What Is To Come in 2021 to 2024?

This is What I see—From Jazweeh to The Fig Tree Generation.

If you understand this article count yourself worthy for you share in the sufferings of Jesus.  We just cannot tell blind men that the door is red.  They know not red.

I am a scribe of God.  Father has instructed me to lay it all out.  All the revelations He showed me of end of days. Written in one article and post it on every one of my websites.  And so I shall.

I recalculated my rapture date to July 25, 2024.  My first guess was April 8, 2024.  I shutter to post another date.  However this one is based on my four out of body dreams.  Of which three have already come to pass..in the fourth dream that has not yet come to pass…He gave me the date of my own ascension into the upper room.  Which I believe represents ascension.

End times gifts are the ability to see the mark of the beast on the foreheads of men or the seal of God or the goat seal. The ability to know Truth automatically. The ability to see deception quick. More to come.

The 144 have already died once.  You will not suffer from the second death.  The tearing of the sky shall cause many to die.  The Veritas weapon is coming and it will rip the sky.  “My eyes are wide open & the perfect sky is torn”

Most have made their eternal choice.  The tree of the knowledge of Good and Evil is withdrawn from the many already.  As a result it is impossible for them to “rightly divide” the bibles debauchery from Truth.  And how will they “test the spirits” when they themselves cannot feel the spirits and never could?

Nevertheless God is far more gracious toward their plight than I.  They have been tricked, reduced, lied to, bamboozled, drugged and taken from birth into great deception as have we all.  This is why Jesus came to allow every man the gift of Life more abundantly by Faith in Him.

So brothers and sisters who see both evil and good still in the supernaturally changing bibles that we have known for years, read on.

Pray for those who are deceived because it’s very difficult watching blind guides.  Its difficult watching men continue in both deception and self deception. It angers us for several reasons of the flesh.

We See so-too should they!  They have had every opportunity as have we to rely on God for their sight.  The veils have been lifted for us.  But they prefer the vail clinging to it for their safety and comfort.

Well apparently, Father the merciful Creator will allow them to be saved by Faith in spite of their preference of the lie.  But still for those who choose the lies, lies and delusion shall be their happy comfortable home for a long long time.  Where the heart is their shall their treasure be also.

Only the goats, serpents, and wolves shall be sent to their father Satan in Hell.  When Jesus said “Just believe” He meant it.

I am saying we have five categories of Faith as far as I know.  Those who side with evil Satan's children.  Those who are the few and side with Truth, they are active in supernatural work, believers in Jesus. And a group who are a mystery because they avoid all religion yet have faith and more importantly they value Love above all things.  God has a special plan for those who Love. They don't proclaim Jesus yet but likely will. Then there's the deceived Christians 1/2 awake by seeing the end of days active in dreams and visions.  Yet they prefer the lie.  

What of the sleeping who won't wake up?    Well I guess if they have faith in God they too shall go to their own personal heaven of illusion, stasis.



The Mark of the Beast is already on the heads of the many.  Most have it already very few do not.

Some have both the Seal of God and the mark of the beast.  They must let go of one of them.

The deceived and the still sleeping believers will soon go into stasis.  Their own personal heaven, a time loop.  They are put on hold because they chose the lie yet they proclaimed Jesus and God is merciful.

Signs in the sky are here.  Blue Kachina and Red Kachina Hopi prophecies fulfilled.  The new stars are here and can be seen with binoculars the brightest stars especially the blue that flashes at not red clear & blue.  If you look you can see the wings of her flying continually east circling our earth.

Don’t take the vaccine.  The divine presence of God is in all people, all.  If your DNA is altered by mRNA (messenger RNA that tricks the cell to allow directives into the nucleus then replicates throughout the body) vile scientific debauchery your name will likely be removed from the Lamb’s Book of Life.  Why?  You will not be human anymore.

The Holy Spirit The Comforter, The giver of gifts is not automatic as I know it.  It comes from prayers and the laying on of hands by those who have it already.  It transfers into others who can receive it by Faith and per Holy Spirit prayer.

There is likely also The Spirit of God that indwells when a man comes to believe in Jesus.    (not “on” Jesus “IN” Jesus)

The Father points His children to Jesus.  Jesus is The Way The Truth and the Life the Way to God.

