HOPE IS OUR HELMET OF SALVATION.  WITHOUT IT WE ARE SQUITTLED.  Nurture Hope.  For without it we under the mind control of the towers of babble and bray which surround as on all sides.

“MANY are the afflictions of the righteous yet the Lord God Almighty delivers them out of them all.”

I watched a video of a man who is convinced that we are in Hell.  Bless his heart.  He has some very good points.  Furthermore it’s nice to hear someone who isn’t a parrot like the youtube christians in their limited ideas of the supernatural.

Furthermore, for example, the “weeping and gnashing of jaws (not teeth)” happens here on Earth.  I refer to the story of the bosom of Abraham and the beggar and the rich man…..allegedly the poor beggar ended up comforted while the greedy rich man went to the weeping and gnashing place.  And yes it did say “teeth” but my experience is “jaw gnashing”.  Its not as bad as it sounds.   The weeping & gnashing store either has double meaning or it’s skewed …as usual.

Jacob’s troubles in the end of days.

I myself know for a fact that in these last days of Jacob’s troubles the chosen few are weeping & gnashing in one form of ailment or another.

Not to mention the Hell that Jesus already delivered us all from in this very lifetime.  We have already come out of great tribulation which prepared us for Jacob’s troubles.  Jacob’s trouble is somehow preparing us for our journey on the New Earth.  (Surely the New Earth journey will be far better than this Acheron experience).

PUT IT THIS WAY GOD ISN’T GOING TO EMPOWER HIS CHILDREN UNTIL HE KNOWS THEY ARE NOT GOING TO TURN ON HIM IF THINGS DON’T GO THEIR WAY.  Anger is expected I think.  It’s best we stay open with God and let Him know our feelings no matter what they are.

So anyway as I watched this philosopher on youtube reason out that we, in fact, are in Hell….I have other ideas.  I am certain that Jesus left the bibles and the churches.  The Lion left the lambs to the wolf.  Now the wolf lies with the lamb Isaiah 11:6.

“I got you” says the wolf to the lamb as he salivates and schemes the demise of the innocent sheep. Who are the sheep? The sleeping Gentiles.

So the healing by laying on of hands may not be an option anymore.  I am hesitant to seek out another gifted preacher who doesn’t know the voice of Jesus vs. the Dark Lord’s voice.

I can’t find Jesus in any church.  Last several churches I sought out were dry and worse.  There were more spirits of confusion in one church I attended than any Spirit of God in their songs.   How can I get healed in a church were the preacher proclaims that “evil is all powerful” quoting the Dark Lord’s words?  I want no help from their god of darkness.

What scripture is that?  You might say…..hang on….

 2nd Thessalonians 2:9
“The coming of the lawless one is according to the working of Satan, with all power, signs, and lying wonders,

2nd Thessalonians 2:10
and with all unrighteous deception among those who perish, because they did not receive the love of the truth, that they might be saved.”


I say we are in the river that runs next to Hell….threatened with impending doom and fear of death.  We are threatened all the day by demons who want our soul.  And by the beast system which wants us dead.

Will I now turn from God because I am not getting the healings that I want now?  HELL NO!

God IS MY ONLY HELP just as David the King reasoned out in his writings of mourning and grief.  Did he get angry at God his Father?  Hell yes he was angry when he lost his son…so the story goes.

And what about Job???    Oh fuck! Let’s not even go there…not telling what the story says now that the Dark Lord has the book.  But the maggots eating his stomach were about all the threats I could handle.  And I tell you this…..I saw a flesh affliction in a friend years ago that trumps magots in the stomach.

An ailment so gruesome that I later deleted all the pictures I took of it hoping I would never see that image again in my mind.

Thankfully the man died soon there after.  Let’s just say it was a lethal head wound.  I would pray for death if such a wound came upon me.

Ya I would say that friend of mine was in Hell except….he showed no signs of anger toward God.  Maybe he was an unbeliever.  Maybe it’s the faithful who get mad at God.


Don’t come easy.  The stretching of the Faith of the elect in the end of days is wearying.  It’s perplexing.  It’s difficult.  God won’t heal me YET.   I am done going to the serpent for “medical help” while their ignorant torture chambers and poisons and knives and drills and metal picks & prods.  Polluting their victims with cures that are far more lethal than our afflictions.

Sidenote:  The emblem says “transformation and renewal”.  The Dark Lord is already transforming his followers.  The caduceus symbol shows the mark of the beast.

Eagle landed on their foreheads.  Then the mongoose came to war against it.  But the Mongoose was slain.  And the Serpents rose on the foreheads of the deceived masses and some Gentiles as well.

Medical symbol serpents pole staff sorcerers

“God made doctors” scream the church ladies.  Really?  Did He?  Bullshit.  Doctors are trained in administering poisons that bring far more treacherous ailments than the original sickness.

I bet this guy doesn’t get toothaches!

God takes longer to heal than antibiotics that slaughter healthy bacteria.  When God heals it takes longer because He heals by natural and complete methods.  Each man must decide for himself of course.  And not all walk the walk of the sons of God.

The elect are fed up with being tortured by beast system serpent trained medical staff who know not what they do.

God will heal me or He won’t.


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