Who Is Equipped Spiritually and Intellectually to Write Holy Books?

Angry Rant


Is it those who went to a beast system school and has letters after their name by status quo and hours they put in sitting in a classroom?

Or perhaps its those who say “I will be a priest and wield spiritual power over others to tell them what is and what should be”.  Or maybe its the police…after all they are the one’s who seem to have power over every man woman and child.  They decide who gets put behind bars and who doesn’t.

Or perhaps the lawyers, they have even more power because what?  They know how to manipulate the laws IF they have the experience, someone to teach them.  Their bar exam is probably akin to an algebra exam.  No use in real life whatsoever.

Lets face it, the system is more screwed than its ever been during my lifetime.  People are on a ‘need to know’ and are not taught anything useful in schools.  What they are taught is how to be DEPENDANT UPON THE BEAST SYSTEM FOR THEIR VERY LIFE.

The truth is that those who seek God with there whole heart fervently and are called to be scribes of God are those who are equipped to be writers of God’s precepts, words, and inspired ideas.

As for our society and what the beast has done to us as a whole.   If we don’t have the ways and means to grow our own food and fetch or drill your own water then the beast has us under it’s thumb.  Dependent.

I say this…lets start over.  SCREW THE BEAST AND ITS SYSTEM!

The good news is that we live in the information age, even though there is much censorship we do have the means to learn how to grow our own food and harvest it  While we wait for the return of Jesus’ New Earth.  Shalamar-The Abode of Love.   Come on –would the Almighty really name HIS new world after some corrupt elderly men who don’t believe in Jesus?  I don’t think so.  Jeruselum or Jew ru $alem after-all seems to be the hub of greed and corruption.  Isn’t “Abode of Love” a more fitting name?  That’s what I got anyway.  By dream or vision or prayer time the name Shalimar or Shalamar was given to me.

Screw all their authoritarian debt slave degrees, licenses, information hoarding, power mongering, lying cheating stealing of human rights & freedom by their demands for, permissions, screw their totalitarian authorizations, allowance, permits, consents, titles, maritime law bullshit!  Screw their signs and their problematic governments both state and county, international and national.

“Oh but no no no they keep us safe.”   We can’t have a country without authority, they say.


Does government really keep anybody safe? Doubtful.  Even when they take a child out of an abusive setting they likely just put them into a worse situation.

BY their lies and propaganda that permeates every home and classroom they slaughter the people through lack of true knowledge.

Secret Genocide

Do you want an example of the slaughter of the innocent?  Research FOOD. Research pretty much any product you buy at Walmart. You will find out quickly that somebody wants you dead or in the Cancer ward so big pharma can profit on your illness.  That is just before they lop off about 1/2 your human life span.  Unknowingly of coarse.  Slaves who have no clue that they are abused slaves are the best kind.  But hell who would want to live 132 years in this petri dish of poverty and lies.

One in every two people WILL GET CANCER.  Diabetes is man made also.  If you don’t eat plants and live food then you have no defense to their plague except God’s grace and saving blessings of health.

The whole world is upside down.  Substances that are not edible are sold as food.  These chemical foods are made to give you Cancer or Diabetes.

Good is now spoken of as bad and visa versa by many of those who call themselves ‘Christians’.  Not all, not all.  Bless their hearts if they are a loving sort they are likely clueless to evil.

Seems somebody snatched away the knowledge of the tree of good and evil.

The Slaughter of a Nation

They keep telling us over and over “there’s too many of you!  Your a Cancer on the earth.  Your destroying the earth!” While they stop all the recycling saying “China won’t buy our garbage anymore”.  Really?  What the fuck is that about? More propaganda no doubt.  China buying garbage?  Sure, maybe.

As for government making things better-All I see these authoritarian bastards doing IS KILLING MY BREATHREN AND SLAUGHTERING MY LOVED ONE’S with their shots, poisons, drugs, food additives, toxic products, more toxic products.   Idiots who use very toxic products and poison others.

My own mother has killed herself via detergents.  She can no longer breath because of her affinity to pouring bleach in the sink and letting it spread through the air day in and day out.  It’s no accident that she thinks bleach is her friend.  For years I opened her windows only to be treated like an idiot who has no clue of what I am trying to teach her. She is SO brainwashed so is no longer teachable if she ever was.  Seems the old people are more clueless than most.  The generation between 70 and 85 trust explicitly their governments.  And I am not quite sure what the propaganda was when they were children but it was VERY EFFECTIVE.  She lives on CNN and believes EVERY WORD.

Wisdom Knocks

Perhaps the ruling elite in their effort to create a generation of drug addicts didn’t realize that for those who survived that era, would likely buck the system later.  Nevertheless without God’s knowledge and wisdom given to them that bucking would not necessarily be a good response.  Wisdom knocks and is utterly rejected. Wisdom seeks out those who will learn and is mocked and laughed away.


