More Revelation Given On the Fallen Angels

I have been objecting for quite some time the common theories on end of days regarding the alleged “fallen angels”.  Reason being I believe ALL Angels of God Almighty do exactly what He has them do.  They are from above and holy.  Even IF some Angels had to take on human form in the beginning, still they had the hard job of introducing evil to mankind.  Mankind had to be given their choices between evil & good therefore choosing their eternity or Lake of Fire.

But I am not so sure that it took Holy Angels to show mankind how to be evil.  But rather mankind needs to take responsibility for its own evil choices.  We have always had the choice of evil or good in our actions.

Often times I think Watchmen blame Angels for their own shortcomings.  The Angels are their scape goat.  Yet demons have always been mankind’s real problem.  But that’s not my point today.


Rather I know that for the chosen few 144,000 the Holy Angels are good.  The Angels on Earth are carrying out the orders of God Almighty via the instructions of the Holy Spirit.  The Angel they call “hybrid & fallen” are not hybrid.  They are not human and therefore don’t have dna to mingle with humans.

But there are a multitude of hybrids on this Earth that a part human and part beast.  I read the ingredients of the back scenes.  The back sin a Shaun’s were Gene there Ape eeee!  Transgenesis.  Look it up.  Or blame the angels.

God Sent His Angels to Earth

The instruction for the Angels are given to the chosen few from the Holy Spirit.  In turn the 144 radiate God’s will for the Angels by Higher Language.  The 144 speak the language of men and angels as Apostle Paul mentioned.

And it’s the chosen few who are commanding these Angels today and announcing the destruction of the fallen Earth.   This is God’s plan for bringing in the New Earth.

The 144 are already reining on Earth today.  The hearts of the 144 follow God’s will.  It is God’s will that this Fallen Earth is put to its end and that the NEW EARTH COMES.  And this is what the watchmen are objecting to.  They call God’s Angels “fallen” and “demonic” and “evil nephilim”.  Because the hearts of the Gentiles are with the fallen Earth.  And so they will be turned to pillars of red dust/ash/salt.   By fire if they truly believe in God they will be saved and go to their paradise.  But 1,000 years shall be as one day for them.  Same day over and over and over unawares.  Then after the 1,000 years some of the Gentiles will be called to attend the New Earth.

Like Lot’s wife the children of the beast do not want this fallen, evil, desecrated, Earth to end.  In their hearts they object to God’s will calling the Angels bad and wrong.

“Do you not know ye shall pass judgement of Holy Angels?”  Ya that script didn’t mean what we thought it did.  “Judging angels” is not our call….ever.

But they are right about the Angels returning.  But none of us are seeing them in real time.   Except the four angels who are pouring out the viles and have been here for over seven years.  Those we see in real time.

The destroyer Angels are here now.  Some Angels, I believer were here from the beginning for other reasons such as guardian angels.  The “in the beginning” Angels have returned Home.  The angels here now are Angels who could be perceived as dark angels because of the deeds they are doing.  They are crushing the serpents in accordance with the songs of The Spirit of God.  Songs echoing through time and space.  Songs sang by the chosen few the 144.

Angels receive the commands from the Holy Spirit via the Breath of Jesus.  The Breathren of Jesus on Earth.

“Great exploits of Faith by the 144” the new dark bible worded it.  It’s difficult for Gentiles to understand the 144,000 who have the gifts of the Holy Spirit.  They have the double portion apparently.  The double portion of Spirit which Elisha requested.

The books are so desecrated it’s hard to show any biblical Truth from it. Clearly the dialect and the voice in the holy place is no longer anointed of God.  Jesus left the bibles to the wolf. The once “holy place” is now desolate of God’s seal and His anointing.  Yes there is still truth left in the books.  Along with blatant blasphemy and lies.

Do not worship the book as if it’s God. Do not give it the name of Jesus. And do not read the dark sorcery of curses unto mankind aloud. The Dark Lord is given authority over all bibles in this time.