What is the abomination of desolation?

Two things.  It’s a demon that makes men’s minds desolate of the knowledge of good and evil and implants false memories and removes truth/true memories.

And it’s also making desolate the Bible, devoid of God’s words given to men by inspiration.  Now The Words of God are on/in our hearts and fading from all books literally and supernaturally.  Those who have the creature on their heads the wing of abomination cannot have the words of God in their hearts.

How do I know? For, if they did know God’s words His Truth they would see the violation of God’s precepts in the bibles.  They would know right from wrong in words.

Most Christians read the vile scriptures and see them not as what they actually read but rather some preconceived notion of good and salvation.  They see only the good that they want to see.   The bible is their idol.   They project when they read instead of actually taking the book for what it says.

Its hard to watch but we do watch.  Its as if I walk down a sandy beach full of dead fish, stinking of red tide.  And full of vile putrid sounds, smells, and sights. All the while being chased by some horrific dark creature that is trying to destroy me.

Yet I see nothing but beauty, all I know is the smell is good, and the dead fish are to me beautiful birds of many various colors.  I have lost the knowledge of evil the tree is withdrawn from me so there can be no evil in my mind.  It starts with the books the bibles.  But this blindness the absence of evil will grow in them to the point these people, the masses of Christians will see NO EVIL WHATSOEVER.  Why?

See no evil, perceive no evil, understand no evil DO NO EVIL.

They could not be trusted with the knowledge of evil therefore God has withdrawn the tree from them.  But its a process, however not a long process.  A few years at most and they will be devoid of all knowledge of evil even when its in their face as we are seeing with the bible.  It will be baffling to many who don’t understand what’s happening.

Soon they will know no evil whatsoever.  Why?  They cannot be trusted with God’s children if they know evil.  They have shown God their heart and it will not change. Yet they proclaim Jesus and so God will grant them their delusion of choice.

Many many things have changed.  Those who see the signs and wonders call them Mandela effects.  But there are also signs in the sky, the moon has changed dramatically as has the sun.  Those who see the bible changes are few and far between.  I did not want to say it but it seems those who see are the chosen few.  I could be wrong.  But I am a scribe of God, He shows me these things so I can tell you.  My readers are like me others will call us witches, Satan etc. as we have all been called before.   The responsibility scares me I must admit.

I am getting instructions that the 144 will have power to set up earth as Jesus wants it set up.  The rule of righteousness.  At some point the many will go from stasis back to the new earth when its ready..I think…not positive.

Those who don’t any longer recognize evil are not the goats, wolves, serpents whose home shall be in Hell.  Those will be at home among evil and their father Satan.  We should at least respect their decisiveness.  Seems they at least seem to know who they are in their heart…or not.  Perhaps they too lie to themselves profusely.  They are not the group that I study.  It would be folly for me to do so.  The 144 study the 1/2 blind Christians because they are the one’s we will teach….direct….guide along on the new earth.

Paradise for the hellbound my book to you.

We ARE in the end of days.  Some will be raptured.

There will be a rapture of the believers who have the abomination on their heads.  They will go to stasis their own personal Heaven to await their return to earth when earth is ready, when the 144 are ready for them.  Maybe judgement but I don’t know where judgement fits into all this.  Maybe God will fix their minds and hearts.  Perhaps judgement is actually just going to the eternity that we have chosen.


The meek shall inherit the Earth.  Those who do not know evil and have lost the tree, they are the meek.  But the 144 will be there (some of them not all some are just going home) to guide them.  God says “If not you then who? It must be you because we don’t want to rule over ANYBODY therefore it must be the 144”.  Some choose to go home and I do not blame them at all.

The 144 will go home before the new earth to be upgraded, made more of spirit, given powers, given great insights, given gifts to guide the believers, and upgraded so pride doesn’t interfere and vanity will be a thing of the past.

I have seen a vision of disaster.  2/3 of the earth’s population vaporized.  Some raptured and others just gone.

The 144,000, many of them will stay around to do God’s work and they shall have their greatest ministry yet.  They shall be transformed as well in body and in mind.  They shall be on earth for the 1,000 years of peace to help the others.  Jesus will be strong in them during this time.

