while sitting in the bible (temple of God’s words).  The prophecy is fulfilled but not how the preacher taught it.  The books are desecrated and I won’t stop writing the truth while I am still on this fallen Earth.

But most cannot see or much less believe what I see.  Any more than they believed in Jesus’ miracles & words of Truth.  I am His Breath (breathren) on Earth.  That’s why the towers of babble took the ‘a’ out of breathren.

They say there was a debt owed for sin….God Almighty doesn’t work with the beast’s money system of lending, debt & borrowing with interest.     But rather He had God’s words written in the real bibles:

“Be not a borrower or a lender.”

They say Jesus was “buried”.  No He was put behind a huge boulder when He died.  Laid behind a rock in sacred cloth and He then disappeared.  The rock was moved supernaturally.  Jesus overcame both death and Hell to give me the keys to death and hell so I too can & have overcome death.  

They say he died for everybodies sin to pay somebody off.  “He died for my sins” allegedly.  Rather in Truth He died because  of a traitor Judas.  And He died because of the beast system government of Pharisees the Eagle of Rome which is the forehead mark of the beast.

He was stabbed brutally by a Roman soldier who hated His words.  To say that we are saved by faith in blood is equivalent to saying that without that brutal stabbing by the Roman we are all lost.  Saved by a Roman.

The false gospel says to worship a dead Jesus hanging on some tree. They worship His death & His blood.  They worship His blood.   And since Jesus is alive..that’s not my Jesus.

We are saved because of God’s Love for us.  The blood is a mystery except that those who know Jesus are His breath on Earth and likely His bloodline also.  As the beginning is from the end.

Jesus proclaimed God’s Truth & they killed Him for it.  He is the first Son of God.   He brought God’s words to Earth so I could hear the Truth.  He came to give me Life more abundant on this Earth.  He came to show me the Way to walk a path or righteousness.   He came to deliver me from Hell, Death, and the government and powers which would have me dead or plagued with it’s man made diseases.

But Jesus is about NOW (present day) even more so than THEN.  He has been here for all my life doing miracles on Earth for those who seek Him.  Gentiles don’t believe in the laying on of hands.  They don’t believe in the gifts of the Spirit.  Not when faced with them.  Not usually.  Gentiles think the gift of tongues is pish posh..  Yet it is God’s higher language on Earth and one of the most powerful gifts thereof.

JESUS CAME TO HELP ME SURVIVE LIFE ON THIS EARTH.  And He came to teach me to WALK AS HE WALKED.  To walk in the WAY of God.


“Remission” is not “forgiveness”.  Remission has no Love or heart.  The new gospel is a mechanical story of dept, payment, death and blood.


God gave every man a measure of Faith, Love, & Hope.  Hope for salvation is the helmet armor of God.  Which by the way will soon be deleted from all bibles.  It’s always removed in one scripture.  The Helmet is nothing without the “Hope” because Hope is an eternal gift from God given to all of mankind at birth.  Without Jesus I would not have survived to walk in the Way of Jesus.   I would not have been in the WILL OF GOD.  God sent Jesus to pour out His Spirit upon those who seek Him.

It is by these free spiritual supernatural and eternal gifts from God that we are saved.  Jesus is the Way to God’s will & to God.

I know Jesus and He knows me because “seek and ye shall find, knock and it shall be opened unto you”.  I am delivered, healed, given the Holy Spirit & gifts.  Jesus is the great healer.


The gospel of Jesus comes from the heart of those who know Him.  My testimony of Jesus and how He works in my life is the gospel of Jesus. 

Without the heart’s Love and the Love that God showed me by His forgiveness and deliverance, and without the Truth that Jesus taught me the words are just a copy past gospel on an empty page.

Seek Him and you will find Him. God pointed me to Jesus long ago when I sought Him with all my heart.  God sent Jesus to show me the Way to walk in God’s will.

And John 3:16 says that whosoever believeth in Him shall not perish but have everlasting Life.  WHOSOEVER BELIEVETH IN GOD ALMIGHTY.

Jesus is the first SON OF GOD.  We also become “Son’s of God” when we walk in the Way of Jesus.  When we walk in the WILL OF GOD.


“Jesus plus nothing =salvation”.  Really?  Without Faith in God the Father it is impossible to be saved.   We HOPE we are saved it’s not some contract of the beast that says “once saved always saved”.  But rather it’s a supernatural eternal gift.

“Once saved always saved” I Hope so.  Hope is the eternal gift.  It’s okay to Hope as a matter of fact it’s what we are supposed to do.  HOPE WE ARE SAVED.   And Hope shall be fulfilled with God’s Love, forgiveness, and His Grace.

The say we say certain words and are saved by our mouth (of all things).  God looks upon the heart.  Works matter.  The greatest feat a man can ever do on this Earth is to die so another can live.  That’s the get out of hell free card.  You bet your ass works matter.  If they didn’t then what in the hell is this all about?


We are put on Earth to make a choice between eternal life or soul death.   The Holy Grail is to find one’s own heart and follow it.  In opposition of the world and it’s temptations.  To walk in God’s will is to defy the beast system.  BUT IT CAN’T BE DONE WITHOUT GOD’S HELP.   I could not do it without Jesus.  The first Son of God shows the children of God how to become Sons of God.

Most people shut down the heart’s voice.  And by the time they realize what they have done…it’s too late to learn the lessons that God put us on this Earth to learn.  Humans must make hard choices to follow God.  It doesn’t mean a sinless life becaust that is frankly just impossible for those in the flesh.

God wants us to become one with our reality.  He created us imperfect and to accept that.  And at the same time to face God in Truth confessing our duality.  And Jesus helps us become ONE with ourselves.  No longer loathing ourselves.  No longer condemning ourselves due to our imperfection.  The heart knows that God created us in flesh for a reason.  And if we can learn the great lessons here about ourselves then we go on to immortality.

“We shall not all sleep but we shall all be changed in a moment, in the twinkling of the eye the mortal shall put on immortality and the corrupt shall put on incorruption.”

“BLESSED are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness for they shall be filled”.

We are discontent with our separation from God.  We are discontent with our unmanageable flesh.  However we wait on God by Faith for the promises of a better tomorrow.  Hope, Faith, and Love are the keys to God’s will.

But truly understanding what these eternal gifts are about require humility.  We are dependent on God as children.  Who is the women of Revelation 12.  By much Holy Spirit prayer the women of Rev. 12 travailed to birth the CHILD/WARRIOR within her.  She is the 144 now.

NOT ALL WALK IN THE WAY BUT GOD’S GRACE, FORGIVENESS, AND HIS GIFTS OF HOPE AND FAITH BY LOVE SAVE US FROM THIS BODY OF DEATH.  Not all are the 144.  It’s true the bible is for them but not to them.  The Gentiles have a less complex walk with God.  The women died literally to rip the vail between the two realms.  They fulfilled most of the stories Jesus told and shared.  They rode the Sacred Donkey.  They are the women at the well.  They are the prodigal son who engaged in darkness and sin unto death.

The gentiles are saved by Faith in God.  It’s that simple.  The rest is for the elect who walked in the Way.


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