A fallen book for the fallen Earth Inhabitants

Dan 11:31
“And forces[fn] shall be mustered by him, and they shall defile the sanctuary fortress; then they shall take away the daily sacrifices, (daily devotion) and place there (within) the abomination of desolation.  (this script refers to the bible changes.)

Dan 11:32
“Those who do wickedly against the covenant he shall corrupt with flattery; but the people who know their God shall be strong, and carry out great exploits.

Dan 11:33
“And those of the people who understand shall instruct many; yet for many days they shall fall by sword and flame, by captivity and plundering.

Dan 11:34
“Now when they fall, they shall be aided with a little help; but many shall join with them by intrigue.

Dan 11:35
“And some of those of understanding shall fall, to refine them, purify them, and make them white, until the time of the end; because it is still for the appointed time.

Revelation 14 mentions the 144,000

What is good for Spiritual Israel the chosen few is not good for those who love the beast.  Many of those whose hearts have not come out of the world (per-say) don’t want to lose the fallen Earth.  After all we were born and raised into the system of the beast.  It takes a very strong spiritual faith to overcome the lust for the worldly things.  And even the chosen few are grateful for things of this Earth.

The chosen are reigning now in Spirit by Faith.   And their reign of power is about to manifest in this reality by the workings of the Angels who accepted the task of working on end of days fallen Earth.  They did not “fall” to Earth rather than were sent.  Called.  Soon there will be no denying that the end of days is here.  Soon there will be no denying God Almighty.

Holy Spirit of Life Given to All of Humanity

Great works of Faith are how we build up for ourselves treasure in Heaven.  Very few people really have the Gifts of the Holy Spirit.  Gentiles generally do not.  Believers/Gentiles do have the Spirit of God within them the Spirit of Life & of Love.  To nurture and to grow Faith/Love/Hope within them.  Empathy is a sign of God’s Spirit within us.

The elect who are reigning do so pouring out warning of end days in the form of dreams and visions upon the Earth.  They crush strongholds of demonic walls of darkness.  The chosen were activated for war in 2017.  They have been purified for this reason…so their Spirit lead prayers are more effective.

“Some shall be purified and made white”.

We believe the elect have even opened the seals some time ago.  God gave all people the opportunity to participate in the end of days spiritual warfare.    Believers have their part in this by being called to be watchmen as Jonah was also a Watchmen.  These Gentiles who are blowing the trumpet of warning of Jesus’ coming are anointed by God to do that work.

Thou the Sons of God greatly desire their Father’s favor…they know the Gentiles have their part to play in the end of days works.  The end of days works of Faith are different than the early baby Christians proclaiming their testimony of Jesus working in the lives given by those who know Him.

The Sons of God know the voice of the Good Shepard and will not follow another.  They cannot be deceived because of the Holy Spirit within them.  Yet the majority of Christians are greatly deceived in these times.  Due to the Locust creed.  And due to the towers of babble changing their minds which they are unaware of.

But the worst thing about the end of days is the back scene m.o.t.b.  Why?  Because it’s Esau’s soup and Pandora’s box (stealing Hope the helmet of salvation) all in one package.  If it’s not repented of the man will become a non human by transgenic retrovirus gene transfer making him part beast hence losing his spiritual inheritance.

How ironic that some watchmen defend the m.o.t.b back scene calling Angels “hybrids”.  When they themselves chose to become hybrid Gee Emma oh unawares.

With God all things are possible.  But if they won’t repent of taking the shot and they do not seek God with their hearts how then can they be restored?  My guess is that they never asked God what the mark of the beast would be.  Or He would have told them I think.  He sure told me in an undeniable way in a  hurry when I asked Him what the mark would be in 2018.  He gave me the name of the main distributor of the devices in cold pack temperature taking boxes.  He said to me in an audible voice in 2018 “Zebra”.  He knew I would know what He meant.

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