Rapture will happen some time this year.  Most likely prior to Summer 2024.  My date is and has been April 8-15th 2024 since 2018._________Jazweeh

I think perhaps the eclipse will be the sign of Jonah warning to the world on the 15 of April 2024.  THEN the rapture/lake of fire/sleep time events (three events in one) will happen during PASSOVER sometime prior to JUNE 2024.

Yes I bumped the end date up by 15 days later.   I have been getting new info during the entire seven year period of waiting.  It has not been easy for the 144 going thru Jacob’s trouble.

Still my original prediction of April 8th could be correct but I am getting info on passover and that is also in April between 4-22-24 to 4-30-24.    So if the elect are raptured first it will only be a few days prior to the event in April.


The Blue Angels Is Already Here!
When The Sun/Son of God comes the chosen will be empowered by Him and transformed by His Light.
The Tree of Life. No longer will the many eat of the Sacred Tree of the Knowledge of Evil.

“Jesus will return at a time when we think not” This scripture makes me think that the eclipse will pass uneventful.  Everyone will say “SEE WHERE IS YOUR SAVIOR NOW? HE DID NOT COME WHEN YOU THOUGHT.  Very few will venture to call more dates of His return after He doesn’t show on the eclipse.  It will be the time when they “think not”.  I am sure now it will be a passover event!  Late April 2024 is my new date.  I got the new date (Passover) today 2-29-24.  It’s getting very close.

The SIX End of Days Judgements of God

Surprisingly enough sin really isn’t as big a deal as Christians make it out to be.  Oh yes it’s bad to do harm to self and others but the consequences happen very quickly for that.  Payment happens nearly instantaneously by karma.  What matters is who your God is and how you seek him.  Truth is very important regarding the seeking of God Almighty.  Hiding one’s heart is a bad idea that leads to “I never knew you”______Jesus

Judgement #1

All except the chosen few shall lose access to the sacred tree of the knowledge of evil for 1,000 years.

They learned not Godly spiritual wisdom.  They gained no godly knowledge.  They care not to seek God with their heart and care little for His wisdom of which they have no hunger.

They rejected God by any gender or Name.

Therefore since they have not been made clean they cannot be trusted with the knowledge of evil on the Sacred New Earth of Goodness and God’s Lighted Glory.

Judgement #2

The gift of godly authority to protect The New Earth goes to the chosen few Sons of God who inherit the New Earth.

“Seek and ye shall find knock and it shall be opened.”

They suffered long Jacob’s trouble and held True to God’s Light of Truth.  “They choose a path where no one goes, they hold no quarter” Led Zepplin.

Judgement #3

Those who did not reject the lies (‘eventually reject the lies’ because everyone embraces lies for a time), those who prefer the lies such as unbelievers and believers alike shall go into stasis (most everyone).  Stasis is a type of spiritual rest.  A nice long sleep.  A break from this life of work and trouble.

They shall be encased in a peaceful delusion of harmony & Love.   They shall have the very Heaven which they chose by their heart of Spirit Image (some call the image- imagination).

God’s gift of Life to mankind equipped him with artistic Spirit Imagery.  This gift no one speaks of is far more powerful than anyone knows.

The bibles scripture attempted to corrupt and condemn the gift of imagery in men’s minds.  Or men used the gift for lust and hate.   Scripture called the mind’s of men “vain imagining”.  And removed both scripture of the gift and of its purpose for mankind.  A gift of Faith to do great works of Faith.

Making man afraid to use his powerful gift of Spirit lead Creation.  For if you don’t build your mansions in Heaven by Faith now then who will build the mansions for you?

“In my Father’s house there are many mansions and through good works toward others and by the eye of Faith imagery you build treasure in Heaven.”

The programming of the beast had to be crushed and laid waste then defied by Truth and Spirit and Love.

1,000 years will seem like one day as they sleep the same day over and over and over again safe in their Golden Chest.  They chose to be deceived.  Yet they are saved if they put their eternal Faith & Hope of salvation in God Almighty.

