Watching My Mother Self Destruct by Detergents & Lack of Oxygen.

Far more valuable than the body is the soul’s eternal life.

Its hard to watch someone self destruct whom you have strong feelings for.  For ten years on end….I have pleaded with my biological mother to open her windows and let oxygen in the house. They live in the country where the air is clean.  But she fears lizards and snakes above all things it seems.  Her fear has made her unteachable.

She keeps the house air tight all windows closed no matter what the temperature outside is.  And mother has an affinity (fondness-attachment-constant use of.) to poison toxic detergents.

I do not know what caused her twisted obsession with using strong bleach & ammonia without ventilation.  When I was a child she used to fill the tub with ammonia so strong leaving it soak through the air.  Wtf is wrong with this woman?  Once as a small child I went into he bathroom and got a wiff of her poison filled tub.  It nearly knocked me over.  I will never forget that feeling to my lungs…ever.  Like a ton of bricks hit me.  She nearly knocked me out with it.

What kind of reasoning is this that a woman would poison her own loved ones?

Then there was the time I nearly burned my own trailer down while sleeping by an exploding candle.  White stick candles from Wal-mart (beware).  When these candles reach the end of their wax they explode literally.

The trailer filled with smoke as I slept.  I could not breath and finally thank God!  I woke up.  I ran out of the trailer to get air.  But then I thought “I cannot allow my home to burn down”.  I ran back into the trailer holding my breath.  We had little water pressure at that time.  A hose would have been worthless to me.  The smoke was so thick in the trailer I couldn’t see ANYTHING at all.  Not even my own hand an inch from my face would have been visible.  It was that thick.

But I knew somehow if I could get that small refrigerator out the main fire would be quelled.

I grabbed a towel to open the other door and pushed the small 3 or 4 foot refrigerator holding the fire out the door.  It hadn’t started the ceiling yet and so the fire was quelled.  There was a large wooden box that was on top of the fridge and I think that was the main item that burned.

Since I breathed so much smoke my lungs were affected.  I went into my parents mobile home.  The air was so thick in their I could NOT BREATH IN THEIR HOUSE.  That is when I realized what my mother was doing to her and my dad.  The air in her home for years on end was & still is probably at 50% oxygen level of what it should be.   I have since then pleaded over and over and over “Open the windows” ever time I go there.

But not just that every time I go to their house my mother has the kitchen sink filled with poisons, ammonia, bleach, dish soap.  I will not stay in their house without first opening it up.  Every time I go there I open their house.  But unfortunately I live out of town and rarely go there.   It makes me sick just to be in the environment.

My sister a nurse, and I both have severe emotional triggers regarding detergent smells.  I don’t use bleach or ammonia EVER.  I buy Dr. Bonners Peppermint soap for cleaning.

Finally its too late.  Well its no surprise my mother is now in the late stages of pulmonary illness.  She is on Oxygen and her oxygen levels without it are in the 60’s.  Yes she won’t live much longer.  But little does she know she has likely poisoned my Dad as well.  Unless by some grace of God miracle he isn’t affected by it Idk.

I will never forget the jarring feeling of a cedar block landing on my chest.  I am kind of angry but moreover I feel pity for her.

To have such a strong fear of snakes and lizards that one suffocate and poisons one’s self and loved ones.  This is very very sad.

And why is it people become unteachable regarding their own life.  Why couldn’t she ever hear me?  Why in the name of God could she not heed my words of warning?

My sister also warned her I think, though not as severely or as critically.  Last time I was there the oxygen tube that the provider brought in was so toxic of plastic that it literally stank up the entire house with a harsh plastic chemical smell.  And that’s a breathing tube?  Really?  Sure give em lots of poison with their oxygen.   No doubt by design.  Once I researched food for a year on end I realized somebody wants us all dead.  Furthermore we humans would be living unto the age of 130 easily if we were not being poisoned at every turn.  EVERY TURN BROTHERS.

What’s Poison?

The question is what’s not poison.   Anything you bring home from the store is poisoned.  All we can do is choose things that are less poison than most and grow your own food.  Poison items  Include clothes, housewares, carpet, curtains, hygiene products, water, food, devices, homes, everything is poisoned in one way or another.  And if they can’t poison it because its labelled “organic” then they will package it in poison plastics.

Still my mother poisoned herself with detergents, strong detergents to her lungs.  Never use run of the mill dish soap without a nearby ventilation.

Seems anything man makes is toxic.  God did not intend for us to poison the earth and ourselves.  The purification is at hand.  I have my own struggle to get off a drug I have become dependent on for over 7 years.  I confess I fear this drug and I also fear not taking the drug because its a pain drug and has been a sedating factor.  I get angry when I reduce the dosage.  Nevertheless I have come a long way with it very slowly.  I am at 25% of what I was at with it a year and a 1/2 ago approx.

Don’t be too hard on yourself if you have prescriptions you rely on.  We are victims even though the word is a programming term that says “any victim is wrong and bad, there are no victims, victim is self pity”.   That’s not true is it?

When your raised up with poisons from birth, from the first Vitamin K poison onward you are a victim of the beast system.  If your murdered your a victim.  Its in no way self pity.

My mother was likely traumatized somehow to believe that those toxic chemicals were good for her.  MK ultra programming is trauma based and very effective.  No telling what the beast system did to her & her parents as a child.

Her mother was very emotionally ill and fragile.  Her dad was a hard core alki.  All dysfunction has its origin in the beast system.  God help us all.  Who will save us from this body of death?  Thanks and praise be to Jesus The Christ my Savior.

The good news is my mother believes in God and I had a vision of her in her own personal Heaven.  She sat under a huge tree with the lion and the lamb.  She believes strongly in the “New World” as the J.W.’s teach after Armageddon comes the New world or as we know it The New Earth.  Shalamar “The Abode of Love”.   She has such an excitement on her face like no human could.  “Look at my animals!” she proclaimed.

With tears I recall the vison because she is among those who will lose the tree of the knowledge of good and evil being in a sort of Eutopia they will not remember what they learned on Earth.  Why?

Father showed me those who are saved yet they prefer the lie.  They fell under the strong delusion.  They will go to a grand Heaven when they pass.  Having great peace they chose their eternity a happy delusion.  Truth isn’t their priority.  They made their choice.

Many are called but few are chosen.  In the vision of my mother even though she was so so happy and blessed being at great peace I was sad for her because she wasn’t in Truth.  Truth isn’t always comfortable. We may ask ourselves…will we choose Truth at any cost?  I like to think so.


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