The Sun & The Moon Shall Be Darkened

There was a beautiful Land With a Sun & a Moon

I saw the full moon with it’s imprints and full glowing shape GO DARK before my very eyes.  In the one spot I have where trees do not cover the sunset and sky at the end of my road I turned the corner and quickly stopped the car.


The full moon was lighted by the skies lights and it was completely dark/off.  I could yet see the imprints and its fulness by reflective skylights and perhaps the sun which was long set reflected on it somewhat.  Or maybe the fake sun went out for a few minutes and no long kept the moon illuminated.  There used to be ONE FULL MOON A MONTH. Now it happens days in a row.  At first the elites tried to tell us it was waning and not actually full.  My husband parroted those words by the towers of babel which have his mind.  Iknow a full moon when I see one.


Sun Simulator
Use the reflective lens of the sunglasses. A straight up mirror is too clear and bright.
Use the reflective lens of the sunglasses. A straight up mirror is too clear and bright.


Joel, Mathew, Isaiah and Mark all tell the tale of the Sun & Moon not giving their light.

No need to read the whole article-Synopsis of the article in 2 paragraphs.

The sun darkened as prophesied.  No more golden auburn beautiful nourishing sun.  Now you can sunburn in a flash just like a tanning booth turned up to high.  The elites had the tanning booth bulbs to work with (grow lights) and made a fake sun to save earth. But it was not nature friendly.  It was far too powerful with radiation and too weak if they turned it down to sustain Earth’s vegetation.  It had no perfect balance as God’s true sun did.

So they searched for a viable solutions.  They created fake clouds to rescue mankind from their lethal fake sun.  But the chemtrails themselves were also somewhat lethal.   Between the extreme ultra violet rays & UV radiation causing wide spread lung problems with their choking chemtrails.  The elite had to invent a make believe virus to cover their environmental debauchery.  They did not want the earth to perish but they clearly had no Love for the common man either.   We know this by the demoralizing TV programming and by the food they infuse with poisons.   End synopsis.

But one day the sun was darkened and all upon the land were facing utter destruction.  They knew the prophecy would come forth one day.  But they did not believe it whole heartedly until they saw the sun go dark with their own eyes.

They felt lucky. For years prior a man invented a thing called the tanning booth.  They invented lightbulbs that worked to make plants grow.  They could get a tan from the lamps just like the sun itself.

But the real sun had died.  So they lit their new fake sun and applauded as it brought forth light, sun, and hope to the entire Earth.

Sure the tanning booth lamps were a bit different than the real sun. The bulbs were very very white.  And the light soaked the earth in high velocity UV rays.  They realized some changes were happening to earth.  Some humans were being hit with hi beams of radiation.  They were getting flash burns.

Others were experiencing a kind of drying out to their skin and body.  The sale of lotions skyrocketed.  Sun glass sales flew through the room.  This all took place in 2012.  No one realized that the sun changed in one day from auburn/golden yellow to a blast of white light.

The fake sun would not do its job properly if it was turned down or shaded with color.  What would they do about the people who were being flash burned and falling to their death due to spurts of new radiation on Earth?

They couldn’t turn the sun bulbs down….so instead they said “we are mighty in our works, we have created a sun as gods.  Now we shall also create clouds to shield the earth from the lethal radiation our fake sun causes.

For years on end the people had vails over their eyes and hearts.  They preferred to not see the astounding danger going on around them.  The people were comfortable and did not want to be disturbed whatsoever.  But one group of people had their vails lifted in 2017 or thereabout.  Many give testimony of the occurrence.

And so the CHEMTRAILS commenced.  Mankind created their clouds.  And for those who look up they wrote a cover story of how they were saving the Earth from the white hot sun.  They just did not tell of the real sun’s fading away or their fake sun.  But some people, when they look can see the bulbs of the fake sun.  Others can stare all day at it (with protective lenses) and never see it’s black center or its many light bulbs.

The geoengineering was no secret but still few people looked up.  Few people saw the X’s in the sky.  The elite mocked the humans for being so blind.   On and on the cham trails went.  Until one day those who saw them and those who did look up realized that they are smelling them also.

One girl was haunted day after day by a smell she explained was like the stage smoke that used to be spewed out into the bar she worked at in her 20s.  She kept noticing day after day.  First she thought it was something under her house, perhaps methane or radon.  But she realized that was not the smell.  She aired out her house over and over to get rid of the smell.  Finally one day she realized the smell was all over the place not just in her house.

She then connected the dots.  Fake smoke in the bar.  Fake clouds in the sky!  Of course it smelled like the fake smoke there were using the SAME CHEICALS as the fake smoke in the bar-room called stage smoke.  Or stage fog.

Please come soon Lord Jesus!  She prayed.  The vail between our carnal world and the spirit realm was clearly thinning.  She saw a spirit in her house.  She could see spirits for just a split of a second.  She saw the dividing of time as prophesied.  Those in the one time could only see that which was under the vail.  But those in the two times could see that which was under the vail and the things over the vail.

When she looked at the moon she saw two moons.  She would have to focus her eyes to get rid of the one extra moon.  This went on for ging on five years she saw signs and wonders that few could see.  They were most of them, under the vail.

The vail was not a vail.  It was actually a vile locust from the pit that hovered and then consummated with its host.  Soon the mark of the beast would develop on their foreheads.  They had odd protrusions on their faces showing the locust feeding their minds false history and covering the signs and wonders that God put all around the Earth.  Signs in the skies, Mandela effects, the strong delusion itself to watch the blind in their ignorance and folly.

Jesus would not show us these things if He was not soon to return to Earth.  The New Earth is coming.  The old earth is passing away wearing out like an old shoe.

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