Rapture, Holy Grail.

The Morning Star Is Here. 

I show you a mystery.

Have you seen it?  The four Angels are here pouring out their viles and doing great works while we sleep

The Image of the Beast promotes this…

“The world doesn’t revolve around YOU!”

However if a person is to find the Holy Grail the world must revolve around the the only soul they have power to make eternal choices for.  YOU.  Do not live by other’s lead as much as possible.  When the heart is leading the man the world mocks.

Eternity & Wisdom stand waiting for us to find them.

I am the only one in this life (children are grown) who I can make choices for.  Every adult must make their own choices.  And if they don’t choose dark or light…life itself will choose an eternity for them.

If I don’t at some point realize that the world does revolve around my actions then I may not find the Holy Grail.

Quick Alternatives for the Necessary Works of Faith

“The greatest feat of mankind is to give one’s life for his neighbor” .

Usually this act of benevolent selfless giving only happens in haste.  To take a bullet for someone or to die so they can live is the easiest way to get the keys to every door.   To win eternity.  However the act cannot be a divisive act planned and orchestrated in selfishness.  The act must be authentic.

The Holy Grail they Sing of it.

Then what’s the other way of finding the Holy Grail.  And first …what is the Holy Grail anyway?

Colorado Rocky Mountain High (John Denver)  He was born in the summer of his 27th year going home to a place he’d never been.

Left yesterday to find him some say he’s born again…some say he found the key to every door…….

Scorpions lyrics “Send Me An Angel”.

Lyrics The Song’s Lyrics are surface directions to the Holy Grail.

Wise man say just walk this way  (Wisdom calls out in the street & is ignored–Proverb)
To the dawn of the light
Wind will blow into your face (wind of change will come to those who seek)
As the years pass you by
Hear the voice from deep inside
It’s the call of your heart

Close your eyes and you will find
Passage out of the dark

Here I am (Here I am)
Will you send me an angel?
Here I am (Here I am)
In the land of the morning star

Wise man said just find your place
In the eye of the storm
Seek the rose along the way
Just beware of the thorns  (we think we know what we need but with most fulfilled wishes, so too come the lessons or the fall)

Here I am (Here I am)
Will you send me an angel?
Here I am (Here I am)
In the land of the morning star

Wise man said just raise your hand
And reach out for the spell (God is magic.  Magic is real)

Find the door to the promised land
Just believe in yourself    (Yes we must believe in our heart’s voice to follow our Spirit guidance.  And believe in God Almighty for the keys must be given.)

Hear this voice from deep inside
It’s the call of your heart
Close your eyes and you will find
The way out of the dark

Here I am (Here I am) (“Lord Here am I” Step one is the servant’s voice to God)
Will you send me an angel?
Here I am (Here I am)
In the land of the morning star (Here I am)
Will you send me an angel?
Here I am (Here I am)
In the land of the morning star (Here I am)
Will you send me an angel?
Here I am (Here I am)
In the land of the morning star (Here I am)
Will you send me an angel?
Here I am (Here I am)
In the land of the morning star

Here’s the problem…people have a very hard time becoming reliant and teachable with humility toward God.  The only ways to win the Holy Grail is to have the right heart condition.  However its impossible for a man to change his own heart.   But God makes a Way where their seems to be no way.

The right heart condition entails several characteristics listed below.

To hunger and thirst for righteousness.  To put Faith in God.  To seek God diligently and keep seeking.  To nurture the gift eternal, the Hope of Salvation. (the helmet).  To rely on God as a child relies on their care giver.  Truth.  Transparency.  Candor & reverance toward God in prayer.  Open-mindedness & A willingness to change preconceived notions.  Because …make no mistake GOD ALMIGHTY DOES NOT ABIDE BY MAN’S RULES AND TRADITIONS.  Willingness to let go of idols.  The courage to find one’s own heart.

RAPTURE -Ye have need of Patience says the Spirit to the Child.  (Hear “Patience” Guns & Roses).

Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness for they shall be healed.  The chosen are yearning for the New Earth with a supernatural yearning for God.  After the Holy Grail is found revelation and revelation of self , God, Earth, and the Beast, still we must wait.

He’s coming.  He’s coming.

Sit and watch what I shall do, watch.  “Wait I say wait upon The Lord” God of Light & Love.

HOPE.  The gift of Hope is supernatural and brings with it great blessings rom God.   It’s the gift of Hope.  Not the gift of “knowing”.  Hope for the New Earth is yet to be fulfilled.

So we nurture the Great Supernatural Eternal Gifts of Hope

Is it Too Late to Learn the New Son Which Others Can Not Know? 

The Holy Spirit Baptism is no small event that goes unnoticed…in my experience it was the greatest day of my life.  And I had joy unspeakable for a year after it happened.  As my dark life turned around so too did God turn my heart.

“Turn me and I shall be turned”.

The Gift of Desperation.

You want the prize?  Realize most people do not really know God because they were never desperate enough to diligently seek Him.  With dark desperation comes the prompting of choices.

Seek help in men or seek God.  There is an advantage when a man realizes no human can help him.  NO money can buy his rescue. And no woman can quiet his spiritual yearning. (or visa versa woman/man)

These things are easier said than done and the time is late. Harvest is upon the Earth NOW.  It’s to late to grow by following the Way of Jesus’ guidance.  It’s just too late to take a lifetime journey to know God.

The best most people can hope for now is salvation.  The Holy Grail doors are shutting fast.  He who found the keys to every door has used them.

God makes a Way where there seems no way.  Seek Him now while it is still light.  Darkness is coming.   His words have already gone up as a scroll to the Heavens forever set.  The famine of God’s words is here.  The watchmen cannot see.  The towers of Babel are upon the many.

Abaddon sends forth his Locust from the pit to inhabit the masses. It is done.

The fallen are of one blood.  They are now of one voice, one ear, one knowing.  The Dark Lord rules the fallen Earth now.  The separation is finished.  The foreheads are sealed or marked.  The Eagle has landed and the corpse shall lie.  The Eagle fades from their heads while the brood of vipers wars against the Mongoose.

Many are new creatures and that’s not a good thing.  The drank Esau’s soup and they lost their inheritance.  They threw their crown of Life onto the floor of the alter of the beast.  By free will they fell hard into the Dark Lord’s rule.

The separation is complete. Here is our wonder. WHAT’S NEXT?

Will God Almighty take the fallen from this Earth?  Or will He bring the fires of destruction burning the chaff, protect the chosen and renew this fallen Earth?

Or will He gather together His chosen few & take them to a safe place?  Leaving the Earth and the Dark Lord to its firey ruin the end.  And restore the fallen Earth by New Nature?

Or both?  Take the chosen with an Ascension, burn the chaff, restore the Earth.  Or immortalize the chosen (Ascension body & mind) so they can survive the oven with Shadrack, Mishack and Abendego.

Either way the fallen Earth will burn eventually.  2024 April is our date of either rapture…or stationary ascension…& the burning of the tares/chaff.

The Gentiles may have an extra seven years of tribulation coming unto an end in 2030.  But the chosen have already completed (we Hope its complete) Jacob’s Troubles & purification.



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