The LORD Inhabits The Praises of His People

Praise Him in Song, in music, with raised arms, praise Him until you feel His presence.

He will break the fallow ground of thy heart.  He shall pour in the new wine of Love (oil).  He shall wake the mind and heart to a place that is coming.

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Pearls of Wisdom  “Where your heart is there shall your treasure be also”.  Therefore ask God to cleanse & fix your heart.  He is the only one who will do so.

The gathering is at hand.  The New Earth comes.  Prepare by praise and worship to meet Him whom they heart cries out for.

Let not the God hole go unfilled.  The oil comes by praises and worship.

Never insult yourself.  Change your inner dialogue by meditation in Christ.  Practice by repetition telling yourself the good things you did today, every day.

I ate a good meal. I fed my children.  I praised God Holy Holy.  I did meditation in Jesus.  I seek and will find God first hand.

I need noone but me to find God and to speak to Him in Truth.

Stay in Truth.  Love is a kind action toward yourself or others.  Caring kind helpful encouraging.  That is what Jesus means by “Love they neighbor”.

You do not have to LIKE anybody.  Just show them respect.

Don’t expect good mushy feeling toward all of mankind.  That is not Love.  Anyone who portrays such as that either has the supernatural gift of Love or they are wearing a mask.

You have no right to condemn yourself.  That is playing God.  Speaking critically to ourselves will NEVER make us better.  Criticism is the beat down of the accuser of the Breathren.  Always speak to one’s self in kind caring words.  Your higher self will never use sarcasm toward you.

Practice the absence of sarcasm in your speaking.

Don’t rebuke.  CRUSH the Serpent.  Visualize crushing the serpent with your heel.  Crush/bruise.  NOT bruise/bruise.  Do you remember?  You will.


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