What Will the Next Great Deception Be?

What will happen in the next shift?

This vision prediction is by no means to negate any other great deceptions of late that we have endured.

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Jazweeh’s vision we believe is from God.

The Shift will be set.  The lambs and LIons will be protected from it.  They are my army.  CERN and the DEMON computer will dial up a shift to put the Love for the antichrist in the hearts of billions of people by a very strong false memory. He writes their memories like a monologue who charges their hearts with loathing or love, fear or rage.  He coins it up at will with his dark techno.   The delivery of the new memories and the shift will be done by using their cell phones, CERN, and DEWAVE.   The CERN shift goes out many times in tandem with their phone activity.    The phone is not a must for the coming new memories to be in place, but rather its insurance, icing on the cake of debauchery.

What will be this false memory from the antichrist?

If you must use a smartphone buy some yellow glasses or mirrored glasses at best.

Furthermore.  A memory will be inserted into the minds of the lost and the sheep (my army lions and lambs will be unaffected as usual).  This memory will prick their hearts.  It will be a life saving event for them as a dream of being saved from a horrible death.  The antichrist will come to their rescue.  He will save them from the biggest fear they have ever felt.  Problem is it will be he who is both the monster and the savior in this memory movie.  Then …

Once the memory is set in their heart of hearts it will be wiped from their frontal lobe.  They will love his face but will have no memory of why.  The fond care and brilliant feeling of being saved by the kind face he will portray will stay snuggly in their hearts until activated by his image.  The image of the beast will be worshipped in this way.

When the antichrist appears on the screen and seen, by this deception great as it is wil cause billions to cherish him in an instant.  The LIons and Lambs will wonder how and why this man is so loved by the world and even my sheep who perish for lack of knowledge but will be saved by martyrdom.   The lambs and lions will be baffled by the love the world shows the beast, as they will see right through his deception and intrepidus demeanor.  End Vision

Grab some coffee kids we are going to have a party.  Fear not the war ahead, you will be well armed!  Read the previous article in the link at top.

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