The New Sun of God Is Already On It’s Way

01-01-2024 Written by Jazweeh the son of God.

Coping skills for end of days stress.


My guess is that the many artistic part man part beast pictorials of Egyptian hieroglyphs are clearly a desecration of sacred cave art done by the beast system who always wanted men to believe that they are Monkeys anyway.

By their inversion of truth seems they have recreated mankind in the image of the monkey with their mark of the beast.  But that’s another sharp topic all together.

Word Definitions in article

son of man -antichrist

sun of man – fake sun

Son of God -Jesus

Sun of God the true soft amber Sun that went dim.

New Sun – God’s new glorious Sun/Son of God coming soon.

The coming power of the Sun in mankind is shown by the photo (sun on head).  That is a prophecy picture showing the power of the coming New Sun/Son of God in mankind.  He is coming in His Glory and in the Sun of Glory.

I Saw the Real Sun Yesterday 

Yesterday I saw the dimmed sun just under the fake white sun at sunset.  They are running the orbit around Earth together now.  And later I realized when looking through my older photos that I have proof that the sun is fake.   After I saw the laser Sun photo I took.  I found an article on the difference between Unnatural laser light which is “coherent light” & natural light (sunlight, moon, stars, etc.).   Man made light’s molecules are organized patterns repeated which create the hot white burning lazer light of our fake son of man shown below.  Coherent lights can be created by plasma to make plasma laser lights.

The fake white hot laser sun has been here for years.  Since around 2006 or prior.

Demonic Invitations to Earth

Why?  Teaching school children lies about all things Earth from a teacher whom they trust and Love is one of the beast’s brutal emotional triggers for mind control.   I didn’t want to believe I had an enemy stalking me.  Walking to and fro on the Earth seeking whom it may devour.  But looking back on my life, now it’s clear with overwhelming evidence that I was not only hunted.  But attacked on all fronts.

Without Jesus I would not have survived and did die at least once.

The Dark Lord came to kill, steal, and destroy.    But his time of ruling and reigning down tribulation on Earth is short.  The evil one is doing his job.

But it’s humans who empowered the demonic influx.  Each time a man commits a mortal sin he summons a demon from Hell to himself.  Throughout history mankind has covered our Earth with demonic triunes (trinities)  Mankind is his own self destroyer.


Elite serpent rulers of Earth have the prophecies of old in their possession.  They are alerted that their time is short.  And that the Lions from the Tribe of Judah, the sons of God will reign on Earth eventually.   It is written in stone.

True Supernatural Power Comes by The Holy Spirit of God

“Not by might nor by (carnal) power but by my Spirit sayeth The Lord God.”

The serpents know they are fu**ed.  And the only way the beast will ever gain its coveted immortality, which it desperately works to attain day in day out, is by losing it’s own soul.  And mating with technology.   Mankind is not intellect alone.  They can download the intellect.  It’s soul and life spirit they cannot control whatsoever. Nor do they have control of the minds of those who have within the Holy Spirit of God Almighty.

“If it were possible they would deceive also the sons of God but it’s impossible to rule over God’s Spirit.”

Mankind was born with the spirit of Life, with heart feelings of Truth & of Love, compassion, caring, unity etc, & intellect.  The creators of the towers of Babel missed the part in the book that told them “Love” is the Greatest eternal spiritual gift along with Hope, the helmet of salvation and Faith the shield armor of God.  Whoops!

You see instead of embracing God who is Love.  They invert the scripture by way of the Image of the Beast (TV) and churches.  And magic.  And the evil one’s seek power by sacrifice (yes like Abraham their mentor was going to do) they sacrifice the one who they cherish and Love the most.  Which summons up a powerful black demon who will both deceive and grant them favors.  But you can count on being deceived by a demon, that is who they are.

Plus it requires complicated dark magic to invoke the power demons from hell.

Faith & Hope are eternal gifts to mankind.  Gifts of which one and all received to nurture and grow on Earth or bury and allow to fade away. God handed the greedy and idolatrous generation what it needed to grow spiritually.  And they put the Faith and Hope eternal into the mortal devices and vices.


Putting Faith in science, or intellect or one’s own capabilities leads to death. And those who crawl up to the Heaven’s by way of technology or dark magic will be expelled from the celebration of God’s returning to rule on Earth.

Of course confidence in one’s spiritual belief in God & the Faith He endowed us with is a powerful spiritual weapon and cannot be oppressed or stolen.

