Signs in the Heavens Jan. 08, 2019

I caught this on a 2 second news flash for upcoming story on 5:30 the 01-08-19 evening news however they never played the story for some reason. I had to find it on the internet from the info they gave saying this did happen in Australia because of a dust storm.  I suppose they either did not want to confirm any end times warnings or they just took the story down by priority of importance.  Who knows.

Apocalyptic dust storm near Sydney, Australia, turns landscape red

A massive dust storm swept over parts of New South Wales, Australia on January 8, 2019, turning the sky dark red and causing thousands of homes to lose power.

BOM spokeswoman said the cause of the Mars-like conditions were strong winds produced by a thunderstorm. “They lifted the dust off the ground and blew it around,” she said.

At the peak of the storm, more than 5 000 homes were left without power. Most of the outages were repaired before the night.

Summer dust storm engulfing #AriahPark this afternoon.


— Michael McCormack (@M_McCormackMP) January 8, 2019
@SciNate @BreakfastNews Dust storm at Mirrool, NSW. Luckily mum knows how to use her camera phone! #weather #duststorm

— Matt Scott (@mattrix2000) January 8, 2019
Some impressive snaps from the #duststorm over #Cunnamulla yesterday, and another reminder of how bloody dry it continues to be out that way. Hope your vacuum’s services are up to date and it pours rain soon! @ABCRural @abcbrisbane Photos: Bec King.

— Nathan Morris (@nathmorris) January 8, 2019

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