Bible Changes & Are You The 144? & Chosen-One Hundred & Forty Four Thousand

Easily Half the King James Version Bible is corrupt.  I googled “why does KJVB capitalize random words mid sentence.” and of course S.E. gave no results on the topic.  Few see it and few talk about it.

So un-suspecting sheep just read it bla bla bla as if it were gospel not noticing ERROR AFTER ERROR AFTER ERROR UPON ERROR.   LISTEN HERE!  If you wrote a book would you NOT use proper grammar?  Would you not notice in proofreading when you make a mistake?  YET, Christians pay NO ATTENTION TO THE MAN BEHIND THE FARGIN CURTAIN. As if the Great Scholars didn’t know their A’s from their Bee’s COME ON. It gets annoying to watch the blind leading the blind.


But sadly…..they are under the strong delusion while claiming to see.  Yes the sheep do nevertheless see what MANY others do not meaning “Jesus”.  But when it comes to Truth the lost sheep are sorely lacking.  Their sacred and vital protective belt of Truth is on the floor neglected and abused.  Their breastplate is rent and twain missing in action and…their heart is exposed (not good).   This may be why they happily side with “off with their head” as many blasphemous scriptures read intolerance, and violent retribution to the fallen.   All the blind sheep have protecting them now is their helmet of salvation and their feet still shod…..but the errors are heavy in the words they read over and over and over and over.


The lost sheep worship the words of a corrupt book and elevate its lies as spiritually superior to Love, Faith, Hope, and Truth….this is Idolatry and deep rooted error.

The lost sheep have one thing in common that is…Idolatry.  They put the book above Truth, Purity, Love, Honor, Sanctity, and common sense.  They put the book above all things presented as Holy.  They prop up their Bible of idles and call it God.  They put the book before God Himself many times.  If the book hs blatant errors they use rational, and denial the tools of the blind.

WE ARE TO TEST ALL THINGS…so where does “Love your neighbor & hate your family” fit into God’s precepts?  This is just ONE example their are thousands like it.  If that is not idolatry well… is.

What will reading lies over and over amount to eventually?

How long can the sheep read corrupt scripture that literally contradicts the precepts of God Himself before their own heart becomes too far gone to ever see again?  I don’t know.  Let’s hope that they are somehow protected from the loss of their salvation.

We Must Love and Respect The Lost/Blind Sheep of God

My Father says I MUST respect and show Love to the blind sheep.  Jesus Loves His Blind sheep.  Calling them “Satan” is NOT an option.  Calling them “Lost” is more accurate.  Watching them make sense of some of the more abrupt/evil bible changes is frankly embarrassing for them.  I am embarrassed for the intelligent sheep who explain away contradiction after contradiction, error after error.

To be CHOSEN IS to be Alone

I don’t think any sheep see the full spectrum of kjvb changes.  I believe only the chosen few see these changes this includes the bride of Jesus Christ the true church BODY spoken of in Revelation.

The Bride will be raptured while the 144 stay for the sheep, they are warriors they were born for this time.  They are activated. The 144 know who they are now.  And they are not confused by false doctrines and traditions of men.  The 144 have their own religion.

Some of the chosen don’t identify as “Christian” however they will and do identify with Jesus.  And if they do not identify w/Jesus THEY WILL.  (this is my guess I could be wrong).  Remember the scripture that USED TO BE IN THE BIBLE about “many will be very surprised of who makes the grade of Heaven and who does not”.   People will be very astounded at both who is not saved and at who is saved. (paraphrased)  That’s right,  and many scriptures are lost BUT we have them saved in our hearts.

So then who sees the Bible changes?  Obviously not your run of the mill believers/sheep.   The people I have met in real life who see the changes are mature Christians who know the scripture.  They are well schooled by reading diligently for years on end.  Young and old alike.  Age isn’t a factor.  Some young people who see the changes are privy to Godly precepts and know by the nature of the words that they are blasphemous.   These young people don’t even need to be schooled in the memorization of KJVB.  They are different than other people.  The chosen are in the world but not of the world.  They are a category of humble people who have a great calling of God but are “properly judged BY NONE”.  Then there are those who…may not know Bible at all.  They seek God with fervor and have for many years.  They rely on God but may not know His name.  As if any of us truly know HIs name…I was given the name “ADONI” when I told God I don’t know His name.