“In a world full of people only some want to fly isn’t that crazy???  Crazy”_______”Seal”

“And we shall become the sons of God.”

“And ye shall be as gods (having access to both trees).  The tree of the knowledge of evil, and the tree of the knowledge of good.”  ___God’s Sacred Angel.

Regarding Lucifer’s words to Eve (allegedly) we respond—“but everyone knows what evil is and is able to and plan & carry out dark maniacal  plots toward others.” you might say.   “How does that knowledge of evl make us as gods?” The reader asks.

Most of mankind have shown God that they cannot be trusted with the knowledge of evil.  They hide from God and hide their hearts from God.  Instead of asking Him to fix their heart, mind, & body.  They try to con God.

Those who took the mark of the beast & evil men will not continue to have access to the Sacred Tree of the knowledge of evil because they are reckless and mean.


So then the few shall have the knowledge of evil not to use on mankind against them.  But rather to protect mankind from dark forces and also they will not lose their lessons of their Earth journey.  Because they are moving to the next learning phase by God’s favor.  So they retain what they learned.

They are spiritually teachable and do not believe or trust the religious teachers.  Or the Image of the Beast’s many deceptive picture shows (TV, cell)

The Gentiles made no spiritual gain of talents they were handed.  Nor did they offer wisdom to others.  They buried their Faith and hid away great knowledge of real historical literature.

Most people shun God because Faith in God is socially un-acceptable.   In the time of the rulership of the son of man and his iron rod rein by towers of babel to seek and find God is to overcome.

Alabaster box to kneel at the feet of Jesus & praise & worship.

I received a scroll (in spirit) this morning from Jesus to write to you today.  Yesterday I was feeling emotionally stretched by waiting the long troublesome seven year waiting period of end of days. I wait for the return of Jesus, The Sun of God, and the Son of God, He is both.

And so I was taken into the wilderness close by.   My back forty that is.  Back forty as they call it in the country.  But it’s not really 40 acres of trees more like 5 acres that I am very grateful for!  Father brought me to the wilderness rescuing me from great & dangerous/lethal tribulation about eighteen years ago.   Hmm “18” =666.

The time of the son of man is at a close.  His time is short.  Demonic spirits will soon have to return to the dark domain of hell in Earth.  As the Sun rises and all becomes New.  The sons of God shall finally receive their promised inheritance.

Sidenote-What Is the 666 About?

Six, six, six=18 hmm.  By the way the 666 is not an evil devil number.  It represents the number of mankind during the creation of their spirit man.  Creation of man part two is what you have been enduring.  Hopefully God filled you with His precious Holy Spirit during your walk.

Man is born with body & soul.  On Earth he must seek God to receive part three of his creation.  Or he will remain a Gentile.    And when they receive the Holy Spirit the other 33.3% they become 99.9% or whole man body 33.3 soul 33.3 & Spirit 33.3.  Gentiles who have a mustard seed size Faith put in God Almighty are also delivered from death.  “Saved” as the Christians call it.

On With the Story to the Scroll 

In the wilderness walk I saw the New Sun of God under the white hot fake sun of man.  New sun is now aligned just under the fake white hot sun of man.  Isn’t it interesting that many of the instances of “Son of God” in all bibles old and new have morphed magically into the phrase “son of man”?

No this isn’t a bible changes article!  Don’t leave yet!

Sun Simulator
Black hole Sun plasma based laser light technology.

“Son of man” is now in the KJVB 196 times depicting Jesus (insult to the Son of God) and depicting other natural men of the book like Moses, Elijah and others.  Obviously they are now making Jesus out to be just another prophet of God. But that’s not my point.

My point is this, Jesus reminded me by the scroll He gave me that it was written “The Sun (in sky) rules over the day” and “The moon rules over the night” it’s also in the bibles.

Genesis used to be Genesess 1:16
“And God made two great lights; the greater light to rule the day, and the lesser light to rule the night: he made the stars also.”

Gen 1:17
“And God set them in the firmament of the heavens to give light upon the earth”

My fake sun of man dream in a picture.

Now God gave me a dream several years ago showing me a fake plasma-type “sun of man”.  That’s right.  It seems that since these men whoever they are who actually saved the green grass and trees and perhaps all of our lives on Earth (it does grant me humility to see that possibility) when God’s precious sun went dim we very likely would not have survived.  It didn’t shut off all together.  And it happened some time around 2012 as the ancient Mayen and Hopi prophecies did read.

