Copy & Paste Gospel

Please Quit Reciting the Copy Paste Gospel of Obligation Message to subscribers on YouTube who are ALREADY SAVED.

What if your algebra teacher kept teaching you 1+1=2 every day for all your college days?  What if your English teacher kept teaching you the abc’s in every grade level you attend as if you didn’t know it by heart already?

That redundancy and repetition would get a little OLD but everyone is AFRAID TO SAY…ENOUGH WITH THE COPY PASTE GOSPEL MESSAGE WE HAVE HEARD HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF TIMES OVER AND OVER AND OVER PLEASE!!!!! NO MORE REPETITION. Its your testimony that has the power not the copy paste gospel. Sharing from the heart is where the power lies when sharing the real gospel of the heart.

please quit teaching us that 1+1=2 WE ALREADY LEARNED IT AND SO HAVE THE REST OF THE WORLD INCLUDING UNBELIEVERS.  Hearing the coy paste msg over and over gets a
little annoying does it not? Oh but were’ not allowed to say that! Your not allowed to say; “I HAVE HEARD THIS COPY PASTE GOSPEL MESSAGE 100,000 TIMES PLEASE, ENOUGH WITH IT! Hello!!  WE WOULD NOT BE LISTENING TO Christian YT channels if WE WERE NOT ALREADY SAVED!

Copy Paste Gospel is NOT a testimony of powerful heartfelt words.  The testimony of Truth and deliverance is what draws people to Jesus NOT the copy paste status quo messages that every believer and unbeliever alike already know word for word verbatim as they say.

Why do Christian YT channels recite the 15 minute message of Jesus dying for them etc?  Because that is what the Beast system has required them to do out of guilt, shame, and peer pressure.

Oh sure….the message of Jesus dying on the cross IS TRUTH However if its not your testimony of what God did for YOU then its not a powerful message that will draw people to Jesus.

But instead what the message is, is redundant, a dripping faucet, and an annoying presentation that Christians do out of guilt and obligation.

It comes from a place of fear rather than a platform of Love.

They overcame by the word of their testimony and by the blood of The Lamb.  For they loved not their lives unto death.


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