New Sun & New Nature Are Coming Very Soon!

But Not Before the Old Earth’s Nature Departs

End Days Prophecy must be discerned by Spirit for those who know Jesus first hand.  They are given the interpretation.

The elite all snug in their bunkers have done their best to provide for mankind.  But their best is often godless and twisted.  Nevertheless it seems that since 2012 we of Earth have survived by the fake sun the elite or someone provided.  It is an LED Grow Light and it puts out alot of toxins.

We may do well to be grateful when the bulbs begin to burn out one by one.  Men will think the real sun is burning out.  But instead bulbs in the fake sun will fail one by one.

Sun Simulator
Use the reflective lens of the sunglasses. A straight up mirror is too clear and bright.

The real sun still holds some life giving light.  A 1/3 of the worlds vegetation would have died abruptly had they not put the fake sun up.  I thank them for it.  Even though though know it’s carcinogenic.  This is why they started with their sun warnings of Cancer back in 2012 thereabout.  They say they invented grow lights in 1912.  And that they were not in productions until 1962.  They lie about everything we already know that.  The date doesn’t matter.  Sun bed are outlawed in several states due to the Cancer risks.

But the fake sun must suffice for the alternative is dastardly.   It will have to suffice until the New Sun comes by the power of God and by Jesus’ Love for us.  The New Earth Prophecy WILL come to pass.  Just as the other prophesies of Jesus are fulfilling now.  Though…few people can see the prophesies as they are fulfilled.

The prophesies of Jesus can only be seen in the spiritual real by spiritual eyes..  Know this, Jazweeh has already seen most of Jesus’ words come to pass.

New Earth

Prophesies Fulfilled

The Mark of the Beast

Mark of the beast x2.  1. The back scene from Gates of Hell that removes the divine presence of God which all men are born with.  How?  By invoking the spirituality of animal DNA.  Likely the rat, Chimpanzee (astral Zeneca=Zeca Virus Anagram) or the Opossum.  We saw two babies born to mothers who were pregnant and took the chot.  The eyes are black as a Opossum or rat.  It’s horrifying because they are not just black eyes.  The eyes are devoid of the spiritual divine presence of God.  This is why God warned us about the worldwide mark of the beast and not being able to choose God once the mark is taken.  It’s not about being heartless or being cold with a lack of grace.  The mark of the beast is a choice.  And if a man would just pray to God he would know not to take the back scene.

God gave me an audible word as never before concerning the mark.  I said “how will I know it’s the mark?”  He gave me one audible word in 2018.


In 2021 It was announced that Zebra Tech. provided cold pack boxes high tech temperature control, and provisions for shipping the vaccines.  Look it up.  By God’s word I knew the back scene is and was the mark of the beast.

False Prophet & Antichrist Revealed to the Few

The False Prophet & the Antichrist revealed to the few.  Obviously the one’s who promote and create the mark are the same men who hold the title of antichrist and false prophet.  The False Prophet put the Antichrist in power.  This prophecy is now skewed in the Bible.  Preachers remember it but the words of Truth, Wisdom, Honor, Prudence, & Great Knowledge are leaving the book magically Amos 8:11 &12.

Warren Buffet put Bill Gates (Gates of Hell) into power through his foundation. This is public record.  Pope’s don’t make predictions.  We must use common sense to see prophecy fulfillment.   Warren gives ongoing and regular predictions online, publicly.  He is called by a prophet’s name.  “The Oracle of Omaha”.  He is both a false prophet (by inside information) and the provider of the mark.  He even prophesied about the Vid recently.

Locust from the Pit

The locust is here.  It flew on a wing of abomination.  It is blinding the binds of men.  It will cause desolation of the mind.  This I know because I see it.  The locust is associated with the mark of the beast.  It went out invisible & dark.  The Locust consummated with mankind becoming one with it.

The wing of abomination

This is a drawing by one of Jonathan Kleck’s subscribers who saw the locust/wing of abomination on his head.  First it lands then the locust consummates with those who shall become desolate of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.  Jazweeh saw a very similar creature on a woman’s head on YT.  She too felt compelled to draw it.  The locust may have caused the mark rather than it attacking only those with the mark as the prophecy states.   The prophesies are skewed to a point.  But still once they are seen then we can understand them.

The Strong Delusion

The strong delusion blinds mankind from seeing evil in the bibles.  Their memories are not their own.   By false memories they are deceived.  They worship the bible rewrite by the wolf.

The abomination of desolation.

x3.  The wolf speaking from the holy place is the corruption of the “bible”.  Also its the corruption of God’s words to His people.   The changes are supernatural, they are on going and they are to ALL forms of and every translation of what was God’s inspired words to mankind.  The bibles.   Amos 8:11 & 12.

Even though the famine of God’s words is prophecy still they cannot see or remember or recognize the vile and vulgar rewrites.  Example-“hate your family or you have no part in me.”  Allegedly the words of Jesus  That is blasphemy.  The changes are many.  Easily 80% of the bible is rewritten magically since 2017.

Under the strong delusion the Christians cannot remember the bible. Therefore they cannot see that it has changed.  Since the sacred tree of the knowledge of good and evil has withdrawn from them and they idolize the bible as being “The Word of God” & above reproach as an idol, they see no evil in the many vulgar, vile, & hateful precepts.