If you see the massive changes to the KJVB count yourself chosen of God.  And I don’t mean just seeing 4 or 5 major changes like Lion and Lamb, and Reverend, Bishop Jesus and such.  NO!  I mean 1,000s of changes.  Do you see them?  If so you ARE chosen of God as an end times worker and you will probably stay around even after the bride of Christ is raptured.  But fear not if you stay, you WILL know exactly why and won’t mistake it for being “left behind” persay.  Only the Bride of Christ gets to be raptured first go round.  The bride is a new fresh addition to God’s family.  The 144 knew God and are sent therefore they are not the Bride persay. However one of the 144 has reported they received invitations to the Marriage Supper of The Bride of The Lamb.

144 will stay around and survive the red sky event.  You will stay around until the very end to HELP THESE POOR BLIND SHEEP THAT JESUS LOVES SO MUCH.  His mercy is without end.  Jesus is so Loving.  Jesus shows such patience toward the lost.


And what are the criteria of the 144?  The 144 have come out of great tribulation already.  They have already been the Prodigal Son.  The 144 are familiar with deep deep sin.  They may have spent YEARS lost themselves.   They are born again. They have received the Baptism of The Holy Spirit and can tell you exactly when it happened.  This is no small thing that goes unnoticed as some believers proclaim.

144 are most likely All Prodigal Sons Returned

So they have more understanding and compassion for the lost.  The 144 by their sin KNOW the depth of God’s Grace.  How else would a man perceive such depth without living it? Its impossible.  You HAD TO BE IN DEEP SIN AND THEN BE RESCUED BY GOD AND DELIVERED.  The 144 have experience God’s healing power, His power of deliverance, power of the gifts of The Holy Spirit.  They all have the gift of tongues…period.  And I don’t mean random tongues due to fasting and prayer that will come on if seeking God in depth…oh no!

I refer to the gift of tongues that is much more extensive and for those with the gift it is easily invoked used daily.  The gift of tongues and speaking in tongues by onset of the Holy Spirit are two different things.  Meaning the 144 speak at will at anytime they also have the gift of interpretation so they know the general theme of what they say.  For example they could sing in tongues to their favorite tune.  They could pray in tongues about ANY topic at any time that they choose.  Yes they could curse or bless but they dare not curse with their gift..

“The gift is subject to the man not the man subject to the gift”.

If the gift is somehow in control then IT’S NOT the true gift of tongues from God.

Those with the gift of tongues can sometimes translate word for word and other times they get an overall definition of what it is they are praying about.  If they want to know they can.  Its their choice.  They sing they pray they cast they crush and they bind by Faith using their God given gift of higher language by Faith.  This is why they WILL ALL KNOW THE “NEW SONG” Rev. WHEN JESUS RETURNS.

I am so sad if you do not have the gift of tongues and you are 144 please request it now from God and go to a place where the gifts flow to help you receive it by the laying on of hands and prayer. (a full gospel church).  If you just received the gift of tongues read my book “Paradise for the Hellbound” to gain knowledge of what its all about.

What else are the 144 Like?

To minister to end times lost sheep the 144 need to be street smart and loving.  They need to have worldly and spiritual skills.  They would need to know the beast system inside out as far as can be known by average citizens.  Meaning they are not illuminati (on the most part anyway) so they would not know the hidden dark knowledge stolen from us years ago.  However, the 144 call sin “sin” and leave alone the traditions of men which call neutral actions “sin”.  Stuff like cussing, or having crystals around, or using essential oils or going to a movie, wearing certain clothes or jewelry….they know how the beast system operates, and has brainwashed and controlled the masses.    They know about how to protect from 4g and the coming 5g.  They know about the poison food and what NOT to eat. They may be preppers, they would have knowledge of alternative power to set up a back up system.  They are independant and do not fear setting off on a venture alone as a matter of fact they would prefer it.  They can NOT BE YOKED WITH ANYONE EXCEPT ANOTHER 144.  Rarely are they “YOKED” at all.   They TRUST NOONE and especially they say “know them by who they show you they are not by who they tell you they are.”  The Beast system has shown us who they are now it’s time to accept it and believe it no matter how inconvenient this Truth may be.

