In The Beginning God Created The Heavens & The Earth

What is predestination?

How can we be predestined and still have free will?

God made the earth and man.  Then God set down templates for the end of the age.  There were six templates of which mankind of free will would choose, could choose only one.  By his choices in life man chose his spiritual template sealing his relationship to his Creator.  And sealing his eternity.

The Six Templates

  1. Lambs
  2. Lions
  3. Sheep
  4. goats
  5. wolves
  6. serpents

Herein lies the mystery…which one are you?

I was a sheep set for the slaughter and I became a Lion hearty in spiritual warfare producing much fruit of The Spirit.  But before that in my younger years I was very sick.  You see, I felt the separation from my God, my Creator, my Father.  I had a gapping hole in my heart and sought by every way I could find to fill it.  I was self destructing.  I died, and nearly died.  I got very desperate for solutions and I ran from church to church seeking answers and seeking My Creator.

Long story short, God saved me.  He filled me, enlightened me, gave revelation, purpose, Hope, and increased my Faith.  You showed me what Grace is and poured out forgiveness on me.  He Loved me.

Still I turned from Him and ran after my pink cloud faded. You see old habits die hard.  I fulfilled the worst warning scriptures in the once holy bible.  I ended up in worse shape than in the beginning because now I knew God was real, and I ran from Him.

Nearly dead again He healed my wounds.  He showed me Grace and mercy.  He Loved me when I cried to Him.  He made CERTAIN that I did not perish in my sins of self annihilation.  God is Love.

Now finally for many many years I have been grounded in Him, unwavering and keeping good care of the body He gave me.  He told me no one is perfect and that humans cannot handle perfection.  We are not made that way.

I am the sheep who became the Lion.  I became the clay in God’s hands and He fashioned me to His will THANK GOD!

NOW.  Jesus said He came for the sick for the well do not need a physician.  Each heart of man is individual born of a mother made with free will.  By our actions we become one of the templates.  Our hearts either needs God or it doesn’t.  Our heart and mind either seek God or we don’t.  Those who feel the gapping hold feel the absence of their Father.  If they seek they find.

So what of these people who go through the motions of religious paralells.  The copy what the bible says but they don’t really feel any of it.  The claim they are born again but no great changes ever came upon them.  The know not what it is to have Jesus take the heart out of your chest while your sleeping and wash it off sparing you from the consequences of your own evil works.

Guilt isn’t in their play book.  Shame isn’t something they would ever really speak of much less understand.

The had the heart and took the actions to step into the template of the goat.  Goats were created to help the sheep, lions, and lambs find their way.  Not by counsel.  But rather by their evil guiltless presence.  Oh the years I have spent trying to understand religious goats.

“Not everybody is going to have a spiritual experience” they proclaim.  They say, “salvation is not based on spiritual experiences of the heart.  It’s the doctrine that matters!”  They proclaim.   “Its the Bible’s magic words that must be parroted to know one is born again.  If you say the magic words, your saved.”

But all in all these goats never ever sought God as fervently as they sought out their latest lover nor does their Love for God hold a candle to the love they have for their own children.  Hence they worship the creation of The Creator.

They have stepped into the template of the goat.

Wolves are the same except they are very wicked.

Jesus said “I wish that you were hot or cold, but since your luke warm I spew you out of my mouth.”

Those Headed for Hell Are Believers Who are Cold toward God.

The serpents worship Satan or some god like Satan’s image.  Or they worship some high level demon.  Serpents use dark magic to excel in the world.  They know God is real and they know evil is real.  They know there is power in blood magic and they have committed to darkness.  By this they are given for their souls a spiritual home.  One befitting of their choices of course.  Hell is a home for them.  They would not be at home in Heaven.  The light makes them uncomfortable.  The goats and wolves would be better off if they were “cold”.  At least they would be believers.  I am certain you have not heard that anywhere else.

Lambs of God have the gift of Love.  They are oh so innocent.  They are as good as humans can be on the Earth.  A lamb of God is like Jesus who gave His life that others may live eternally.  There is no greater act a man can do than give his life for his breathren.

Wolves-who knows where they will end up.  Perhaps on the wrong end of a battering ram in hell.  Or perhaps they go into the lake of fire with the goats.  Wolves are mean.  They show no respect to others.  They don’t have the etiquette of a serpent nor the faith to serve a god.

Lions are warriors of God who started as sheep.  Lions fight spiritually by intercessory prayer.  They bring down strongholds and they destroy demons.  Lions didn’t always know what they are.  But now in the end times they do.

Goats are the majority.  Goats have no faith.  As everyone who was given a measure of Faith they let theirs die.  Or they put it into the bible instead of into God Himself.  Goats often wear a mask and pose as sheep.

Most goats are posers of one thing or another.  They may seem like sincere Christians.  They may study the bible endlessly.  Have youtube channels showing them studying godly topics.   Bad & Good do not play into salvation near as much as your relationship with God Himself.  Seek & ye shall find.

The goats are baffling to the 144 because they look like the 144 in some ways. But the bottom line will show they lean on doctrine, not Faith in God for their salvation.  They will also often glorify the Bible as God.  They do this by saying things like “the bible is faithful to do this or that.”  or “If you study the book you will be saved. ” or they call the bible by God’s name often.  “The Word of God” is Jesus.  He brought us God’s words.  The bible still has some of them left but they are leaving very quickly.  Why?  Because mankind has already made their choices for their eternal home.  God’s words on Earth should already be in the hearts of those who chose The One True God.



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