The Return of Christ Prediction 2024 April 8th – 15th.

This article written Nov 11, 2018 has many updates See Rapture “Prediction Dates” Below.

I believe now that the eclipse date of the 8th of April 2024 is the warning to Nineveh or the world.  And that the actual Rapture/Lake of Fire/Sleep Stasis event will happen on the 15th


I think perhaps the eclipse will be the sign of Jonah warning to the world on the 15 of April 2024.  THEN the rapture/lake of fire/sleep time events will happen during PASSOVER sometime before JUNE. Yes I have been getting new info this whole seven year period of waiting.  It has not been easy for me going thru Jacob’s trouble.  Still my original prediction of April 8th could be correct but I am getting info on passover and that is also in April between 4-22-24 to 4-30-24.    4-22-24 is a #144 number so if the elect are raptured first it will only be a few days prior to the even.

“Jesus will return at a time when we think not” This scripture makes me think that the eclipse will pass uneventful.  Everyone will say “SEE WHERE IS YOUR SAVIOR NOW? HE DID NOT COME WHEN YOU THOUGHT.  Very few will venture to call more dates of His return after He doesn’t show on the eclipse.  It will be the time when they “think not”.  I am sure now it will be a passover event!  Late April 2024 is my new date.  I got this date today 2-29-24.  It’s getting very close.

and changes because some dates are dependent upon the free will of mankind and upon when all the sheep will make their move toward Father.

Why can’t the watchmen on yt and the bulk of Christians see the end of days prophecies come to pass?  Why can’t they see the abomination of desolation?  Why didn’t they fight off the Locust when it landed?   They can’t see the Great Trib.  it’s too emotionally taxing to watch it and it requires coping skills they may not know of.  Perhaps the people don’t see the Great trib because of mercy from God.

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