Israel’s Blood Line Purpose Through Generations & Rapture

The “Israel” The Scribe Refers to Are A People Not a Country/Nation/or Geo-Location.

Israel is the bloodline that goes all the way back to Jesus.  So obviously all of Israel is saved by God’s plan of salvation.  The plan which includes “seek God and you shall find God.” And “Jesus is The Truth, The Light, and The Way”.  He lights our paths to God.  By His sacrifice we learned God’s words unto man.  And by Him we have entry way into the Kingdom of God at hand.

“Ride the Sacred Donkey and find the mysteries of Life.” (meditate).  Meditation bring up issues which need cleared from the heart.  Guilt, shame, remorse, hate, resentment, jealousy, malice, and ill will toward men & God all need cleared before the Sacred Donkey will appear to you.  When he does he will lead you into the sacred cities of eternity.  And eventually you will find your heritage and bloodlines of you families witnesses for God.  A purpose of a spiritual nature which endures many years.  As long as the blood line isn’t broken by the mark of the beast.  Broken by the desecration of blood with animal/beast templates of corruption.  Erecting the rebuilding of nanocircuitry throughout the body of those who take the mark of the beast.  For those who unknowingly took the mark we pray they can repent heartfelt.

“With God all things are possible by Faith, Love, and Hope the eternal gifts, supernatural and enduring.”

“God looks upon the heart”.  To be Israel is to spiritually become Israel (a child of God) by the choices one makes in life.  The end from the beginning.  The bloodline is retro-causality.  Retro-Active

Never confuse spirituality with perfection.

To walk with God is to become like Jesus desiring the things that are good and godly.  It’s a process that doesn’t include perfection.  Human’s are reliant on God for their will.  To align one’s will to God’s will requires prayer and supplication.  It’s a little late to start the process now but again, with God all things are possible.

The bloodline of Jesus always brings great spiritual purpose to one’s life.  And as I said eventually the child of God will meet that purpose in the heavenlies from the words of their own relatives who were on Earth before them.

I met my Grandmother and Great Grandmother both.  The day before I met them in the 2nd Heaven I was blessed to realize that from my Mother to her Mother’s Mother they all believed in the coming of The New Earth.  My Mom called it “The New World” after the belief’s of the J.W.’s.  The Jehovah’s Witnesses had their Truth like every other religion does.  Along with the lies of every religion comes one great Truth.  And for the J.W.’s it was the “New World”.  Or The New Earth I call it.

New Nature & The Coat of Many Colors

New Earth will have a New Nature that will be absolutely miraculous.  It’s already starting.  Have you seen the new neon insects?  How about the new exotic amazing plants with their new colors and sturdy countenance? Keep an eye out.  But that’s not all that’s new.  The new nature will bring the New Sun.  A man will not survive on The New Earth without the coat of many colors.  An invisible protective magic clothing written of in bibles.

All that talk about “white robes” and “clean garments” etc comes with the purification of the body.  How do know your Israel?  Weeping and gnashing of jaw would have occured.  Sounds worse than it is.  To purify the body requires alot of weeping, with regret, repentance, and the processing of emotional issues of the heart.  If you ignore your heart’s voice your likely a Gentile not Israel.  Israel are continually learning from God…especially in the last six years during the troubles.  “Jacob’s Troubles”.  Quite the monkey wrench.  But …

Bloodline Heritage & Purpose

Israel knows “all things work together for good to those who Love God and are called according to His Purpose.”  Bingo!  There it is….His main purpose in us lasts generations.  We inherited our purpose by our blood.  But first by our choices in Life to seek God.  Seeking God attains for us the spiritual food we need to do the job we are called to do.

My job is to write.  I am a Scribe of God.  But also my job is to carry the good news of the coming New Earth.  I tend to talk more about the bad news of the beast system at large.    My bloodline carried the news of the coming New Earth.  My relatives let me know that my job is a success.  And that I will stand on the New Earth in all joy and harmony.  I am the child of God who shall walk in the fulfilled prophecy of The Coming New Earth.

There are two categories of humans who will walk the Earth for one thousand years while it becomes Grand and full.  And this occurs before the Gentiles wake up after their 1,000 years of rest & immortality is completed in them.

Israel will learn much patience and to know God much better as they walk the birth of The New Earth.  In 1,000 years she will be ready for the Gentiles who will sleep.

The New Sun/Son

“Not all shall sleep but we shall all be changed.  Mortal shall put on immortality.”  In a moment, in the twinkling of the eye at the last announcement of His (The Sun/Son’s) Return to Earth.  Yes we are pretty certain that Jesus will return in the form of a New Sun & Spirit.  He certainly will not return in flesh or regress into being human again.  Not a chance.

This may sound odd to many.  And it’s a very different theory than preachers teach.   But His Spirit will be everywhere on Earth.  By The Sun His Spirit will fill God’s Children and The New Earth unto the second age.  God’s Sun will Create the New Nature.

