I Apologize If I Have Not Answered Your Comments.


Due to sin sore ship the innocent apps that help the author wade through spam comments is also the arm or sin sore ship.  But I am on it.  If your mints were put into the scam folders I will now find them.  I have correct the sneaky settings of default.

On the same line of thought your browsers will be ramping up the blocking of MANY MANY mom and pop websites.  Brothers and sisters how in the hell can we maneuver our online activity with so much opposition?  It’s getting worse and worse and worse for authors of free thought.

Did I set the setting to “delete all scam msgs”?  Or was that chosen for me due to my haste in setting up the website?  This is the kind of thing we are now dealing with.  Having 600 scam msgs to wade through shall be a challenge. But thank God for speed reading class in high school.  Lol.


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