You Probably Have The Forehead Mark of the Beast

Already.  Few will repent in these end of days.  This article is written for me not the Gentiles who are swimming is delusion.

The mark

This article is written so the lost will be without excuse.  And so I show obedience by warning the lost.

Regarding other people I say “Live and let live”.  I also say “they have a God and I am not it.”  I do not believe in the Christians creed of getting others saved.  Each man must seek God with their own heart in Truth.  Otherwise all that man has is intellectual belief in a God they do not know.  Nor does Jesus know them.  The man must be born again.

What does born again feel like?  It means the person comes to the end of themselves.  They realize that self will is either destroying them or that they are losing their soul to it.  Great fear of death and fear of losing eternal life should become very real to them.  Or their suffering must be primary to the point they are desperate for God to make a change in their lives.  Hence “The 144,000 have (already) come out of great tribulation”. The bible has changed alot.  And soon it will be so evil that those reading it aloud and applying it’s words to themselves will fall under deadly soul sucking curses.

By their words are they justified and by their words are they condemned.

Here it goes.  Most people right now already have the mark of the beast on their foreheads.  If a great multitude of souls are to enter into salvation from this generation then the 144,000 are going to have to say the unpleasant Truth.

YOUR UNDER THE STRONG DELUSION!  Your blind to the supernatural vile & vulgar blasphemy that is the once holy bibles.  All bibles have changed.  Your memories are SEARED.  New lies of memories enter your brains daily.  The towers of Babble have your mind’s eye and it’s memories, language, dialect and ideas.

And now the scariest part.  The Locust has flown it inhabits your face your eyes will sink.  The winged abomination is perched in your hair (hair of a woman).  Yes most scripture is fairly skewed unto inaccuracy at best.  And unto lies at the worst..  But the wise understand.  And the many are not “the wise”.  Sorry.  False humility is not my problem here.

You say your a child of God then you belittle yourself?  If so you too belittle God.  “I am of no value, I am just a worthless servant” says the false humility. I say this, ” I am a child of God and of much value.”  Truth is primary not status quo.

Those sealed of God are not under the Locust creed.  The Gentiles must seek God in Truth so He will then seal them.  No more bullshit telling God what you think He wants to hear.  Either get real with God and show Him your whole heart or prepare for the lake of burning souls.  Not FOR eternity but rather the lake ends the soul eternally.  No more being or soul.  Your choice.  Courage?  Yes.  Courage is required.  Why?  Because you see yourself as bad and wrong that is why you hide your heart from God.

Only God fixes hearts.  Only God fixes the minds of men to be aligned with His will.  And He won’t do it unless you ask in Truth!  One year.  You now have one year to shed the Locust and to get to know Jesus finally to be being real with Him.

Otherwise your gone baby gone.  Find your heart now.

One year if you survive it that is.  “What makes you so good?” says the Gentile to the 144.

Who & Why Are the 144 So Different?

You need to know who we are?  We do not like revealing ourselves but we shall do so anyway.

So good?  Ha!  The 144 walked the most treacherous prodigal son walk you could imagine.  They are not “good” but rather they engaged in evil debauchery which surpasses of the normal human failings.  That is why we know the depth of God’s Grace & Love toward us.  We learned it the hard way when He pulled us out of Hell itself.  A Hell of our own making.  You know the story.

We also sought Him out with fervor. Seek & ye shall find.   By relentless seeking we begged, pleaded, reminded, screamed, and got angry with God until He finally delivered us from our sin nature & from our prodigal walk.  The walk that did land all the 144 in the grave temporarily.  Yes we had our own resurrection from death.

We were under the sword.  Under bondage to men.  In sexual immorality, and were nearly killed by greedy men.  But it was our own insanity which brought death to us.  We were imprisoned for crimes we did not commit.  We were wrongly accused and then preyed upon & extorted (extortion) by the beast system.  Threatened & forced to plead guilty or else serve an even longer sentence.  And on and on goes the walk of those who became the 144 by God’s Love & Forgiveness.  From treachery to ecstasy (The Holy Spirit Baptism) from feeble mindless ignorance to wisdom, from unhealthy body to nurtured and taught how to eat from God’s Earth.  We went from dry dead bones to life more abundantly.

