Spiritual Reasons Behind the 6 Feet Under…I mean Apart Mandate

True Unfettered Fellowship and Caring Love Shown between Two People (not lust or fake favor given for a price) is a powerful weapon in the hands of Mankind.  Not to mention it heals the heart and binds up the tears of the Soul.

Why Is it that the evil rulers know more about spiritual power and how to bind it than the proclaimed Christians?  Simple…the knowledge is stolen and the true spiritual power is deemed “satanic”.

By Dorothy Ruth Stirrumm.

My People Perish for Lack of Knowledge.  They Send a Famine of Love/Fellowship.

Love is an action!  Don’t tell me you love me!   Especially if you do not even know me.  We must be in the direct vicinity of a person (in most cases) to show Love in its pure form.

True Love is not just saying “I Love you”.  Real Love happens when two people are near or touching one another.  Breathing each other’s air, holding, hugging, comforting giving encouragement and assurance with care.  Love IS AN ACTION.  We must not fear Love.

I was writing an article on Danaashlie.com when I realized a great spiritual Truth about social distancing and mask wearing.

First know this, when we pray we are working by Faith in the spiritual realms.  Any and everything that happens in this world first happen in the spiritual realms.  When I act in faith by praying to bind and cast to hell spirits of wickedness I am acting in the spiritual realm.  Demons that rule over humans who also rule in high places of authority are affected by prayers of Faith.    The commands by The Holy Spirit go out into the spiritual realm and make changes to the natural realm.  This ‘spirit to carnal’ law is in place and can be seen of we look for it.

Alter Calls and Prayer by the laying on of Hands is One of the most Powerful Actions The Church Has.  This is why The Pentecostals receive The Holy Spirit with the evidence of tongues while many other churches of people are taught its an automatic when you say “I believe”.

I know this by Experience first hand.

There is great power that flows during the alter calls of a church full of people who praise Jesus and lift up His name.  Yes healing, miracles, the pouring out of The Holy Spirit, deliverance, and all kinds of great blessing happen when two or more gather in His Name.

Loving fellowship is much like it when Love is shared outside of church there is still a spiritual result of Love in the natural. When you shake hands their is a spiritual connection.  When you hand a homeless man money and hug him it is powerful in the spiritual realm.  This is an act of Love.  Giving is a primary of Love.

“God dwells in the praises of His people.”

Our gathering together in worship has way more effect on the world than we know.  Furthermore fellowship promotes Love “a giving act between two people who are near one another showing care & compassion, encouragement, and empathy.”  The corrupt controllers are stamping out Love LITERALLY BY CALLING FOR SOCIAL DISTANCING.

Lies and Acting/Actors who deceive are the enemy of Love.

When we Love on each other during fellowship in a church or anywhere for that matter it radiates all across the spirit realm and across the earth and there are direct results in the natural because of that Love fellowship.

Granted lifting up Jesus and praising Him brings The Holy Spirit, but God is Love so any Loving act bears the signature of God’s Love and reverberates & permeates into the realms of empty mass making something from nothing.

Even the caring fellowship of people in Alcoholics Anonymous causes men to be healed and delivered from addictions and self hate.  Their togetherness and hugs permeate spiritually.

The Spiritual Effects From The Absence of Fellowship/Love In the World Due to Social Distancing will be Grave

The binding of fellowship strengthens the power of hate & fear.

“My People Perish for Lack of Knowledge”.  Yes absolutely I nearly perished many times by the results of having no knowledge of who I was and what was happening to me unawares.

But what will happen in the spiritual realms when so much fellowship and Love is thwarted and made illegal?

The world shall feel a famine beyond the food famine.  The world shall feel an absence of The Spirit of Love, Sharing, Fellowship, Kindness, Compassion, Giving,

Power to the AntiChrist

Image what Satan would tell his servants about killing mass Christians.  He would promise them power and glory and honor of men, kings, and lordship over all the Earth.  Its no wonder Gate of hell has been killing so many with vacks scenes for power and glory of which he has already received.  But not enough!  Power is an addiction that can never be filled.

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