Salvation for Our Un-saved Loved Ones?

You Can Choose One Proxy Soul to Be Saved

I heard from my guides, (just men made perfect) or my angel that I can choose one Loved one who’s soul will be saved from Hell at the return of Jesus even though they do or (did) not believe Jesus is Lord.  Its a super-grace event that will reveal Jesus to one of my loved ones in spite of themselves. It passes over the free will of men for this one reason only.  And it may very well be because of this clause that Satan will be released for a season around the 1,000 years of peace.  Meaning if those proxyed do not find Love they cannot remain in a sacred place with The Spirit of God.

Remember when St. Paul mentioned “your husband is saved by your belief” and/or visa-versa?  That scripture was a mystery.  Many things are being revealed in the time of the end if we look.

Suppose you don’t want or need to save your husband? You can choose anyone even a stranger…that is if you are the 144 soldiers of God or The Bride of Christ as they call them.  Either way you must be chosen for the first or second rapture to proxy save one loved one.

Now remember the scripture about “After the 1,000 years of peace Satan must be released for a time on the Earth”?  It is another mystery scripture that I surmise is due to the proxy saved people.  There will be some saved by Loved ones wishes who will turn and prefer the old ways of debauchery and sin.  We do not always know a man’s heart as well as we think.  We do not know what people have in their heart.  If after 1,000 years of peace a man still prefers the satanic state of the earth and misses things like porn, and drugs, and violence, and guile of lies upon lies and great deception for control and the sake of greed then they are of their Father the devil and need to go home.

So prepare you choice…who will you choose to be saved?  All this proxy salvation really is…is that a man has a prolonged time to choose Jesus.  They still must choose Jesus The Truth The Life and The Way in their own heart.  Salvation rules still stand they are just being given a certain Grace due to the Love we hold for them in our hearts.  If they do not eventually come to Love and know their Creator they will still have the same fate as those who fall in the great tribulation and are cast into the depths of the Earth.


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