Random Rapid Predictions August 2019

Update to predictions.

I predict that in September 2020 computers will crash by a great hacker._______________FULLY-FULFILLED-PROOF BELOW.

Windows 10’s September 2020 update causes login and performance issues




And there are more about the great crash of Windows computers that’s just 3 of the links of proof.  Wow Jazweeh got it right!

Furthermore I predict that the death horse will begin its ride south at or around 2021.

I really didn’t want to post these because of fear they won’t happen and fear they will happen both.  But how else will I validate Jazweeh’s predictions?  Made August-2019

PLEASE if you see ANY of these predictions from 8-19-2019 email Jazweeh at livingword@jazweeh.com Thank you!

Yes this Pennsylvania pile up just occurred 5 killed.  However see the truck laying down on its side?  Picture is prophetic.  End time wrath New York, Ohio, and Kentucky will be laid low, put on its side.  Interesting that PA isn’t included.  (we won’t really know what “put on its side” and “laid low” mean until the fulfillment.  Yes this picture means its a plan.  Just like the [plandemic].

Partial FULFILLMENT-proof link. https://www.ladbible.com/news/latest-parts-of-victoria-are-being-infested-with-clusters-of-plague-locusts-20201120

This article at link blames climate change for the locust.

Q&A: Are the 2019-20 locust swarms linked to climate change?

This prophecy is stark because locusts do not normally swarm to such a high degree in AUSTRAILIA.  The prediction was amazing.  However Jazweeh specified one type of Locust we have to further research to find if that type is in Australia.

This article also mentions Australia infestations.

We are seeing these spotted yes but not typicus Phymateus.

Jazweeh is not sure of this but she got a word typicus Phymateus and ragio or radio, rajio typicus phymateus.  Stange its not English BUT phymateus is a Locust.  The Australia fires are raging at biblical proportions.  We think its ushering in the infestation of the BLACK SPOTTED LOCUST.

We call these the black spotted Locust. Phymateus is the word Jazweeh received.
We call these the black spotted Locust. Phymateus is the word Jazweeh received. We are concerned the fires in Australia shall promote the infestation of these creatures that ravage plant life. I read that half a BILLION animals have died in the fires.

Prediction made 1-6-2020 for coming black spotted locust.  Partially fulfilled, seems we may have gotten the wrong country?  Or it hasn’t happened yet.

Fulfillment link proof. 



PREDICTION WORD FOR WORD–“Black Water Cafe Bridge Accident, Boat, Wind Red in Blue gushes purple, Gulf Stream Haunts,  Survivors Michael Jsabard & Terri Collins.  Righteous dwellers survive.  Blood Cries out.”

“Blood cries out” means there may be some kind of foul play in this disaster.  Perhaps an insurance scam.  Or since the voyage recorder was removed according to myfox8.com

Article also read that boat was carrying toxic waste and that boxed were breached. No wonder the seaman’s blood cries out.  The “Dali” was sailing under the flag of Singapore.

According to myfox8.com there were  56 containers aboard containing hazardous materials, including corrosives, flammables and lithium ion batteries. She said some containers were breached and a sheen was identified in the water that will be dealt with by authorities. She said the voyage data recorder has been recovered.

Survivors names are not verified yet.

This one may mean Yankeetown, FL  or not it could be the…..recent

Possible fulfillment.

FRANCIS SCOTT KEY BRIDGE COLLAPSES near Blackwater refuge.   There’s a black water cafe near blackwater wildlife refuge in Cambridge two hours from the 2024 recent bridge wreck site. BOAT BLUE W/RED STRIPE.

Baltimore/Cambridge/Francis Scott Key bridge map
crash video at link. click pic.


Blackwater cafe and bakery is just across the bride in Cambridge from the Baltimore on the other side.  This looks to me like a fulfillment of the prediction above.


Raymond Wattz or Watts Spokesman, lying, promoted by dark side, evil righteous speakers suppressed.     Prediction: FULFILLED  This guy is clearly Satan’s spokesmen who is the father of lies. https://www.pigindustries.com/


Shamrock Stew in can poisons many

can’t find this product online.

