What is Coming Spiritually & The New Earth

A Jazweeh Article-

Blessing to all who read this forbidden knowledge.

There Are Two Types of End of Days Marks

There is a mark to buy and sell that I believe is the back scene more accurately a DNA changing mRNA therapy.  This ‘buy & sell’ mark is categorized as ultimately separating a man from God.  It’s a mark by permission only meaning a man willingly takes it.   If you take the buy and sell mark the permanent mark will appear on your forehead.  The beast.

Satan can’t force anyone to honor him & be in his clan.  Neither does God force anyone to Love Him.  All have a choice.  The mark to buy & sell is offered by the beast system itself.  It removes your name from the Lamb’s Book of Life by changing you from human to part beast literally, scientifically, and biologically.

Because the back-scene is mRNA and has beast DNA with replicating Cancer cells and Inosine tricking your cell nucleus by the golden key it erases your humanity.

By this back scene mark I believe the spiritual mark of the goat or wolf will manifest on one’s forehead.

The Spiritual Mark that Manifests by Magic

“Over time A man’s face conforms to the intents of his heart”.

Paraphrased was in Proverbs or maybe Ecclesiastes.  It may or may not still be in the books since the wolf does now control the bibles one and all.

The spiritual forehead mark is what is the final seal. Sealed until the day of redemption from the flesh.   Sealed either for God The Creator or for the Dark Lord who has many names.  ALL have a choice, all shall choose.

Real Time Fact Sheet another Sign & Wonder

Many professed Christians right now harness on their foreheads the mark of the beast showing as fallen angel wings or goat head.  Blatantly appearing on the forehead. Easier to see on men than women.

Some even have the mark of the serpent.  Serpent mark appears as a snake crawling under the skin.  Like a vein.

Mark of the Beast on Forehead. Appears as muscle protrusion, bleach mark, darkened pigment, or indentations.


Some have both the seal of God and the mark of the beast.  What????.   The Seal of God shows as either Jesus as shown or a cross.   Some say there are degrees of how long the forehead cross is from side to side.

Change is Coming” who is an imperfect yet called prophet to the 144 speaks on the marks and seals.  Her older videos are it seems more spiritually lead.


Seal of God. End of Days.  Keep in mind this is not easy to see and over looked by most.  (Sidenote-This child is likely A.I. you can tell by the eyes.)
Jesus on the forehead (bottom drawing) appears as a shadow or lighted pigment.

Mark of The Beast & The Cross

Those with Faith yet anchored to the beast system must choose.   All & any can be saved by Faith in God.

God will help them with this fear of the loss of salvation if they only ask in Truth with a humble heart toward God.   Those with both marks have anchors in this world that are of the beast system yet believe in God deeply. They hold these beast attributes whatever they may be, dear to their heart that must be loosed.  Pray ye be not deceived by your own intellect.  Pray for Truth & Love, Faith, & Hope.

“Where your heart is their shall your treasure be also.”

(be sure I do not quote corrupt script, only the words God Himself has put on my heart as spiritual Truth.)

What is The Mark of The Beast on the Forehead About?

The marks, seals appear supernaturally.  Those who have the end of days gifts can see the mark on others and themselves by their talents.  The parable of the talents became the prophecy of the talents.  It is the redistribution of spiritual gifts.   It is also new end of days needed supernatural gifts for the saints protection & understanding.

The Seals

Here are the categories of seals.  Three for each Spiritual destination.  It has taken me three years of communing with God and angels/guides to finally understand the marks. ________Jazweeh.

We are either sheep, lions, lambs.  Or we are Serpents, Goats, or Wolves.  Obviously these are spiritual metaphors.  I have written about the personalities of these spiritual types.  Use the sites search box it works very well.   Search terms, “Lions, Lambs, Goats, Wolves” would work.

Know this its very hard to tell a Lion/Lamb from a Serpent.  They both have wisdom and self awareness.  They have become sentient knowing who they are and where they are going.  They are no longer under the vail.  The sheep are under the vail as are the goats.  That means they are blind to many truths.  Also there is a dividing of time putting them in separate realms of Earth.  Hence the Mandela affects.

The Chosen Few

Those Who Go Before The Throne of God & Those Who Have Come Out of Great Tribulation (already)

God’s chosen are not about religion or labels. God looks upon the heart.  The chosen few may or may not label themselves they way you would think the chosen few would.  The preachers are clueless and have little if any info on end times topics.

The chosen few are not some certain bloodline by any means.  They are NOT some certain country or nation.  They neither think or act as the majority does to embrace status quos.  God judges men not nations.  He is just not about prejudices or bigotry, chauvinism or racism.  God is Love.  Be transparent before Him.

The Lambs & Lions are God’s 144 & 133.  The 133 go before the throne of God.  The 144 are God’s warriors.   Some of the chosen are His Revelation 12 “The Woman” she is many not just one.  And she birthed many spiritual changes by her gift of intercessory prayer the higher language.   She speaks many supernatural dialects.  Do you think God’s intercessors who have travailed years on end with burdens straight from the Holy Spirit would not pray with the gifts of Higher language being lead of what to pray for?  No others fit the descriptions of “The Woman of Rev. 12”.  No others know true burdens of travail.  The woman is hidden.  She is being nourished.

These 144, 133 know now who they are.  They lived their whole lives believing lies and believing they were inferior to most other people.  Still they sought God with their whole heart never giving up Faith & Hope.  Showing Love through adversity.  They cannot be known nor do they know the others.

