Evil Is As Evil Does


Why Greedy Men Took The Feminine Out of The Family God Head-Spiritual Five.

Evil is as evil does.  Why oh why would God not have a Mother God if we are made in His image-and we are?

Doesn’t it make sense that the feminine would also be reflected in spirituality just as the male is?  Of course it would.  Why would that be evil?  Are all women evil?  All men good?  No.

There was a time when men oppressed women greatly.  And in some countries women have few rights (we are told).  Women are not lesser in God’s eyes than men.

Men are the strong arm of the family physically.  To deny that is folly.  Without women the hand of empathy is small in families.  Women are nurturers.  Women are care takers of the innocent.  Women have a strong place in the 5 part spirituality of the family.  To call the Mother God ‘evil’ is a mistake.

She is not evil but rather she is humble and prefers not direct worship.  She says “get up, do not worship me but rather respect me and see me as being part of”.  This is what The Mother God says to me anyway in my visions…”respect all deities.”

Mankind Chooses Hell over Heaven by Their Daily Choices

Evil wicked men would not be comfortable in Heaven would they?  Hell no.

What if Satan is doing exactly what God ordered him to do by tempting mankind with evil?  What if Satan is still and always was obedient to God’s will?  I believe he was and is.

This is the deception.  What if the so called fallen angels had the hardest job of all spiritual entities.  To bring evil to the earth so mankind could make their choices?  Somebody had to do it.  Eve had to eat of the tree of both the knowledge of evil and of the knowledge of good.  Furthermore if evil was not in the land how would we humans choose our eternal homes?

All men are exposed to both evil and good, truth and lies, kindness and trespass, to steal or to give, to protect or to attack, to smile at or to send scorn, to bless or to curse.

The deception is that God lost control of His creations.  Not so.  Angels are perfect in their obedience to God.  Angels do what they are assigned.  They have free will just as mankind does.  But they also have enough knowledge to know that defying God is detrimental to their own peace.  They see what we cannot.  Karma. Action-reaction.  Every action has a spiritual reaction.  Every spiritual action has a carnal reaction.

All men have choices but ultimately we and only we decide where our eternal home shall be by our choices.

God doesn’t punish men by sending them to Hell, they choose hell by their hearts condition.

Faith is the key.  Once we are transformed faith is no longer the great powerful force that it is now.  Great works of Faith, are mighty and echo throughout the chambers of eternity.  Love, Hope, & Faith these three are eternal.

All of mankind have been given a measure of Faith.  But where he puts that Faith, that is they key that unlocks his eternal home.  Does he grow his faith and in what?  To put faith in God requires prayer.  You have not because you ask not says the preacher.

Ask for more Faith in God.   Ask for the things that are good and spiritual.  Ask for the things that are eternally beneficial.  Granted, they don’t come easy usually.  Challenges come with spiritual blessings or carnal blessing for that matter.

You know not of the challenges of a rich man. It is harder for a rich man to enter The Kingdome of Heaven than it is for a camel to enter through the eye of a needle.  Be careful what you pray for.  And when God says no, it could be for your own good.

Evil Is as Evil Does

Not “evil is what the preacher says it is”.  If the preacher can label things ‘evil’ that are not evil he can label you and I or any  God given blessing as being ‘evil’.

Just because the preacher calls something ‘evil’ doesn’t mean it really is evil.  In most cases they fear putting powerful spiritual tools in the hands of the masses.  Tools such as the gift of tongues for intercessory prayer.

Its POWER itself that the beast doesn’t want God’s children to harness.  This is why they tried to change the name of Jesus.  Furthermore many have fallen to that evil deception to call Jesus -‘Joshua’ in Hebrew.   Demons don’t flee in the name of Joshua?  Plus Joshua is AI.  Joshua is their name for artificial intelligence their god.