Japanese Tariff causes strife fear rumors of war. (Aug 1 Japan TOKYO — Japan on Friday moved to increase controls on the export of a broad assortment of products to South Korea, dramatically raising the stakes in a political standoff that has plunged relations between the countries to their lowest point in decades and that has caused worries in Washington.”  THIS IS NOT THE FULFILLMENT AS IT HAPPENED 3 WEEKS PRIOR TO THE PREDICTION.


Toll roads raise cost, uprising, Pacific Northwest roads, objection.  I heard they are doing away with tolls to make all roads “sun pass” which could be an increase according to toll booth worker.  Sign of fulfillment 2020 Jan.


John sachs or Sacks vows a lie before millions

I just found another “John Sacks” Pretty sure this rabbi is the one in this prediction.  http://rabbisacks.org/ who will vow a great lie in front of millions.  I could be wrong.

Not sure which John Sachs or it could be the TV announcer voice-over guy whatever that means.  He is involved with Disney from Hell so…makes sense. But this prediction means he will vow some great lie before millions of people….idk if he has that many twitter views or if it will be a TV thing,  Who knows.  Keep a lookout.


Kojak returns to screen new Granted this is not a far stretch since I didn’t know Vin Diesel already did a remake.  For this to be fulfilled there will need to be a new one since August 2019.

This one will be easy to sight.


FULFILLED 11-22-2019 Prediction: Reuters posts fake news stories busted! 

This one came to pass according to this video by TruNews channel that mainstream news has called Reuters story outing Joe Biden’s son for money laundering and more was “fake news” according to those we called “fake news”. Video here: https://youtu.be/HVF7mVjqRJ0




Cries from Tasmania 80 bodies found buried in junkyard. FULLFILLED –Jazweeh did get the feeling it was a massacre that’s why I wrote “cries” on the prediction like Abel’s blood crying from the earth. 

Article reads that at least 80 bodies were likely massacred in Tasmania indigenous people.  I have no way of verifying the “junk yard” part as its not mentioned in the article.



Millions die of encephalitis in India & Congo

UPDATE:  Possible fulfillment.  Just heard breaking news Jan. 2020 2,231 died in Congo of Ebola which they now know causes encephalitis I just read.  So Millions is a big number, we may or may not get the truth about it if it happens.  For now they are saying over 2200 dead.  I am sorry for this tragedy.  Pray God they are in a better place.

Ebola Virus–Related Encephalitis 


2020 bomb at ticker tape parade kills 7 blue bows or ribbons


Trilateral commission defunded (cfr council on foreign relations is connected to this think tank discussion group trilateral commis.)

Well thats a huge prediction that would be in the headlines for sure.


Archaeologists find great Trident Spear god Size proof of ancient giants

Let’s hope that doesn’t get into the wrong hands if it comes to pass as it could have great power over the oceans.


Ramon’ Bagouldia voted in as Chancellor May 2020

This one could be spelled wrong more will be revealed.


Charlemagne dies

Come to find out not only is there a famous radio host “Charlamagne tha god”, but also the conspiracy to take down Donald Trump I just found out that it is deemed “OPERATION CHARLAMAGNE” so….the prediction could be regarding either or.

Charlamagne tha God
Lenard McKelvey, known professionally as Charlamagne Tha God, is an American radio presenter and television personality. He is a co-host of the nationally syndicated radio show, The Breakfast Club with DJ Envy and Angela Yee, and stars in Guy Code, Guy Court and Girl Code.


2019 Lettuce crops FAIL- fail drought

The next lettuce harvest info: Plantings prior to October 15 are considered to be fall lettuce, and later plantings are considered spring lettuceHarvesting takes place primarily from December through March. Optimum germination and growing temperatures vary depending upon the variety planted.

Another possible fulfillment of this lettuce prediction.


Man arrested for beating young girl w/metal antenna wire whip







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