Jesus is Truth

Most Christian Men on TV Sport the Mark of the Beast on the Forehead.

The Holy Spirit No Longer Tolerates Lies from the book of Lies and its New Gospel (see the mark of the beast manifestations article here.)

What is an Idol?  An idol is a man made object that is above reproach automatically worshipped defended and set up as Holy.  An idol is worshipped by men who no matter what that idol does or says the man says “it is holy, it is good always” An idol can do no wrong in the eyes of those who worship it.

The Bible is such an idol.

Lets talk about the KJVB.  Here is just one example in many of how it is an idol , man made, full of lies yet worshipped as holy.

Here is a blatant example of accepting anything from the book calling it holy no matter what it says.

Luke 14:26

If any man come to me, and hate not his father, and mother, and wife, and children, and brethren, and sisters, yea, and his own life also, he cannot be my disciple.  (this verse is blasphemy and a contradiction to godly precepts.)

We must drink the mirror and remove the mask if we are to have the heart of a child toward Father God. Jesus is Love, Truth, Life we mustn’t hide our heart from Him who molds and cleanses our heart.

Really?  How does an idolater of the Book KJVB explain-away this obvious, blatant “hate your family” scripture and still deem it “The Word of God”?

Perhaps they use the following scripture to justify hate. So if they themselves are “pure” then they can hate and kill till their heart is black and call it “pure” and “holy”.

Titus 1:15

“Unto the pure all things are pure: but unto them that are defiled and unbelieving is nothing pure; but even their mind and conscience is defiled.”
Really?  Is murder “pure”?   Is blasphemy “pure” supposedly as it is defined by he who commits it or looks upon it?  How about child molesting is that also “pure” to those who are pure.  Or as the book would read now “to them that are pure”.
Perhaps the book is pure to the Christians who don’t see the bible changes because they themselves are pure.  So hate and sin lies and destruction are all pure because they themselves are pure therefore nothing in the bible is wrong or a lie to them.  No lie exists.
Could this be possible that we see the evil in the bible because we are evil?  NO!  That concept of “all things are pure to those who are pure” is a lie.  All things are not pure are they? Heck no!  Evil is still evil.  Are demons “pure”?
This new gospel according to Titus 1:15 fits right in with the “my truth” isn’t your truth movement.  But wait!  Truth IS ABSOLUTE!  Doesn’t calling hate and lies “pure” somehow nullify being in TRUTH and wearing the belt of Truth?  Absolutely!  This gospel of Titus is a deception.
Of course it is a deception because to call anything “pure” that is a lie is wrong and a lie in itself, which is the opposite of The Truth.  Jesus is Truth and those who worship Him do so in Spirit and in Truth.


I watched Ken RAggio lift up the book as a golden calf on his video today calling it “The Word of God”.  Not only was it NEVER “The Word of God” because Jesus is The Word of God, and God’s Word is in our hearts also.  However the book KJV WAS the Holy place….no more.  The book did have the words of God written by inspiration in it Yes it did before the desecration.   That is quickly changing.  God has told me this today.  Every believer including those who worship the book and do not see the blasphemous script in it got a wake up call just like we did.  All those who wear the helmet of salvation got the heads up from The Holy Spirit that the book has changed and that it is corrupt.  And not only that, they got heads up to other signs and wonders.

This is where the prophecy comes in “they preferred the lie” they believed in fables, and lastly “The loved NOT the Truth”.  People who Love The Truth prefer it no matter the emotional cost.  The Christians are asleep.  They rejected The Truth by siding with the corruption of the idol a golden calf bound by dead cow skin embossed with toxic bleached paper and printed poison ink.  This is what they call “The Word of God.”  How dare they insult Jesus in that way.

We may as well quit struggling to show these blind guides that the book has fallen.  Because if they would not believe The Holy Spirit when He alerted them of the changes surely they will not believe us when we say “LOOK it lies!”.   They will call us Satan and accuse us of being evil just as my own nephew did as he tried to cast out the demon from me because of what I see in the book.

Therefore those who do not see the bible’s lies (supernatural bible changes) are not in Truth.  They are not wearing the belt of Truth.  They are clearly deceived, prefer the lie.  They relish fables, they relish hate and a hateful deceiving god, and they relish the new gospel and the new Jesus “Ya-shew-ah”.  They are the majority of Christians.  And we who see have a real hard time accepting that SO MANY OF OUR SO CALLED BREATHREN ARE NOT AND NEVER WERE WHO THEY PRETEND TO BE.
This perplexes us!  Yes.  But know this….It will NOT BY ANY MEANS WEAR US OUT.  Nor will it drain our faith.  On the contrary our faith is strengthened by the realization of who we really are.  We are strengthened by The Truth.  We do not cleave to the lie nor do we rely on it ANY MORE.  We know what it is to rely on the lie and take comfort in it hiding behind it.  We have experienced the singularity.  We know who we are and who we were.

We cannot Repent if we are under the Strong Delusion

My people perish for lack of knowledge.  Most Christians are not self aware therefore they cannot worship in Truth nor can they show God their true heart.  And therein lies the problem with their attempt at spirituality. This deep denial of self and of reality is why they must receive the gift of desperation by the Great Tribulation.  Cutting through their self deception the Christian who relies on denial and worships the lies in the book will be stripped clean of their cloak of shadows which are self deception and they will be shown naked before God one way or another.  
NO!  No matter how pure a heart is sin is still sin and it is still defiled and unclean.  This scripture is very Catholic-ish by with it ANY ACT OF SIN DEFAMATION AND DEBAUCHERY can easily be justified and rationalized.  Such as with the priest who sins against the virgin child.  I don’t believe Titus if he existed ever said “everything is pure” to certain pure people.  OH HELL NO!


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