They have come out of great tribulation.  Only the woman of Rev. 12 knows who the woman really is in an intimate way.  Jazweeh has been shown this revelation.  Others will just call her “the church”.  But they are the intercessors of God who have travailed for years on end in deep supplication, lamentations for souls.  And then the burdens STOPPED in 2018 approximately.  Now they pray the announcement that Jesus returning soon.  They send out the dreams and visions that come in the night…and more.  They know who they are now.  And are no longer deceived.

The 144 war against the spiritual things in dark places.  They do not pray against men. They pray against demons.

The Gathering

God and The Dark Lord are both separating their children one from another and categorizing them for their eternal homes.  Why? The end of days is here and the New Earth shall arise.  The purification of Earth and of God’s children is at hand.  It is near time to go to our eternal homes.  The place of The Spirit.  Before we can go we must choose whole heartedly one or the other.  We can’t have both The Creator God of Light and the Dark Lord.

Men’s Hearts Shall Fail for Fear of What is to Come Upon The Earth

The Gathering means that either a demon or an angel will come for your spirit discarding the flesh and possibly keeping it saved for upgrades and for the New Earth and the thousand years of peace.  .  The flesh will be removed for a time.  Some will sleep.

“Not all shall sleep but all SHALL BE CHANGED”

Those who finally let go of the lie and choose God are saved by Faith lets call them “sheep”.  They will sleep a thousand years for a wink of an eye.  They will get upgraded flesh-ish bodies and their spirits & souls shall be worked on (fixed) in stasis.  They shall forget what evil is.

  “The tree of the knowledge of evil”…

Shall be withdrawn from the sheep soon.   Once transfigured they will only know good.   Apparently their are two magic trees. (sorry if the word magic offends you) One, the knowledge of evil.   The other, the knowledge of good.  Because these sheep saved by Faith either can’t be trusted with that knowledge of evil or they have no need for it or both.

Because they go to paradise.  Their destiny is paradise both while they sleep and upon awakening.  Their memories shall be lost.  This is their choice.

They will be ushered into the New Earth after the chosen few, who are made into The Guardians, prepare The New Earth.  New Earth called “Shalamar” The Abode of Love will be prepared for the arrival of the sheep.

That is the plan for the chosen who decided to work for God’s will.  They all had the option to go home and some shall go straight home.  You can still change your mind if you are the chosen few.

The chosen Few

The chosen few shall be the guardians of the New Earth.  They retain their memories but are emotionally upgraded. Their spirits and flesh shall both be upgraded.  They made a choice from God to either go home to Heaven where their heart grieves to be.  Or to sacrifice for the will of God and help the newly born again many, the sheep adjust to The New Earth.  Jesus shall be BIG in them when they receive their upgrades.  They will retain the knowledge of evil because they are warriors of God and will need that information.

You could say they have chosen the harder path because they will continue to grow in Christ.  They will continue to have temptations and the great power they are to receive and near infinite knowledge will test their humility.  They MUST rely on God and remain Loving in the face of great power.

“To him who is faithful with a little, he shall be trust with much.”

The serpents who know the true prophecies FEAR GREATLY these the chosen few.  They had to be hidden.  But their day comes when they will no longer have to hide in the shadows of humble places.  You know who you are.  Bless you and I hope my words as a scribe of God have blessed you.

The Writer

I am not Jazweeh.  I am the meager scribe of God who hears Jazweeh the chosen few the woman of Revelation 12 who is being nourished by God.

I now know who I am.  And am given the knowledge that grieves the heart and crushes the worldly paradigms of man.   The end of days are not what the preachers told us they would be.  However, the prophesies are true and being fulfilled.

Very likely only those called/or chosen few will read these words.  Even come to the Jazweeh website drawn by the Spirit of God.  Why?  The writer is a scribe of God who writes deep knowledge that is given to men.   Both Serpents and Lions, Lambs and even wolves may be drawn here.  But goats & sheep will call these words “folly”.

“God will not be mocked.”

Yes you can contact the writer at info@fatherswords.com

Any topics I have mentioned in this article I have other articles that go in depth about them. Use the search on the website if you want to learn more about the chosen few, the sheep, lambs, lions, etc. The woman of Rev. 12, Shalimar, spiritual gifts, tongues higher language, intercessory prayer, and more.


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  1. You know Jezweeh you ought to try something different. This is all superstition. It really is. It’s got a hold of you and you need to loosen it’s grip.
    The truth is we are a product of biological evolution that is the truth.
    In the bible God makes humans separate from animals so if that were the case we wouldn’t be related to any animal at all. We would be like space aliens not of this world but we are direct relatives to all animals firstly the extinct great ape secondly the primate family. Same with every living animal they share common ancestry with other unique animals. The bible is falsehood. Look at Jesus in the corn field. Totally fake. it’s a fake book. Columbus brought corn to the old world. 1493.
    My father a fundamental Bible believing Baptist Christian forced US to go to church all the time as kids always church. I was baptized in church as a child. My father if challenged about going to church would burn with anger he stabbed my mother with a butcher knife over arguing about going to church. I tried to prevent it but I was like five years old. When they’d argue about it he’d show us we were going to church or we would die. Two times arguing with my mother he took us in the car out to the old Kansas highway and tried to total the car driving 110 miles per hour to show us we need church and Jesus. Jezweeh I’m positive there is no bible God. Yeah they’ll try to get a cashless society, chip people but it didn’t have to be in the stupid Bible it’s always been our war as humans. Staying free unshackled.
    You’ve got to change. This is unhealthy for you take my word. That God is a demon with a saints face. He is killing your life.

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