God’s Renewing Eternal Glory Shall Be On Earth




The Glorious new SUN OF GOD will saturate the children of Earth.  His Eternal Glory will shine forth on the New Earth.  Who shall be able to stand?  The puzzle pieces are complete of the New Age and what it entails.

I got the information last night.  I woke up this morning with a deep sadness of the seeds fruit trees, vegetables, land, and water, stolen from the children of Earth by the serpent creed from HELL.


Destroyed Wheat. Now they can spray hoards of poison on wheat and it won’t die.  Shown on the economist magzine.

The land and nature will be restored to God’s Children of The Sun/Son.

The seeds grew beautiful lovely nourishing food for all the people of Earth.  Until mankind corrupted and stoled the good original seed.  They left us with seed which, when planted grows barren trees, bushes, and plants.  The thievery started way back when I heard about it in the late 70s.  Of course the knowledge of farming and gardening was already stolen by then.  I had no idea the value of nature to life on Earth.  I was lost.

Nevertheless a friend had a book that doesn’t exist anywhere online called …”Fresh Food” or something like that.  It told the story of seed which frugal.  Seed that doesn’t have to have grafted fruit sweet and wholesome tied to it to produce.  When I learned what the Beast did to Earth’s seed by inner & sideways breeding and by GMO seed production altering seed at the molecular level I realized they wanted all the food and money controlling food production would bring them.  Then they create desecrated plants by their dark science like they did with corn that grows its own pesticide.  They made produce poison.  Gmo fields infest natural corn fields change the nature of the plants.  It’s quite diabolical and it takes greed to a whole other level of evil.

When I began gardening and my husband let me know that the seeds in the sweet oranges of the trees down the road grow only barren plants.  And maybe one in a thousand might produce I knew something was very wrong.  God’s seed was not faulty it was perfect until the Beast found a way to make them lame.

Furthermore the beast is slaughtering people of Earth but I won’t go into details now of the Beast’s poison food production.  Pretty much anything we walk out of a store with has a scorpion stinger in it.

All of the Beast’s influence followers devices and any semblance of it’s rule or shadow on the fallen Earth will be ANNIHILATED! By God’s Holy Sun/Son.  His Spirt.

Evil will not be able to exist in His Coming Light.

“Not by might nor by power but by My Spirit sayeth The Lord God Almighty”.

“Some will be purified by fire” they will sleep for a long while and then be welcomed on The New Earth.  Never again will evil fester on God’s Earth.


What happened to true worship?  What is coming?  What happened to our warm friendly yellow Sun of God?

How to see the black hole fake sun.

As prophesied somehow the true Sun went dim.  The prophesy of “don’t kill the trees and the green grass until I seal my chosen few” allowed for the leaders of Earth to create a giant plasma sun like grow lights.  They hoisted it up and it took it’s place in our sky.  The white hot burning sun lamp of a sun. A sun of which it so hot and white you cannot watch the sunset anymore lest you be blinded.

Sun Simulator

However these men saved life on Earth…for a time.  Hence the end of days.  The fake sun had more of an effect on Earth’s reality than they supposed.  Creating mandela effects and aid in deceptive signs and wonders.  Deceptive sun deceptive Earth.

God’s glory used to shine through the real sun.  The seagulls on the Beach would line up at sunset to watch the glory of God as He was leaving.  People of old worshipped the Sun because God’s Glory shone through it.  They could feel it.  Only God could create such a life giving source of Light.  Jesus left.  He is still “the light” but it changed in script to “Life”.  Both are true.


God Almighty will destroy the fake sun.  And the three days of darkness will wake many up to seek God and pray.  Then His Glorious, Life Giving, Life Sustaining Sun of God will cover Earth with His presence like never before!

Those who are not purified by Him will turn to red dust in an instant.

And on The New Earth the children of the sun will worship God by honoring every Sun Rise with their praise and their reverance of God’s Life Giving SUN OF GOD.

Was Jesus every real?

Absolutely!  When God’s Sun went dim so too did His Spirit on Earth go dim.  But He sent us The Holy Spirit and the name of His Only Begotten Sun/Son.  It’s a parallel both are Holy!  Religion will tell you different. Denying the power of God.

So in the event of the dimming Sun of God Creator God sent us the name of His only begotten both Sun & Son of God.  The Father sent us the gifts of The Holy Spirit which come in the name of Jesus by prayer and the laying on of hands (transference).  Maybe the name was Zeus for a time.  God doesn’t leave us completely without His Spirit.  Hope, Love and Faith were born in all of us at birth.  The most valuable thing we now have on Earth to put in God or an idol.  Idols like worship of preachers or bibles over Truth itself.  Faith, Love, Hope to either nurture these three eternal gifts or let them die.

Jesus is The Truth The Light The Life The Way and our Deliverer and Healer.  “God abides in the praises of His people”.

Most people will not openly praise God in a public place with arms raised (humility, public submission).  They will not kneel to the floor and pray for deliverance at an alter call because of pride.

When that pride is broken and they are desperate enough to show humility and accept prayer in the pentecostal fashion THAT IS WHEN THE GIFTS OF THE SPIRIT COME TO MANKIND.  That is when the baptism of The Holy Spirit comes.


Church buildings were never meant to be.  Religion is Legion which Jesus knew would pull more people away from seeking God in Truth than any other entity on Earth.  Preachers, Bibles, churches, and traditions of men have become idols on Earth.  The bible is now a juggernaut.  Bibles=Big Truth mixed with Huge lies.

But not by compulsion or by oppression of orders.  By the Holy Spirit within them.