While they sleep the chosen will walk the New Earth for 1,000 years to take in their growth by Higher Learning.  This is the path which they chose.  Truth and Light is their choice in spite of the work that spiritual growth often entails.

The 144 will not suffer on the New Earth as they did in their human form.  No longer will they be corrupt or corruptible.

Judgement #4

The Dark Side.

Those who choose and side with evil serve gods of darkness and evil.  These shall go home to their underworld which they chose with open eyes.

Their rule on Earth is over.  Praise be to God Almighty.

The separation is finished light no longer has to abide among darkness.

Judgement #5

After the 1,000 years of higher learning for the Sons of God they shall decide with God the fate of those under the #1 judgement.  (godless and unbelievers).  Rejecters of Faith in the God of Light and Love. (this doesn’t include those who willingly by Faith chose the dark lord.

This Sun ray is called “coherent light”. Coherent light is never natural. This picture proves the fake sun.


FIRE will burn the entire Earth to make way for the New Nature/New Earth.   All people will burn except the elect.  The believers will be raptured up painless.  They will be held in their 1,000 year rest.

The dark followers of the Dark Lord will go below to their nocturnal home.  And those who have no Faith in God will go to stasis with the believers who are deceived by lies and embrace the lie.  The Locust and it’s winged abomination which infests and is consummated to their face and hair will be annihilated at last.

Unbelievers and believers alike will be preserved in stasis.  They have no idea that they need deliverance from the creatures and from the towers of Babel which control their minds.

The judgement of Jesus is coming very very quickly.  Just as the Sun rises in the East so too The Sun/Son of God shall rise in the Eastern Heavens.

When He rises with the Sun of God in all its Glory, in all His Glory WHO WILL BE ABLE TO STAND.  We will NOT all sleep but we shall ALL be changed in the twinkling of the eye at the last trump the mortal shall become immortal the corrupt shall become incorruptible.  And then the words shall stand

“Earth and all its inhabitants are of The Lord God Almighty and His Son/Sun of God Jesus.

The righteous shall inherit the Earth.  Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness for they shall be filled with God’s Goodness and His Spirit of Eternal Life abundant.

When the Sun/Son of God rises all of mankind except those protected by the Angel of Darkness who is the black elderly looking woman in the rocking chair.   She is a Woman of small stature with a hand sewn patchwork quilt on her lap keeping her cozy and warm while she waits for the day of the apocalypse.  She is the Woman who will protect the chosen few from the fires of Jesus’ Sun of God return to Earth.

The explosion will burn everything including Iron, steel and rocks.  The very foundations of Earth will shake and some parts will shatter.  If you have seen the warm hearted black lady in her chair often times the visions include Jacob’s Ladder and prophecy visions then she will likely protect you from the fire storm which is judgement six.  Annihilation of old Earth to make all things New.

She is ready and rocking in her chair now.  She is ready to come to protect the chosen from the fires of righteous judgement.  Fires so hot they WILL melt every device on this Earth and under the Earth.  Fires so vehement that their will be no trace whatsoever of the beast and it’s corrupt Earth system filled with vices of garbage.

This Supernova apocalypse is why the scientists have made their bunkers.  It’s called to them to be the explosion of a dwarf star.  The old sun’s demise.

A SUPERNOVA they call it.

Has not our soft light amber sun gone dim before 2012?  Is there not an Icarus white putrid sun in our sky saving the green grass?  But they made it too hot.  They have been chemtrailing for many years because they made it took hot.  And it’s artificial light is not kind as people age so fast now.  If they lay out in the sun they tan as fast as if in a tanning booth.  And yet they do not see or remember because of the towers of Babel which stoled their minds and memory.

If three days of darkness are coming as so many have predicted the elect will survive it as well.  Either our Sun will supernova.  Or God’s New Sun will Supernova at the same time as destroying the fake Icarus Sun which saved the green grass and trees (as prophesied) and made mad-men believe they are gods by erecting “Icarus”. (see 007 Die another day).  How apropos of the writers.

They made Icarus to hot and also made it a weapon of horrible sun rays.  Look at this picture I took myself of fake coherent light proof.  Natural light never produces “coherent light” rays.  Yet there it is.






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