Main Reasons I Know Jesus Is Really Returning Soon

Please Read this Urgent Message to All God’s Children*

My name is Jazweeh and this is my recent testimony of the soon return of our Savior Jesus.

Read Testimony (optional)-Jesus is The One who repeatedly answered my cries for help throughout my life.  Jesus shows His children that He Loves them by imparting to them, comfort, healing, deliverance, forgiveness, and on-going helps.  We are valuable to Him.  Salvation is a matter of the heart not the intellect.  The flesh is at emnity with the things of The Spirit.  The intellect cannot be trusted for salvation.  We must approach God with our whole heart and become transparent and authentic before Him courageous, as little children are toward a Loving Father.  By lifting up the name of Jesus in Faith, Hope, and Truth God works in us miracles. Raise your hands in praise. Speak His name aloud.   Do not follow the new Jesus of "saved by Grace" and the changed corrupt KJVB be not a book worshipper.  It is our Faith in Jesus that produces a foundation for our relationship with God.  By no other name have I ever been healed, delivered, enlightened, changed, filled with joy, Hope, understanding, wisdom, and by no other name have I ever been given the courage to become who I really am except the name of Jesus.  Without Jesus I would still be very sick, and continue in the foundation of the lie, wearing the mask of the beast system because the beast demoralized me into the "I am bad & wrong" programming.  Prefer not the lie.

Born Again Experience

(Please know, I am no better than anyone else, of sin I was chief until Jesus molded me as clay).

In 1986 I was born again, God delivered me from Heroin, immorality, drug addiction & self destruction.  In 1989 at a little Baptist church in the meadow by the laying on of hands and prayer of 4 or 5 believers approximately three years after being born again, I was filled with the Holy Spirit.

By That same Spirit I was given gifts of the supernatural variety.  Things like discernment and the gift of tongues…not just utterances.

The Gift of tongues by which I received throughout the years many, many burdens for people and their souls.  I prayed in labor with birth pains for the souls of many.  People I didn’t even know I cried for.  Not because I am perfect, or superior, but rather because I allowed The Spirit to work in me.

I gave the Holy Spirit place in my life not quenching the processes of spirituality.  “Quench not The Holy Spirit that is in you that was given by the laying on of hands and by prayer in Jesus name.”

(That script and many others have been removed, shortened & changed from KJVB for the abomination of desecration, & forthcoming desolation of God's words in the Holy Book). 

Oh sure there were times that I just didn’t feel like praying face down on the floor.  There were many times I didn’t follow the leading of The Spirit.  But there were also many times that I did.

I know there is a big chance you will not believe what I am writing to you.  We have all been lied to over and over and must not trust easily.  I tell you this, I will not knowingly risk dropping my belt of Truth that protects me from being deceived.   I can assure you of that.  Not in these times anyway not anymore.

God’s Gifts He Bestows on All Those Who Ask for Them

Year ago I asked Father for the gift of interpretation so I would know more assuredly what it was I was praying about.  Father gave me the gift to know by ideas not word for word translations but rather I am given interpretation of my many prayers by feelings and ideas.  I have been an intercessor by The Holy Spirit for over 34 years.  In those years I have prayer mainly for souls, sometimes for healings and also for whatever I desire for people which I can pray in the higher language.

The spiritual gift is subject to the person wielding it.  People who do not know The experience of The Baptism of The Holy Spirit should ask God for it.  And those who do know The Holy Spirit, know what I am talking about.  My spiritual teacher early on in my walk with God taught me that there are “utterances of tongues” and a more in depth gift of tongues.  We all have gifts but if we do not use them these talents will be given to someone who will use them.  The talents have already been dealt and re-dealt. The parable of the talents was actually the prophecy of the talents.

God’s Gifts Are Without Repentance & His Holy Spirit is a Gift to Us–The Comforter.

God does not take back His Holy Spirit from men unless they choose Evil overtly and make a pact with Satan.

I Spent YEARS in Sin After The Baptism of The Holy Spirit

How do I know this?  Because I spent years as the prodigal son and God not once took His gifts or His Holy Spirit back THANK You Jesus!  In sin I learned about God’s Love and His grace.  In sin I learned not to judge others in their walk because sin and repentance shows us the extent of God’s Love.