The second abomination of desolation is the back scene it is the mark.

The third abomination unto desolation are men’s minds partly because they are consummated with the locust from the pit.  They do not realize evil in certain instances.  Especially where the bible is concerned.  Plus they do things now that are inappropriate at best.  Their minds are in the process of becoming drones of the beast and desolate especially if they took the chot/mark.

Days of darkness are coming.  I do not know, I hope we will be raptured.  Many will go to their eternal homes at this time 2023.

Hold on if you are a survivor called to the New Earth Jesus will make a way where there seemeth no way.  In 2024 of April the New Sun will rise and healing of all things on Earth will occur.  The Spirit of God will dwell with mankind fully.

The Days of Darkness Prophesies shared by those on Youtube.

We don’t know how long the darkness will be or when it will begin.  We think 2023.  But Jesus assures me He will provide for the children of God through the coming darkness.  It won’t be pitch dark.  The old sun will give light and the fake sun will only burn out intermittently bulb by bulb.  I don’t think the elite have made provision to replace bulbs in the fake sun.

I suppose the elite are nuzzled in their underground cities.  They did for us what they could.  After all, underground cities can only provide to accommodate so many people.

Personally I fear being underground and would not lock myself down there.  I went into caves in Texas once and I could not handle it.  Perhaps there was a good reason for that.

Prophecy of the Mountain

And So we believe the elite are in the mountains and will be the one’s who pray the mountains kill them due to either the absence of the divine presence of God by the mark (back scene).  Or due to the perplexity of living underground.  Clearly something will horrify them.  Perhaps dark spirits of the mountains shall be loosed in the end of days.

I Could Be Wrong

I never know if I am absolutely right about my predictions.  I get my feelings, spiritual words in the morning.  I could be wrong.  But at least if I am right and darkness comes, we have the hope of 2024 April 18 the return of Jesus.  He won’t return in the way Christians expect.   2024 Approximately.   Most in the cave cities below will not survive.  The prophecy of those wanting to die is likely of the back sin ate Ed.   I surmise they won’t let anyone down there without the back scene.  The divine presence of God leaves when the dna of a human is changed into that of a rodent.  Perhaps the elite made the diabolical changes to people in some twisted effort to help them survive the darkness.

Like the toxic carcinogenic fake sun, the elites limited solutions for humanity’s survival are not healthy.   But I for one thank them for trying.  Who knows what would have happened had they not contrived & invented the fake sun.

Or perhaps the partial real sun would have been a better option.  1/3 of the green vegetation would have likely withered and died.

Those who God plans to survive, just as in the days of Noah, will survive.

More of Jesus’ Prophecy Fulfillments

The signs in the sky.  We see the Blue & the Red Kachina as the two brightest luminaries in the sky now.  Perhaps it is the Blue or Red star that is coming closer to be our new sun in 2024. The Red Kachina is already as bright as a small moon when it’s close to Earth in the South-South East seen from Florida.  The sun is white hot and brighter than ever.  I saw so many stars fall in 2020 when I was out at night.  Even though I was only outside for an hour or so I saw up to three stars a night fall and burn out regularly over and over and over.  To see the stars falling from Heaven prophecy one would have to be looking for it.

The Two Witnesses were killed by cops (beast) in the streets while the whole world watched.  You saw it.  After they died (George Floyd U.S witness other witness in S.America) they came to the 144 healing them in a vision.  This is how we know it was them.  G. Floyd was born again as he testified.

The Women of Revelation 12

Are the intercessors who pray in The Holy Spirit by burdens and by travail.  They are the few.  They are both warriors and children.  A very delicate balance.  For we must be as little children to inherit the kingdom of God.  The time of burdens for lost souls is finished.  Now the woman (the few) is nourished.  They proclaim the coming of Jesus by carrying the torch.  The burning torch of the day of proclamation/annunciation is here.  No longer does the woman travail for souls.

Now she is born the warrior and Jesus showed her who she is.  She sends out into the spirit realm (since 2017) the announcement of Jesus’ soon return.  This annunciation rains down upon the Earth in whatever way God appoints.   Dreams, visions, etc.

The women who travailed & now announce are those who received The Holy Spirit most commonly the baptism occurs by prayer from others who have The Holy Spirit already.  Prayer given traditionally at alter call and by the laying on of hands in The Mighty Name of Jesus one receives gifts of The Spirit such as intercessory prayer.  Men tend to receive other gifts such as healing gifts, deliverance ministries & preachers.  Scribes are also a blessed gift when guided by The Holy Spirit a scribe in the Spirit could, for instance, type words in that he doesn’t yet know the meaning of…he then looks it up and the word he typed fits perfectly in the sentence.  God’s scribes have the gift of words.  And they are blessed to gain much knowledge by reading what The Holy Spirit leads them to type.

Dreams & Visions

The holy spirit is poured out upon all flesh.  Dreams and visions are abounding.


I hope for rapture during the days of darkness.  But since I am called to The New Earth I will be sent back if raptured at all.  The New Earth will provide an unprecedented presence of God.  Earth itself will provide immortality and youth and rivers of living waters will come to Earth.  The animals and everything will be quite different.  No lie will be constructed.  No darkness will be in God’s children.  We will finally be in the land of milk and honey eternally.  Our bodies will be all health.  No disease or tears will exist.


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