The Blue Kachina is The Phoenix Bird

Representing The coming of the New Earth!  The Red Kachina Brings with Him Vials of Fire Supranaturalle.


For Four years I have been watching what I call the blue Kachina (Hopi Prophecy) in the southern sky from Florida.  It dances and flashes red, blue, and clear lights.  It has wings as an angel.  And for four years I have watched her fly using just a cheap pair of binoculars.  Today I figured out what she is.

I am afraid that without Faith men won’t be able to see the Firebird Phoenix.  There is a dividing of time in play.  Two realities at work in one place.  Literally two Truths.  (Hence the many Mandela effects and supernatural bible changes etc.)

I look to the sky.  I kept saying to myself “The Blue Kachina looks like a firebird”.  I kept saying “it has wings of an angel.”  This IS what I see when I look.

The phoenix bird is an ancient mythical bird whose symbolism and mythology still intrigue us today. The inspiration for stories and artwork that date back to at least 1500 BC, the phoenix symbolizes rebirth, renewal, immortality, healing, and the eternal fire.

The Phoenix proclaims the New Earth that is soon & coming. Clearly our Creator God is Awesome. Giving such a magnificent sign & wonder.

What a Mighty God I Worship!

I have proclaimed the coming New Earth over and over again on

Jesus is returning but not in the way the Christians may picture it.  Though many WILL go to their eternal homes.  We surmise His Spiritual return for 2024 April 18.

The Earth will burn and rise from the ashes.  This will birth a new, supernatural, eternal life giving Earth.  Earth shall run with rivers of living waters.   It shall have a New magnificent kind of Nature.  A Nature of God with no darkness in it.  As Earth shall be everlasting so too shall the children of God be immortal, everlasting.

The Earth Must Burn

But first we must rely on God with our whole heart to take us safely through the demise of the old nature.  Or rapture us to safety.  Or He will take us to our eternal homes.

The old Earth must fall.  There will be a time of darkness when the sun nearly dies.  We must hold on to hope.  Hope is eternal, Faith is eternal.  These are the supernatural gifts given to men.

After the darkness finally the new sun will rise.  The prophecy of the 1,000 years of peace will impart as the guardians of the New Earth watch it grow unto its potential.  No more tears.  No more toil.  Our bodies will be different.  Our emotions will be different.

We shall know as well as we are known.  Love will come home.  Father will give us enough of His Spirit of Love & Life to sustain us in joy and reason.

Fear will not be a thing because no danger will exist.  Fear won’t be necessary for the survival of mankind.  Many will lose the knowledge of evil.

The Tree of The Knowledge of Good and of Evil

“They shall be as gods having the knowledge of both good and of evil.”  Man knew evil so they could make their choice.  Evil shall not remain on earth.

The tree of the knowledge of good and evil even now withdraws from God’s children.  We think only the elect, the first fruits, as Guardians of Earth they will retain the knowledge of evil. (we think).

Why?  Because we are watching as Christians are blind to the desecration of the Holy place.  They see not the abomination of desolation.  They believe it is still holy.  They read reviled scripture and call it “The Word of God”.  Only Jesus is The Word of God.  God’s inspired words were given to men.  He is withdrawing His words quickly from the once holy book.  We saw His words go up up up as a scroll black & white toward Heaven.  Moreover some remember to see that the bible has changed dramatically.  With the dividing of time we must not call those who do not see crazy or evil.  We don’t know their fate.

But clearly the Phoenix flies.  God is bringing His New Earth with Him when He returns.  We think 2024.


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