Goat’s Hate Truth By Far They do Prefer The Lie

If you show a goat a Truth of God he will mock you.

“Answer not a fool to his folly lest you be like him.”  “Do not reprove a mocker as casting your pearls before swine”.

I told a man that my God doesn’t have “feathers” nor is He a hater requiring we “hate yourself and your family” as the new M.E. KJVB requires.

The heart’s of the goat prefer hate.  The man quickly told me that not only was I going to Hell but that also God would be laughing and mocking me.  His god is a mocker.

I commented “My God doesn’t have feathers nor does He require us to “hate your family and yourself”. Here is this youtuber’s response to what I said.

” Enjoy the tribulation, have a good time suffering and remember God is going to be laughing at you and mocking your stupidity
Goodbye good luck”

We know The One True God Our Creator is not a mocker nor does He hate to despise & laugh at the fall of man. The precepts of Love are absent in the new gospel and the new Jesus.

I do not pretend to Love hateful & war-like goats.   We are to Love others but what is Love?  What did Jesus mean by “Love your neighbor”?

Show respect give help if need be, treat others as you wish to be treated THIS IS LOVE.  I absolutely DO NOT LIKE THESE GOAT’S WHO ARE VERY HATEFUL and if love is some fluffy feeling I absolutely do not love the goat’s and won’t pretend I do.  Father prefers Truth over a mask called “fake love”.  You will hear these goat’s all the day proclaiming “I Love you” to one another.  These are empty words that mean nothing except to manipulate.  How do you love me Mr. Youtuber?  You do not even know me?   If my heart needs changing to be more loving God Himself will do it.

Moreover how would a warrior of God feel and act toward a man whose demon must be slaughtered?  The warrior of God does not relish the “I love you” concept toward demon filled goats, serpents, and wolves.  Granted I have my moments when I deeply pity, empathize and will pray for goats.   But the time of the burdens for souls is over.  Judgement is coming.  The warriors for The One True God don’t harbor fluffy feelings toward Satan’s people.  Love is an action not a sentence saying “I love you” toward a hateful goat.  What good is such an empty statement?

What is Love here are three types?

People, the “Love” Jesus spoke of IS A GIVING ACTION NOT A SENTENCE said to manipulate a response.   I will not tell these goat’s and wolves that I love them, it would be a lie.  But I will treat them with respect and charity in spite of their words toward me.  The 144 know what Love really is and they would only say “I Love you” to those close to them knowing its meaning as a strong feeling of endearment and a desire to be around them.  This is a different kind of Love than what Jesus spoke of that is charitable and respectful. 

Also, God is Love.  This kind of Love of God is beyond our comprehension.  It is a mighty and powerful tangible entity that can bring forth powerful works.   That supernatural not emotional Love is another matter all together.

We CANNOT open the eyes of the blind goats or the Sleeping Sheep

How do you help a goat like this?  We can’t,we cannot open their eyes to see. All my comment to him did is put a stumbling block before him to insult me and my Father.  Satan is a mocker and mocks at every turn does this man does not know the true words of God that were in the book at one time when it was Holy?  Obviously not.  The goat’s heart agrees with the new bible of hate and mocking, of deception with point and shoot plagues of attack.

As for “stupidity” the word “stupid” is now in NIV and other versions many times. So when lost sheep or goat’s use the word/label they reveal their heart.  Truth Christians who Love God rarely if ever call people names like “stupid” that would be immature, and hateful, but mainly it is disrespectful to God’s creation, man.

“You will know them by their works.”  Believe who people show you they are not who they tell you they are.

Wolves in sheep clothing or just plain old wolves not hiding at all anymore.

If these new M.E. Christians have their way every Spirit filled believer will be slaughtered at their hand.  Seriously I think the only one’s who will have to die for Jesus will be those who are left behind and repent in the very last hour.  God help them, God help them.  The goat’s have a reprobate mind and a twisted heart.  They know neither Jesus or themselves therefore to worship in Truth they cannot. They are self deceived so they can’t speak to God in Truth that is required to become the clay. They cannot present their heart to Father entrusting it to Him. The 144 have presented their heart to God probably many times by now. If your reading this chances are you have done this and you are the few.

Beware of the Sarcasm Trap

God is Love not hate.  God is empathic not a mocker.  God looks to understanding not closed minded sarcasm..  All sarcasm is a lie because it states the opposite of what is Truth.  Sarcasm is passive aggressive.  However this guy didn’t even use sarcasm he came right out with an attack. Correction: the “good luck” is sarcasm. There was little passivity about his reaction to The Truth of God that God is not a feathered hater.



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