Who are the 144 thousand?  God’s army on earth and also the 133 who have the gift of Love and go before the throne of God.  They are also the woman of Rev. 12 intercessors.  They spent YEARS in travail and fervent labor for souls as one, they are one in prayer because they have gifts of prayer language.

They are being enhanced in the last 3 1/2 years and purified.  Nourished and nurtured by God.  They are not better just unrelenting with their seeking of God.  Not perfect just learned how to lean on God for their righteousness.

God looks upon the heart.

God is Love.

The separation of the Goats, sheep, lions, lambs, wolves, and serpents has come to pass.  Evil men would not be at home in Heaven.  Nor would God’s children be comfortable in Hell.  But there is a group who is sitting on the fence playing both fields.  They must choose and soon I think.  There are also those who are saved yet do not yet know Jesus.  They shall meet Him.  And soon.  They must.  Perhaps they too will go into stasis the first rapture is for the Christians and those who have a heart for God.

But the first shall be last and the last shall be first.  What do I mean?  Those of the first rapture will go to a time loop stasis.  They will sleep for 1,000 years until earth is transformed into the new earth.   The 144 shall be on earth for the 1,000 years if, IF they have so chosen.  When I say 144 I also mean 133 those who go before the throne of God.  And those with the gift of Love who use it.

The 144 who kept their intention to go home shall do so.  God has given the 144 & 133 a choice of either helping with the New Earth or going all the way home.  Not stasis.  For the 144 are God’s army and they choose Truth.

Those who cannot be trusted with the knowledge from the tree shall lose and are already losing the knowledge of evil.

Jesus is The Son of God not a son of man as they now say.

Anyone who knows Jesus well would not change His mighty name.

God is merciful.

Veritas will attempt to break the Ice dome over Earth and in doing so shall cause great havoc & death.  They shall cause their own demise.  Also they shall create the Great Tribulation apocalypses that ends the lives of the many throwing them into stasis.   Leaving the few on Earth.  A select group of people who are no accident, not random at all.  The earth is being purified.  The New Earth will be somewhere in between our eternal homes and a flesh and blood earth living.  Like a spiritual step ladder.  Baby steps into the new world.

The 144 cannot share knowledge with the many.  Not now and not then.  The many are incapable of believing in the things that we see and know.

75% of all bibles have changed supernaturally.  Even the English language has changed dramatically but few can see it or remember it the way it was.

Memories have been stolen and new memories false are being implanted by the abomination of desolation.   Yes I know it sounds crazy but some things are true weather one believes them or not.

There is a great yearning to go home, those who have it will soon depart.  Some of the 144 prayed “thy will be done” and the yearning to go home left them suddenly.   And the yearning was replaced with the vision of their receiving a new mission on the new earth.  Shalamar we shall call it.  “The Abode of Love”  The 144 & 133 shall receive their greatest ministry yet.

THE PERFECT SKY IS TORN.  Is a prophecy.

Many failed to build their house upon The Rock Jesus Himself.  This is why they are deceived.


How do you tell the victim of a dark spirit raptor what you see on their head?  Hey you have Raptor bat with large wings over your head like a hat sucking on your brain day and night and feeding it false memories!  What’s more YOU NO LONGER KNOW BLESSINGS FROM BLASPHEMY.  That is as far as the bible goes that you seem to idolize even though JESUS HAS LEFT THE BOOK.

We cannot wake them or tell them this.  They can not receive the information.  But if they could I think their is a change they could still be delivered and regain their memories and the knowledge of good and evil.

God doesn’t removed His Holy Spirit from men once they have it that would be far too traumatic for us to experience.  I know this because I walked as the prodigal son for years grieving The Holy Spirit.  Thank God He did not remove His Spirit or divine presence from me.  If He had I would not have lived.  God’s Grace is powerful and surpasses all human understanding.

Love Without End

There are NO STRINGS ATTACHED TO GOD’S LOVE.   Humans live in a ‘strings attached’ world.  This is why its so hard for us to understand & accept at heart level that we are “saved by Faith”.

That God doesn’t grade us by sin but rather by what’s in our heart.  And what’s in our heart won’t change unless we off it to God to fix.  Its that simple.

It takes God’s help to understand Faith/Hope/Love and their spiritual values and how they protect us as spiritual & invisible armor with The Belt of Truth and His words in our heart.  He makes us righteous.



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