Night Sky Lights Up Blue Like a Huge Blue Camera Flash

Notoriously Corona discharges from extreme electrical events emit dangerous Ozone and a violet glow.  Ozone that coincidentally, causes the same symptoms as C.V.   I go out nightly for walks.  At around 10:15pm March 2nd I witnessed my second huge blue blue sky glow flash.  As if a giant camera took a flash picture with a blue light flash.   A flash that was shocking.


But…since I had a dream about seeing corona discharges and then studied them at length I quickly went into the house just in case it emitted dangerous Ozone.

These events happen both in devices such as power lines and with abnormal atmospheric circumstances apparently.  Perhaps we really are in store for a plasma event.  Clearly something is coming, many feel it, we just are not sure exactly how these end times are going to play out.

Corona discharge Creates Ozone & w/Exposure Same Symptoms as “Vye Russ”  

Corona discharge Creates Ozone & w/Exposure Same Symptoms as “Vye Russ”

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