One thing sure, the 144 side with Truth above all things.  Jesus is THE TRUTH.  They Love Truth and furthermore they now know the protective value of Truth concerning the armor of God.  Truth is their armor and the 144 KNOW IT.

They would recognize the very danger of telling one white lie.  What about the Beast seeking them out?  The beast is full of pride and doesn’t fear the 144 as a matter of fact those of the beast think they can kill God so they are blind to the 144.

Those who seek out the 144 will be baffled and set at confusion.  They are well protected and entirely unrecognizable by run of the mill Christian characteristics.  They are led by Spirit not traditions of men so may Christians would label them Satanic.  If you haven’t been labelled “Satan” your probably not a 144.

144 Must be Self Aware to Know Others

And lastly, the 144 are self aware and probably had a form of therapy by an excellent therapist.  They must know their core inner child to know those around them.  This is wisdom. The 144 know their fears, insecurities, and do not allow the beast system to shame them over their human condition of emotional spectrum.  They have identified the “I am bad and wrong” program that runs in most people in the United States of American.  This is how the beast controls the masses by status quo and MASK programs.  The 144 have taken off the MASK and shed the shame put on them by the beast.  They are at peace with who they are.

The 144 are still being trained in the supernatural gifts.  The redistribution of the gifts is at hand.

All God’s children including the lost sheep (saved but blind-ish under the strong delusion) are receiving new gifts in this age.  Saton is running scared guaranteed.  What the???????  He know his time is short now very short.  Even the masses of blind sheep know we are in end times.  The goats see something seems to be going on with other people seeing end times.   And the mainstream TV brainwashing is spending lots of money to make fun of both conspiritors and of end times belief systems.

The mocker will mock and is mocking now?

The  million dollar question for us in the end times ministry.  Obviously the 144 have already had several different ministries in between their fall into prodigal.  They will have had church ministries, and no telling what else, often they would minister in a field God has brought them out of by deliverance.  So like drug addiction and say porn industry they would have already had full ministries to drug addicts and to porn people.

So they are not unfamiliar with ministry.  Granted some of the youngest 144 would not have as much experience.  So then they may very likely be in some form of ministry now…to a point.  But this is not their true ultimate end times ministry that they are now training for.  What are they being trained for?  In a word?  “BATTLE” spiritual battle.  So when does it start?  The end times “Great Tribulation” will coincide with their start of ministry.  When the end times disaster kicks off and kills 1/3 of humanity the 144 will be protected from the burning.


For three days of darkness (HAARP)will come with a red sky (plasma). And probably 3 1/2 years of GREAT TRIBULATION then Jesus Returns finally (DATES).

After the Red Sky event the horrible disaster and very likely the rapture of the Bride of Christ will also take place during that “event” disaster.  At this time the 144 will be hidden away in a safe place yes, even in the U.S. there will be safe places.

During the 3 days every 144 will receive a great visitation from Jesus and be endowed with something they need, something supernatural, probably great faith and knowing and no doubt a renewed Love for the Lost Sheep of Jesus.  Its VERY URGENT that the 144 Love greatly Jesus’ Lost sheep.  These sheep are very very important to Jesus.  So the 144 will get a visitation.

Then the 144 will walk out into the light of a new reality.  They will be changed.  For them the next 3 and a half years will be THE BEST OF TIMES and THE WORST OF TIMES overall.  They are finally in their full calling placed into their home on earth.  Earth is not their home but this period for them will be the most comfortable for them and a great sense of belonging will overwhelm them.

Finally they will have stepped into their perfect walk with God.  They know who they are and what they must do.  Doubts are gone.  Full healing has taken place.  They understand the movie of their life like never before.

They will perform great miracles.  This is where the “and greater than these shall ye do” comes into play.

Its exhausting to tell this story but now that its told remember “properly judged by none” concept will fade as you step into the perfect call.  You may very well be made famous because of the miracle you will perform.

False pride is our greatest enemy.  Be aware of it at all times.

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