They Did Not Build their House on the Rock

Many are Called But Few are Chosen

Mathew 7:25    “And the rain descended fell floods came, and the storms raged yet the house stood.  The strong winds blew, and beat upon that the house yet it did not falter.   For it’s foundation was founded built upon The Rock mighty and immovable!”  Jesus is The Rock and The Cornerstone.  He is our foundation, Faith in Jesus is our salvation. 

There is no idol, book, or statue, that takes the place of God in our heart.  He is our Father, our Comforter, Wonderful, Counselor, Savior.  We do not lean on empty doctrines of men for our comfort.   For neither height nor depth, angels or principalities, neither things past or present can remove us from the Love of God that is in Jesus our Savior.  The Word of God is written in our hearts.  God Himself put his inspired words in our hearts.  Jesus is The Word of God. And God’s inspired words to us lift us up, encourage, and strengthen our Faith.  The Holy Spirit leads us into all Truth.   

Either a man knows Jesus/God or he doesn’t.  God looks upon the heart.

My brothers and sisters who now understand the suffering of Jesus.  He suffered long before the cross enduring the company of the spiritually blind nearly all His life.  I wonder if He had even one person who He could relate to in spiritual matters.

“How long must I suffer with thee oh ye of little Faith?”

The chosen now see many thing that Jesus is showing them. Now that the end of the age is here and the abomination of desolation has flown (see my last article on

Yet around them many proclaiming Christians minds are becoming desolate.  The bible is becoming desolate.  And the few now see more and more prophesies fulfilled than ever before.  Great understanding of passed parables and scripture prophecy we now understand.  Of course Father will and does explain things to His chosen few.

But we are surrounded by Christians who we want to also see what we see.  They have the mark in their forehead.  

(not to be confused with a mark to buy and sell)

We are now passed the point of doubting ourselves. There are too many signs in the skies to doubt.

The Parable of The Talents Has Become The Prophecy of The Talents

We are literally surrounded by miracle after miracle including the supernatural bible changes and yet, we are also surrounded by unbelievers.

Christians on YouTube do not fail to let us down by being oblivious to vile & blasphemous scripture.  Yet we still watch to see & keep up with the most ludacris of the supernatural changes to all bibles.  For me this is the most obvious of signs and is before me daily.

I struggle to help others to see the miracles.  I cried to God finally my anger welting up into tears and pain.  “Father WHEN will the Christians finally see? Will they see?”  I cried because I clearly prayed for all of them to be free from the wing of abomination that rests upon their heads. (drawing at link).

Father answered me this.  He has been so patient with me during my end times trials of a scribe who must and wants to SEE truth even when it hurts.  He said “Jazweeh (pen name) they did not build their house upon the rock.”

They have built their house upon the sand and when the spiritual wind and rain came in, though they proclaim the name of Jesus and make clear their Faith in Him….though they continually quote the book (bible) and give directives to say certain words that they call “the gospel of salvation”….though they speak as a Christian and mount up as a believer in flight…. though they claim to have received The Holy Spirit and even speak in tongue I see upon their foreheads the wings of the fallen and some even have the goat head and its horns.

They evidently built their house upon the sand.  Toss the bible and get to know Jesus.  That is the recipe for salvation.  Seek God with your whole heart mind spirit, and strength and He will be found, I tell them.  Trust not in the bible for it is a mocker and a liar.  If a man builds his house upon doctrine then there will his heart be and there will his treasure be also.

Salvation 101

But its my heart that I am bearing here.  I finally understand how a man can get on Youtube and proclaim his Faith and yet have the mark of the beast on his forehead and not have a clue when reading blasphemous new changed scripture.  Not just having a memory lapse but also being morally bankrupt as far as recognizing carnage in the bible.  They even boast at what they call their favorite scripture….Jerimiah 4:22 God calling men stupid in most versions.  Just search the word “stupid” in blue letter bible.  Then search the word “hate” & “hunt” in KJV blue letter bible.  These new scripts should be enough to convince anybody that the bibles are rapidly changing.  Yet I have discovered that to most the bible is above reproach as any idol would be.  They call it by God’s name.


It is as it should be.  For when they become desperate at the great tribulation after they are freed of the locust from the pit then they will either cry out finally to the true God of The Heavens or they will rage with hate toward Him when they find out that He has not raptured them.  But instead they have been Raptored by the Raptor beast.

Grace & Peace brothers.  Thank you for reading along.  You are not alone.

The Revelation 12 woman is/are the intercessors who have birthed the building of the house upon the rock for the chosen.  This is what we birthed with our hours/days/weeks/months/years of intercessory prayer.  As we often thought it was our own souls in the balance we prayed for one another.  For the 144/133 are one.

Those who go before the throne are the 133.  And those who wage war and have battled for so long are the 144.  We are one and we built our house upon the ROCK.  And you know who that is.  Blessed be brothers.  We shall soon meet.  Not in the air as they say but rather in the Heavens as the bible once said.  We shall meet together with Jesus in the Heavens and then we shall know as well as we are known.

Then remain these three the eternal_____Love, Faith, and Hope.  But the Greatest is Love.

God is Love.

I do not envy whatsoever what is in store for the Christians who have not already come out of great tribulation as we have.  They must attain the heart change that comes from trials.  God help them in their coming tribulation.

You will not suffer from the second death.  Even if they drag us the chosen to the gallows we will not suffer from the second death.

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