The number one reason that woman will not seek God is because they think they are not good enough and must clean up their behavior first then seek God.  I know this because I had a ministry in the 80s to strippers and prostitutes who know God is real yet hide their face from Him in shame.  Relationship with God works the other way around….first you seek God in your sin then He cleans up your life IF you ask for Him to.

Truth is The Absolute in a Relationship With Father

We MUST GET REAL WITH GOD AND SHOW HIM OUR WHOLE HEART.  That we do not know how to trust Him or to approach Him.  And let Him know we are His child be being a child toward Him in Truth, Respect, and Authenticity of speech.  Jesus is Truth and He must be approached with the heart not the intellect.

Beast System Programming Causes Ongoing and Emotional Great Self Deception

Unfortunately many people do not know themselves because of emotional survival skills of self deceptions therefore they deceive themselves in many ways and cannot be Truthful with God.  They are incapable of looking at themselves.  These must be shocked back into Truth by the great tribulation so their soul can be saved.  The body is as dust, it is but a breath that passes and withers and dies.  The soul is eternal and valuable beyond measure.  This is why Father would use disasters to bring His children back to him and shake them out of beast system programming that binds.

My Bottom Line for this Article to You

I speak to you now with authority given by The Holy Spirit and in Truth imparted to me by Jesus by Him cleansing my heart of malice through a very long and painful process of spiritual growth.

I told you of the intercession and the gift of tongues.  My prayers have dramatically changed since the end of 2017 whereby God not only raised me up to do battle in the spiritual realms but also He stopped the burdens for souls.  No more birth pains of praying on my face, rolling on the floor literally as if in labor for souls of those I do not know.  Why?  Because the age of Grace is over and the age of judgement is here.  Yes God still imparts Grace, but He has turned this intercessor to war and to a great announcement like never before.

(Who is the woman of Rev. 12 are/is the intercessors who labored in birth pains for years on end in travail for souls and for the coming of Jesus, their prayers went out and up and over prompting men to take heed of the return of Jesus as they followed The Holy Spirit in Travail.)

I was a given a staff by no action of my own it represents a torch and the Great announcement.

Every day in prayer no more does the Holy Spirit prompt me to be burdened for souls.  No!  Now God has show me my authority over Demons. He has armed me with great weapons of spiritual warfare.  And he has shown me that Jesus is coming by giving me a great torch.  An announcement going out over the Earth to wake people to the fact that the return of Jesus is in our lifetime.  Our generation WILL NOT pass away until He returns.  We are the generation who will finally see the return of Jesus.

Over and over the message goes out into the Spirit realms, daily the torch is now carried with the greatest announcement of all time.  He’s coming, He’s coming, He’s coming, The Lord is coming soon, the end is coming soon.

Get ready, get ready, get ready, get ready…get READY!   The Lord is coming soon!

Light the torch sound the plume…light the torch sound the plume!

I wake in the morning with the message on my heart.  This message dominates my spirit and my prayer.  Even the war and battle that Father has finally taught me to take authority…is paled in comparison to the torch I bear.

If you could see me in the Spiritual realm you would watch and see me pace the land back and forth with my brothers in arms as we, together in the Spirit announce the coming of the end of the age and of The Return of Jesus.  We throw up a great light that spins into the firmament at night and explodes dropping great sparks throughout the earth of different colors. Each color is a form of the torch bearer’s announcement of His coming.

I must tell you when first given the torch I didn’t understand the importance of it.  I felt my prayers had become repetitious or that perhaps I was under attack and my prayers were bound to some repetitious rhyme.  That is until the interpretation came to me and I knew, I knew this is the most urgent Royal, Powerful, and most important prayer God has ever imparted to me, to us.  The great announcement of His Son the second coming.

Its all true people.  Its all true.

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  1. I believe you,
    I think I am wrong…perhaps it’s a torch I see Jesus holding. A torch or sword both make sense…but is looks like a flame. Could be the Holy Spirit or a torch. You have given me something to think about. My soul has been restless for 2 years now. Jesus is definitely coming back. I can feel it in the sky…..the colors are more vibrant to me. My vision is different and I hardly recognize myself. Can’t believe this is it and I am in this. So amazing.

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