Skewed Four Angel Prophecy Fulfilled

Or perhaps we would have survived somehow.  Nevertheless the scripture calling to the four angels instructed “don’t kill the green grass and trees”.  Not so sure the next scripture is in context “until we seal the 144,000 of our God”.

Yes the 144 are sealed now.  But I don’t think it has any baring on the “don’t kill the green grass and trees” scripture.

The Sun of Man Has Been “Ruling Over The Day & Night of Earth!”

Laser Light Vs. Natural Sun Light

Because they hoisted their amazing light show.   That white hot tanning booth sun we have, hoisted into the weightless space magnet atmosphere.  And by simple magnetics it took its place above our somewhat flat Earth.

Do the bible’s words & people’s faith put in it have power to change reality?  No I don’t think the world changed due to bible changes.  I think the towers of Babel and the ‘sun of man’ ruling the day are the reason evil greedy men are controlling the minds of the masses.

One World rule is another fulfillment of end days prophecy

The towers of babel (mind control) with the sun of man ruling the day is how we now have a one world ruler.  They showed us the one world rulership in 2020-2021 when all countries danced lock step to the orders of the beast.

In came the white hot sun of man when the Sun of God went dim around 06-06-2006.  The bibles have been changing ever since.  But the changes are covered by the strong delusion/Strong’s delusion & memory loss and false memories.

Laser light is said to be “coherent”. if you imagine the light consists of particles (photons) and that each photon looks like a wave, then two photons are coherent if they share the same frequency and phase. Two waves are in phase if their parts (peaks and zero-crossings) are aligned
Sunlight comes from many separate events such as black-body radiation, and energy-state transitions within atome. The events are independent of each other are there not coherent.
Thank you Jesus! This is proof of the fake sun.

I took these two photos about 4 years ago. See the wire covered by the laser a coherent light. This proves its not a camera anomaly and that our new white hot Sun of man is not a natural sun.

I took these photo my and years later I just realized they prove the fake plasma sun.  I know it’s plasma because of the dream (dream below) God gave me of a fake plasma sun vs. the non coherent natural sun. These photos show a laser light without a doubt. The lazer covers the electrical wire showing its not a camera anomaly. I will send these photos to Mr.MBB333 on youtube but I seriously doubt if he will post them.

Fake Sun Lazer Ray crossing the wire shows it’s not a camera anomaly.
Fake sun lazer ray.

Yes!  The planets have way more effect on this Earth and us than we ever imagined or thought.  No, I didn’t think this up myself I am not that smart.

The plasma sun dream picture

That’s my dream in a picture. Otherwise I would have known nothing of plasma based laser light. My theories of a fake sun are now fact.

Bottom line Science. The natural Sun of God was never “coherent lazor light”. It’s particles, photons are natural, ambient, and varied in structure. That way there are no harmful lasers or coherent adams grouping together as a lazor blasting from God’s warm Sun. That’s why we were able to stay out in it for hours and not burn back in the day.  Maybe around pre-2000.   The real God’s Sun went dim as prophesied some time before 2006 when the Lion left the lamb to the wolves in Isaiah 11:6.

The exact magnets and plasma lazer light was all they needed to save the green grass and trees as prophesied (bible tells the Angels of God to not let the vegetation on Earth die).  Along with mankind I also surmise.

Suddenly we could get a tan in speedy tanning booth style by laying in the yard for 30 minutes.  Of course most didn’t notice due to the STRONG DELUSION towers of babel.  Says the woman who was “clothed in the Sun” for many years 70s, 80s, 90s.  (Rev. 12 prophecy) I stopped tanning in the yard 2006 or so when the Sun became harsh.

I don’t know when exactly “the sun of man” was hoisted to orbit.  But they must have seen the true Sun of God going dim long enough prior to have time to invent their sun of man.  The change had more effect than they most likely ever imagined it would.  Spiritual affects!  Magic motion potion!

Our world went wacko. Bibles started changing magically. Mandela effects were rampant, suddenly there were two realities in play.    And Christians on YT seldom could see any of the miracles.  There is a separation of believers from non believers (in magic) people from one history and others from another.  Could that be the sheep and goats?  Maybe.

Not to mention the beast gained power over the minds of the many with it’s towers of Babel (more prophecy fulfilled).  And now there’s the Locusts but…we won’t go there for now it’s far too much for the normal man to take in.