Who are the “The Children of The Sun”?

Bibles call them the elect, the chosen few, the 144,000 who worship God in Spirit.  How many are there really?  Maybe 144.  Maybe more.  They awoke in 2017 to their true identity.

“Many will come in my name (Jesus) but they are not with us, they were never with us.”  The scripture wasn’t about false Christs it was about false Christians.

If you have not been accused of Satanism then your likely not 144. Many are now claiming to be 144.  The mark of the beast on the foreheads of mankind is so the 144 can see all of mankind’s first Love.  Everyone except the 144 have the mark of the Beast.  It doesn’t mean they are not saved.  It just means they must endure the great tribulation so the gift of desperation befalls them.  So they can seek God with a True heart and live.  The 144 already came out of great tribulation.  They were lost, searching for anything that would heal and fill the emptiness the separation they felt from God.  This is what drove them to seek God fervently.  Not righteousness but following their heart into Hell and God pulling them out of their self annihilation.

The 144 Are the Clay in God’s hands that’s why they will “seed” the New Earth Paradise which IS COMING!

The 144 walk the Way of Jesus.  They paralleled in one way or another everything written about Jesus in their own fulfilling of the law.  It was a life time process.  And a story that has never been told by any preacher or witness or any TV Image of the Beast program.

Mother God came to the 144 in their youth because of their heart condition She knew them.  She deposited within them a Sacred Pearl of Faith and of Hope which superseded the standard gifts of Faith & Hope.  Look at God’s creation!

Do you think He Himself would not have a partner also?  Do you think He is all alone?

“The Queen of Light took Her bow and then She turned to go.  The Prince of Peace embraced the gloom and walked the night alone.  Dark Lord rides in force tonight and time will tell us all.”  Led Zepplin Battle of Evermore.

Father kept His Queen out of the Bibles beause of protection from blasphemy.  He would not have her image desecrated in any way!



My Commentary Being a Seer in the End of Days

This article may not be easy to accept or to believe as being Truth.  And maybe I, Jazweeh have been wrong all along about my visions and dreams showing me God’s realm of Truth.  Perhaps my husband was always right to call me “wackadoodle” in his comical and kidding way.  He likes to think of himself as open minded…but I know what he thinks of my spiritual revelation.

My husband attributes my spirit guided revelation to my own deep emotional distaste for this fallen world and an extremely vivid imagination.  I think we all doubt ourselves regarding great works of Faith at some point or another.  But when we see with our eyes the prophecies ignite on Earth one after another….its no longer believing in the prophecy by Faith.  Rather it’s real time evidence that biblical prophecy is true.  The seal of Daniel preserved the prophesies for a very long time.  But now the seal is off all bibles.

So while youtube Christians find sideways Truth in a book that is no longer ours the children of the sun are wide awake.

I am more sure now of myself & my beliefs than ever before. Why?  See the fulfilled prophecies of signs and wonders page.  I saw the full moon with it’s imprints and full glowing shape GO DARK before my very eyes.  In the one spot I have where trees do not cover the sunset and sky at the end of my road I turned the corner and quickly stopped the car.


The full moon was lighted by the skies lights and it was completely dark/off.  I could yet see the imprints and its fullness by reflective sky lights and perhaps the sun which was long set.

Bring the Balance Back

Led Zepplin Battle of Evermore. Scroll for video

The Queen of Light took her bow
And then she turned to go
The Prince of Peace embraced the gloom
And walked the night alone
Oh, dance in the dark of night
Sing to the morning light
The dark Lord rides in force tonight
And time will tell us all
Oh, throw down your plow and hoe
Rest not to lock your homes
Side by side we wait the might
Of the darkest of them all
I hear the horses’ thunder
Down in the valley below
I’m waiting for the angels of Avalon
Waiting for the eastern glow
The apples of the valley hold
The seeds of happiness
The ground is rich from tender care
Repay, do not forget, no, no
Oh, dance in the dark of night
Sing to the morning light
The apples turn to brown and black
The tyrant’s face is red
Oh the war is common cry
Pick up you swords and fly
The sky is filled with good and bad
That mortals never know
Oh, well, the night is long
The beads of time pass slow
Tired eyes on the sunrise
Waiting for the eastern glow
The pain of war cannot exceed
The woe of aftermath
The drums will shake the castle wall
The ringwraiths ride in black
Ride on
Sing as you raise your bow
Shoot straighter than before
No comfort has the fire at night
That lights the face so cold
Oh dance in the dark of night
Sing to the mornin’ light
The magic runes are writ in gold
To bring the balance back
Bring it back
At last the sun is shining
The clouds of blue roll by
With flames from the dragon of darkness
The sunlight blinds his eyes
Oh, bring it back, bring it back
Bring it back, bring it back
Bring it back, bring it back
Bring it back, bring it back
Oh now, oh now, oh now
Oh now, oh now, oh now
Bring it back, bring it back
Bring it back, bring it back
Oh now, oh now, oh now
Oh now, oh now, oh now
Bring it, bring it, bring it
Bring it, bring it, bring it
Bring it, bring it, bring it
Bring it, bring it, bring it

Prophecy in Music.  Led Zepplin

“Oh, the sea was red and the sky was greyI wonder how tomorrow could ever follow todayThe mountains and the canyons start to tremble and shakeThe children of the sun begin to awake (watch out)
It seems that the wrath of the gods got a punch on the noseAnd it’s startin’ to flow, I think I might be sinkin’Throw me a line, if I reach it in timeI’ll meet you up there where the path runs straight and high”


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