Are We Being Invaded by Nazis? Seems that Way.

By Laura E.

God Will Avenge ANYONE Who drags Loved Ones out of Houses in the name of [ALLEGED] TYPHOID MARY CON.   Cabin Talk host is as angry as we all should be about the new laws or lack thereof sovereign rights.

“Be ANGRY and sin not”_______JESUS

As long as the majority of people in our country are gullible and compliant to the TV orders all people in all countries in danger of home invasions.  And drug to a FEMA camp by power hungry policemen with low self worth working for the one world government.

This eminent threat of invading personal homes, by the mainstream media & dragging out their chosen Typhoid Mary’s is terrifying!

Faith, & Prayer, is needed. Spread Awareness, do not comply with idiots who have no respect for your personal choices & rights.  Quote them back their abortion law genocide mantra-“My body my choice”.  Take your mask and shuv-it!

Wisdom. Fear of Death Being Exploited by The Controllers.  Sheeple are terrified of death right now.  Most are clueless of the condition of their own heart.  All people should work the 12 steps, clear the wreckage of the past and do a vital step four inventory to see behavioral patterns of dysfunction that have been programmed into us at a childhood level. See  part II on how to deprogram from the fears and self loathing that the beast system has installed into us all without our knowledge when we were but innocent.

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