A Sharp Topic Few Want to Look Into

Sun of God changed overnight to “sun of man”. Both in scripture and in the real world. The pre-bible change scripture- “sun rules the day” is apparently the true reason for man’s oppressive and totalitarian rule on Earth at this time.  Their sun of man has gained them supernatural power on Earth.  Evil got the edge.  And righteousness became unkool.  In came the lark of the feast…said Mark, Mark WHO?

Code Symbols of the back scene. Back scene, Esau’s Soup.

And we were duped into thinking it was CERN turning reality into fluid.  They held up their little sign at CERN saying “Mandela effect” quick to take credit.  But likely a deterrent of Truth.  CERN was probably part of the whole end of days apocalypse.

The rich men/antichrists/poison peddlers had to speak with Demons “the covenant with many (demons)” to get the final symbol to the human cell’s nucleus.   Yes like stargate but it was the key to the human body which they sought and coveted.

What was the covenant with many demons?  A trade the final symbol to the cell’s door for control of the Holy Books one and all….actually control of all literature and dialect/language.  Again these literary changes cannot be seen by the natural eye.  The Spirit of God within reveals Truth.  The strong delusion has no power of the Spirit of God!

God made A safe gate to our forefathers bloodline that no man should have ever been able to enter.  They entered & they corrupted the human dee Anne aye.  But that’s another sharp topic all together.

The Beast Got Control of this World and He Is Not Easily Letting Go of It!

“If I cannot rule them I will annihilate them instead!”

Perilous Times

Power and money turn men into beasts.   There are more demonic spirits on this Earth now than ever before.  It’s more perilous to live in these times of plagues and poisons than ever before!  Father vailed the many to the debauchery and genocide so they could go on living in peace.  If everyone could see what we see who knows what the world would be like.

People do not want Truth.  They prefer comfortable lies over learning to adjust to very scary Truth.  It’s understandable.

And if they person took the chot they are likely now literally part beast.  The mark of the beast or seal of God is already on every forehead.

I studied the mRNA for several years I know what the ingredients are.  I added two plus two.   They publicized the ingredients temporarily.  Astra Zen made no bones about containing Chimp pro-teens & can sir sale lines in it’s Esau’s Soup.  Old news.

We can only guess at what the rest of the companies used…rats, pigs, chimps are their favored beasts.  Not to mentions the inflammatories they favor are lethal.  Did they not try to tell us we came from monkeys?  PISH POSH!

By their chronic inverted lies from Truth we did not come from monkeys.  But rather they found a way to evolve humans into monkeys.  F*ck**g animals!

Sure they may have saved the Earth & mankind with their fake sun but it’s not without a high price.  Having the artificial radiation blasting down on us 24-7 provides the genocidal maniacs just one more way to slaughter mankind whom they call “cattle”.  Pretty much anything we walk out of a store with likely has a toxic element to it.

Add all those products together and you get genocide.

THE GOOD NEWS IS THIS! The Words from the Scroll of God!

Yesterday in the wilderness God showed me the New Sun of God.   I could see it directly under the white fake hot sun.   Which means The Sun of God is ow growing stronger.  And will soon return in ALL IT’S GLORY.  And that Glory will incinerate evil and make immortal the chosen few. It’s now rising WITH THE WHITE son of man.   I saw it myself directly under the son of man.

What’s Next?

God’s Sun will grow stronger and stronger and eventually either the son of man will “Ark”.  The Ark of the Covenant.  Or the sun of man with just begin to die slowly.  Due to all the “nuke dreams” and my own visions.  I think the sun of man will explode.  And the glory of God’s New Sun for the New Nature, New Earth will turn the evil to dust.


“The Son of God is coming stronger and more glorious day by day.  And who shall be able to stand”?  The sun of man will likely Ark and explode annihilating much of mankind.

New King James Version
Watch therefore, and pray always that you may be counted worthy to escape all these things that will come to pass, and to stand before the Son of Man.”

“Thy will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven” (The son of man (in Heaven), The Sun/Son of God?).

Mysteries mysteries unfold before us. Many, many mysteries of great Truth are being revealed in this time. The time of revealing.

The beast now rules over the masses.  We the few, can still remember what was and also we see what is.  That wicked one is unable to download false memories into our minds.   Nor can the dark forces steal The Word of God and Spirit within us because…EVEN WITH ALL THEIR POWER ON EARTH THEY CANNOT RULE OVER THE SPIRIT OF GOD!

Thank you Jesus!

That’s when I wrote  Its a good book to read if your a new believer seeking God.  I also wrote a Daily Meditation book.






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