Shit is Fixin to Hit the Fan

There is a strange blue ora around the moon.  When I walk outside I feel my equilibrium affected by magnetic pull.

Something is changing dramatically in our atmosphere.  Mechanics will no longer work as they used to.  That will mess up every engineered device on the face of the earth.  Even cars will stop moving soon.  This is my guess by what I am seeing.

The link below somewhat confirms my corona discharge theories.

New Geoelectric Hazard Map Shows Potential Vulnerability to High-Voltage Power Grid for Two-Thirds of the US

My two corona discharge articles #1 Short article & #2 Full Article
I Pet Goat Decode by Jazweeh

Water and the way it behaves has changed.  See this video about that.


If Semi’s can’t run to bring food to stores we will have the famine like never before. I recommend you find out what’s edible around you. MANY weeds are edible but you need to learn about them with hands on experience so you do not starve. Or learn gardening or both. If you just buy a bunch of 100 year shelf life “food” its not as good as having live food that nourishes and is life giving.

There is no telling how the magnetic changes we are filling will affect the body.
Jesus is Lord find Him now.
The bastards who report news REPORT NOTHING WORTH HEARING.
Furthermore when is the last time they even reported a cereal killer much less a catastrophe. They will pay for their lies to the masses. They will pay for not telling the Truth.

Furthermore the elite are snug in their bunkers right now…I can just feel it.

I could be wrong about all this. But I kinda doubt it, we are in end times. Pray you get raptured.

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