What Happened to Miss Dana Ashlie After She Exposed Lethal 5g Technology?

Has She Been Silenced by Big Brother?  For 5ghz Protection advice click these links.  Scroll past links to article.

How to Cheaply block Cell Signal.

5g Safety for Pregnant Women, Adults, and Children

ALUMINUM to Poison the Slaves

“Know Them By Who They SHOW You They Are______



Dana Ashlie with 127 thousand subscribers, has not made a video in close to 4 months.  Granted last year she made appox 11 videos.  She generally makes one a month.  We do not know for sure what is going on with her.  It could be nothing at all

And if she were bought off, would we judge and condemn her for it?  No! We would not because it would mean she was threatened by the beast system in some way.  Who would not save their life or family from threat of disease, death or worse in the face of some investigative reporting issue of truth to expose?

No through the years men with a voice who people tend to listen to have been silenced by threat of death or threat of a family members death or worse.  I judge not those men silenced by threat.  Consider yourself, put yourself in the place of them.

However the men who take stacks of money through years and years at the cost of lives such as politicians and corporate bureaucrats who poison the masses with toxic food, clothing, furniture, pills, and body products who KNOW what these products are doing to people YET they stay silent as they rationalize “everything is poison, we all must die somehow” they say.  And the geo-engineering puppets who blast our entire earth with poison….I have inclinations of rage that wishes them to suffer and pay.  Still I pray for them so my own resentments are quelled.

These corporate money mongering bastards working for the beast, I judge with a vengeful heart.  The peddlers of poison such as Cancer and diabetes medications that kill the body along with the cancer.  Those such as my own Oncologist whose job is to peddle poison in the name of solutions to disease LET GOD BE THEIR JUDGE.  I pray for the quick return of Jesus to throw the bastards in a lake of fire where they can no longer suffer the innocent to pain and death.

People on you-tube who have been silenced by threat and by bribe together have little choice except to take the bribe.  Why?  One man cannot fight the beast alone.   At best they must walk away from their channels or die.  This isn’t much of a choice is it?

But know this brothers and sisters who have tried to expose the beast, know this….The Beast will not stand against the prayers of the elect.  The beast WILL DROP and fall into the pit that he himself has dug.

And all the beast’s human slaves who are slaves to their lusts and money will fall with him if they do not repent and turn from that which their black heart values over God.

For where your heart is their shall your treasure be also. We hope the best for Miss Ashlie and we pray that 5ghz reports by her, have not brought her to silence.

We hope she is just busy with other things.  But we kind of doubt it.



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