All the 144 died at least once.  Death was required to rip the vail and see into the dark realms of Earth.  “They loved not their lives unto death”.  And when the 144 died it was usually accidental but somewhat intended subconsciously, heinous insanity which walked us into death itself.  Yet it had to be done.  We were driven to taste death.   In ways such as drug overdose for instance.  Or just basic insane driving carelessly.  Or crimes that end in death and so on.

Death was also needed to rip the vail as Jesus did.  We too brought people out of purgatory.  Purgatory is the top level of Hell.  It is for the self condemned.  They do not have the right to judge themselves but they do.  So God brings them out.

In the fervent seeking of God out of great desperation the 144 not only found God.  But also they are delivered and re-delivered from the bondage of sin.  Until it was scoured from our nature.

Scottie Clarke and his “rightly dividing” insight is valid.  Gentiles do not walk the walk of Jesus.  They don’t have the same God hole which provokes them to seek God in all the wrong places.  The God hole drives the chosen in a way that is unmatched wild misery.  A kind of sufferent which drives us to (in youth) blindly seek solutions to stop the pain.  Until finally we find The Holy Spirit Baptism of Truth and great supernatural gifts.

Hence “the narrow path”.

Our gratitude to God for the relief from this kind of discontent suffering is great.  But not before we are delivered of demons.  Lust, gluttony, sloth, & bondage had to be cast out as well.  All the 144 picked up several demons along their way.  We opened doors to Hell inviting demonic parasites to make us their home.

Some demons come out by merely resisting the actions.  Others had to be cast out by gifted preachers.  Why?  How else will the 144 know and become familiar with warring and slaughtering the serpent if they don’t know the nature of demons first hand?

They continue to seek God after the treacherous walk.  They receive the baptism of the Holy Spirit which is for supernatural gifts to be given unto men.  The women often become Spirit filled tongue talking intercessors.

This gift of intercessory prayer by God’s Higher Language is likely the most powerful gift God gives to humans thus far.  Superior in power to healing and deliverance.  Because those who wield the sword of God can cover the Earth with prayers of powerful changes.

That is why that particular gift is belittled and mocked.  Even St. Paul allegedly tried to silence the gift of tongues.  The bibles even before the desecration never told the Truth about the powerful moves of God which follow His higher language prayers.

By tongues of prayers they Crush the head of the Serpent.  They tear down strong holds walls of demons grouped together.  They do not take the mark of the beast.  And they become seers of what is, and of what was.  They see into the dark realms by the rent vail.

They become the 144 very powerful by Faith.  By great works of Faith the 144 have become warriors of God.  They pray in ways the Gentiles would mock.   Or call “Satanic”.

We see the mark of the beast on foreheads.  We also see what most people worship above God Himself.  Again it’s on their foreheads in plain sight.  However they do not see it.  We see many things that Gentiles would not believe so no reason to write.  We are alone in this world and not of it.

While the Christians on YT are claiming to soon be in training to be 144 they know not that 144 are already in training.  This life is a field of either works of Faith or carnal works.  144 engage in both.  Babies are not expected to have works of Faith under their belt.  Start with prayer.  Don’t serve men.

Ask to be in the will of God.  Follow the leading of your heart.

Enough said about the 144 and why they are few and far between.  And a picture of them coming out of Great Tribulation.  Before The Great Tribulation that is now.


If the Gentiles do not seek God in Truth many of them will be lost.  God will remove the Locust if they repent.  He will seal them if they cry out to Him.  The time is now.  Of course they do not see the great trib.  They are deep under the strong delusion which is comfortable in it’s lies.  Dig deep Gentile.  Jesus told the 144 to cross their line.  No longer do we say “live and let live”.  But rather we are told to warn of what we see.  And it ain’t pretty.

The Lion has left the lamb to it’s ways.  But now we warn.  Isaiah 11:6.  The wolf now lies with the lamb.  Check for yourself. Jesus has left the lambs and the bibles to the wolf.

Why warn them Jesus?  Why?  God already told us that they would not repent in the end of days?  They will just hate us for the Truth and call us “Satan” whoever that is.  And call us crazy insane even though our words were all in their bibles.  But not for long.  Not for long.


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