Change Your Heart by Reprogramming your Mind

Back in 2002 when I hit rock bottom at the edge of total self destruction I went to AA and desperately sought God at every turn.  One of the MOST important exercises that change my self identity was meditation.  During meditation as often as possible I would go over the GOOD things I had done that week or that day for my healthy self recovery.   This had to be repeated at least 5 times a week for seven years before my heart finally believed that I am a blessed child of God deserving of His Love and GOOD.

If you know the world is in defense mode then you should know its because of the “I am bad & wrong” programming we have all endured.  This “I am bad” MUST be over run with a knew program and that takes time and effort.

See the rest of the meditation techniques here.

If we do not keep up healthy activities or go to occasional meetings and such, help people, do service work etc our mind is prone to go back to its original programming.  We must stay in the override!  Prayer is vital with all this.

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