When is the Rapture? 144 vs. Tribulation Saints


When is the Rapture for the 144,000?

Long Story Short…Late July 2022 is the rapture date for the elect chosen few.  Who are they?  If I tried to categorize the elect I would fail.  Because some are active 144 in the spiritual army of God but others who will be raptured are 133, those who go before the throne.  These are people after God’s own heart.  He knows them and they Him.  Not all of the chosen few are long time spiritual workers.  They could be babes in Christ.

God looks upon the heart.  You know if your 144 or 133 because God has finally showed us who we are in Him.  Perhaps it was best we didn’t know because of false pride, fear of failure, and other emotional difficulties that comes with realizing a very high calling of God.  Humans often fear both success and failure.  For God to tell someone who has always thought of themselves as [bad and wrong] in their heart due to a life of failings & beast system deceptive programming we are having some trouble accepting who we really are.

Nevertheless we believe the few will be raptured Late July 2022.

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When is the Tribulation Saints Rapture?

We simply don’t know.  Except we suspect that it will happen sometime between July 2022 and April 2024.  The trib saints must be certain to be transparent with God.  They must be true to Him by confessing their distrust, fear, anger toward Him etc. so He can help them with their spiritual weakness.

The end of days tribulation saints will have to endure great desperation emotionally to finally go to God in Truth by a pure heart.  It takes desperation to get very real with God.  That is why the tribulation is needed.  To save the souls of the many.

Perhaps this group will be raptured as soon as they repent during the Great Trib.  Or perhaps they will all go together just before the lake of fire consumes the old earth.

Not all shall sleep but they shall all be changed.


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