For instance the Biblical references to crystals is that Heaven itself is made up of such.  Do some crystals open windows at certain times? They can but they must be a clear crystal.  Clear crystals can be covered with cloth when not using them.   Also visions can be seen in crystals of the future or the past.  Under the protection of Jesus and guided by The Holy Spirit crystals are a tool neither good or evil.  Crystals can be used for good or evil depending on the motive of the user.

Furthermore what else do preachers call evil?  I heard a preacher label essential oils from plants evil.  Pish posh.  God makes plants for healing.  To learn God’s Earth is to learn God’s plants.  Did you know that all around you now are edible weeds?  That’s right.  And you have the knowledge of these weeds for uses and side effects at your fingertips.  Many of the weeds are not tampered with by mankind.  Don’t eat weeds in high traffic areas or under electrical wires where they electric companies poison to kill anything growing instead of cutting it down.  Don’t poison the land ever is at all possible.

Do not buy anything toxic to the Earth.  Don’t ever buy anything you do not absolutely need.  It has come to the point that everything the corporations sell is toxic to man and earth.  “Shopping” has become a sin in some instances.

Make-up is garbage.  Perfumes-poison.  Blankets-toxic, food-tainted.  And on and on goes the debauchery of the corporations.  They financially force farmers to use GMO and poisons or they can’t make a profit.  This Satanic system of death and sorrow will not continue for much longer.

To call pure essential oils from plants ‘evil’, is to call God’s plants ‘evil’.  To call the Mother God evil, is to call Spiritual deities “evil”.  That is likely why the scripture got into the Bible “speaking evil of deities”.  Jude 1:8  Make no mistake this scripture word was “Deities” NOT “dignitaries”.

“Dignitaries” as the scripture now states in KJV represents government, the beast system itself and those sold out to it.  When people call God’s angels “evil” or Mother God “evil” that is speaking evil of deities. We do not KNOW WHAT ANY ANGEL HAS DONE OR NOT DONE DO WE.   For that matter I question the Satan story because they lie about everything.

Why would an angel turn fowl & ugly?  Demons do exist make no mistake about that.  I have been delivered of at least two myself.  One being the bondage of addiction, the other was lust and sloth which both came out of me for lack of being fed.  It took months of starving sloth and lust for them to finally leave.  I felt lust leave and its evident sloth left.  And also I was delivered again from a demonic entity trying hard to put me back into bondage.  I have also been delivered by healings of certain injuries.  I had an old whiplash injury that got healed during a deliverance.   I never even asked of expected to be healed.  I realized I was healed after not having any more pain for a few weeks after my deliverance from a backslide into addiction.

Jesus held up His hand as I sat in a church He showed me a vision.   A dark cloaked being walked toward me.  Jesus held His hand up toward it in the “stop” position.  The dark demon stopped cold, turned and could no longer follow me around.

Satan wishes to sift you like wheat but I have commanded he leave you alone.  God allows Satan to do evil for a reason.  God also binds evil up for a reason.

NEVER QUOTE THE “GET THEE BEHIND ME SATAN” script?  Why?  It’s an invitation to Satan and his demons to follow you around.  Use wording that crushes demons and sends them bound and back to hell. Jesus did not bind the demon that he showed me.  He merely sent it on it’s way elsewhere.

Why?  Because God has allowed evil to roam the Earth for a reason.   The scripture about Satan coming to Earth is already fulfilled. The antichrist has come and gone.  The antichrist did his work by creating the M.O.T.B. and already killing many by his other poisons given to children.  His target was Africa and other black children countries for years on end he slaughtered and poisoned.  Unto the point where when they came with their needles the people RAN.

B. Gates used the technique “take this shot and we shall give you food for your children.” Do you know or realize how evil and diabolical that is.  Then the antichrist turned his sights unto all of mankind.  The Gates of Hell shall not prevail against God’s children.  There are many antichrists in this world today.  Bill Gates represents a pack of liars who hate earth and mankind.  Foundations of greed and corporations have no love or care for the earth.  Demons have no love or care for the Earth.    God’s children loath B. Gates so we pray for him and his dark ministry of death.

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