BE ANGRY, and sin not.  Hell yes I am angry.  I also have great peace.  Anyone whose eyes are open is probably angry. I won’t say “should be” because their is no wrong feeling.  And neither is anger a sin.  Actions of Love or actions of wrath these are what matters…our actions.

That likely FAKE scripture saying “if you thought about doing it you already did evil” is NOT TRUE.  Not in the least.  At best the script is an example of an extreme to make a point.  Which means its not truth.  Jesus would not have said it if its not Truth.   Resisting temptation is one of our greatest spiritual growth actions.  Resisting evil when no one is looking is what defines us as having good character.


The temple prophecy is a misinterpretation.  The Jews WILL NOT BUILD A THIRD TEMPLE.  Why?  Because if they did everyone would then know the prophecy is fake because the abomination of desolation is already at work.  Furthermore a temple of antichrist IS NOT AND NEVER WAS A “HOLY PLACE” to any believer.  Nor is a temple of antichrist a “holy place” to God.

Then what pray tell is the abomination of desolation?  Well it’s two things brought into being by the beast from the bottomless pit.  The Locust, called The Winged Bat Like Raptor who makes desolate.  I wrote about the abomination in 2018, 2019, and 2021 (and likely other articles under different titles in 2020).

What is “The Wing of Abomination” & “Strong Delusion”?

The Abomination of Desolation

When you see the Abomination of Desolation Standing in The Holy Place

This example of dull thinking concerning the misinterpretation of the temple prophecy exhibits the kind of ‘connect the dots’ common sense that is lost to Christians and many other people.  Religion has shuved down our throats this fake temple prophecy for so long that people do not reason it out with simple logic.

Instead the bulk of Christians who say their eyes are open (and they are 1/2 open it seems) the majority of believers are on edge putting the whole of their end times belief systems straight into the hands of the antichrists.  By allowing the Jews to dictate when end times begins they have taken the signs and wonders out of God’s hands and put them into the hands of men.

Many will follow the antichrist- gates of hell by getting the back scene.

When need to take the power out of the hands of those with beast credentials (certificates, licenses, degrees etc.) and put ears toward truth seeking out those who actually have knowledge and are called to their job description by God Himself.

What am I saying?  For example a man that is called to be a physician by God who has learned the art of healing from God Himself will be a much better choice of doctor than someone who learns pharmakia from the beast system at large.  Natural healing with herbs, roots, plants, sun, air, salt, prayer, Love, etc is a slower process but it heals from the inside out.

Pharmakia is a way to make money off the human illness not healing.  These doctors of the beast don’t learn healing.  They learn the art of poison and drug dependency.  The Holy Spirit teaches healing by plants.  God gave us everything we need and Satan’s corporations have done their best to destroy all God’s wisdom and those who might engage in learning from God.

Make no mistake, if your 144 you have probably already died once and have come out of Great Tribulation already.  If a man proclaims he is the 144,000 you can be pretty certain he’s not.  Why?  God keeps them hidden even from themselves.  But now the 144,000 know who they are.  All is being revealed.


2 Replies to “Who Is Equipped Spiritually and Intellectually to Write Holy Books?”

  1. Great analization that the best comes from the self not the institutions. So here we are in the year of 2024 and they and everybody predicted Jesus would return in the 1980s. Hal Linsey was so popular in the eighties write so many books along with the moral majority Jerry Farewell. Hal Linsey said in the 1980s that the 80s would not end without the return of Jesus. It ended all right it always will end the same way too, Jesus is fake, and we are the product of evolution born here in the universe 14 billion years later. Most of the Bible is fake.
    I can prove a lot of it is not historical it was never in the earliest books of the bible it’s been added over time. You’re just an addicted to the bible I’m assuming African American female.
    But the bible is destroying you it’s completely false.

    1. The ‘theys’who think they own the Earth traditionally using the image of the beast (TV) typically with propaganda give one big truth to reel you in and a shitload of big lies. Consider this Tony. I speak from experience not the fricking desecrated Dark Lord’s book. I was in hell on Earth and could not stop it my self destruction unto death. Yes I died and came back. Jesus answered my cry for help several times throughout my life. But that’s not what I want you to consider. Propaganda! The most brilliant propaganda scheme on Earth is the Santa clause meets Jesus stories. Your a young child whose mama told you the Christmas stories about Santa who comes down the chimney….and Jesus whose up in the Heavens and He Loves you! What happy thoughts you now believe in……but what’s this????? After years of peaceful faith in Santa and Jesus you find out SANTA WAS A RUSE! A hoax! Mama lied to you! Your crushed! And not only that you were showered with presents/gifts, a mac truck and some plastic horses. Your heart was warmed by the stories and now YOU ARE TRAUMATIZED at 9 yrs old! I won’t let that happen again says the child! I never want to feel that hurt (subconscious reaction). You surmise that surely the Jesus story must be fake as well….right? Santa…..Satan……Jesus Hmmm If I were diabolically brilliant the Santa story ruse lie could be used to tear the faith of millions away from their heart by typical run of the mill common human emotional reactions. Same time same Santa station….

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