Sidenote- I don’t think this new white Sun we have now, is God’s New Nature Sun.  Rather the prophecy was that the sun shall go dim in the end of days.  Seems that may have happened.  And now the beast system is magnifying it with fresnel lenses.  And it’s too hot and in need of light/heat dispersion.  A magnified light would need dispersed so its not concentrated.  Hence we have seen JeffSnyder2 on You Tube cover many internal tree fires burning from the inside out like a microwave would cook.   I have seen them also in real time.  Perhaps their dispersing light/heat by kem trials (coded) and using the onion fresnel lense lighthouse effect.

Or perhaps it is God’s New Sun but it too is “becoming” the brilliant Holy Spirit Sun.  We shall see.  All is being revealed because its end of days.  Those who read The Scribes pages have open minds unhindered by Legion/Religion.

So by becoming Israel we are made white/purified.  We have many spiritual experiences.  Some very profound like climbing Jacob’s Ladder, or going into purgatory to bring some people out with us as Jesus did.  Again, Purgatory is for those who condemn themselves in error.  They have no the right of self judgement.  They likely thought they were bad and wrong their whole lives.  So Jesus or those like Him bring them out to stand before God Almighty in righteous judgement.  Israel helps them cross the street and cross the hallway of the dead.  That’s finally empty due to the dead already being all lifted to Heaven for judgement.

“The dead shall rise first to be judged by God”.  We saw this already happen.  We saw God’s words roll up as a scroll to Heaven when He removed His Sacred words from Earth.  Like they say “get it while the gettin’s good”.

There is only ONE TRUE GOSPEL.  What is the gospel?  The testimony of deliverance from spiritual bondage and healing by those who know Jesus.  That is the good news of the gospel.

“Jesus came to bring us Life more abundantly & Life itself from God.”  He came to bring us God’s words.  But now they have left Earth.  Hence the bibles are falling deeper and deeper into the swill of the beast.  Many lies.  Many desecration of what was once written.  Evil has complete control now, of all bibles old and new on the face of Earth.  Do you see that its now written to “hate your family or you have no part in me” in KJVB.  Furthermore the word “stupid” is all over the books now. (most translations)  More on bible desecrations here.

Seems to me many Christian regard the books as being God Himself.  I had to process my own misguided high regard for the bibles.  The changes/desecration is prophesied in Amos 8:11 & 12 but it doesn’t matter.  If they can’t see it they surely won’t believe it.  The changes are covered up by the strong memory loss and delusion. Delusion set out by the towers of babble and the wheels of a thousand lies.  Those under the delusion have lost the ability to recognize blasphemy when reading it in the bibles.

The bible changes are one of the deceptive signs and wonders.  “Wonders” means miracles.  And for every bible on the face of EArth old and new to magically change while on the shelves…well that’s not only alot to palate for Israel.  But it’s also impossible for the Gentiles to see and understand.

Many of them when reading the bibles either have a miraculous insight that leads them only to the true scriptures.  Or they just whitewash over any blasphemy changing the meaning of the English language to suit their preconceived notions of holiness.

Seems to me those Gentiles who are drawn to what’s left of Truth in the book (after all for posterity sake the new evil bible authors of confusion had to keep a certain amount of benevolence within the pages) have a better grasp on spirituality than those who quote the blasphemous scriptures while calling the book “The Word of God” by God’s Son’s Holy Title.  The Word of God is Jesus NOT the bibles.

Will Israel & the Gentiles Be Raptured?

Since the Earth must burned and then renewed by the New Nature it’s likely most people on Earth will die and then the judgement. Or if they are Israel they will be raptured.  I could be wrong.  Here is my reasoning which theorizes that the Gentiles will have to endure on Earth till the end.


Israel has already died once and were revived.  Consequently they are in line for a second death which means what?   “You shall not suffer from the second death.”

“It is appointed to man once to die and then the judgement.”

Israel fulfilled the death requirement.  But likely the Gentiles have not.  Granted there may be Gentiles who have died once.  Still rapture is a mystery.  Our best guess is that Israel will be raptured mainly because they have already done the work needed to avoid facing God’s judgement later.  They are already made white and given their garments.  No need for processing their heart felt life long issues.    They have already worked out their life’s mistakes with repentance and self awareness.  To the point of forgiveness for and by them.  They don’t need a great tribulation to coax them into seeking God.  They have already come out of great tribulation and the gift of desperation.  They were already desperate & overcame.

They are made white by God’s purification.  This readies them for rapture.  The Gentiles will face death, sleep for 1,000 years and then go to the New Earth.  And somewhere in there judgement will have taken place.  At which time grace is enough.  Grace is sufficient for salvation if one has Faith in God.

“Enoch walked with God so God took Him.”  This walk with God is what I am implying of Israel the people.  And so it’s likely Israel will be raptured and the Gentiles will sleep and then have their paradise.

Revelation 20:6

“Blessed and holy is he that hath part in the first resurrection: on such the second death hath no power, but they shall be priests of God and of Christ, and shall reign with him a thousand years.”

The following scripture is added by the author of confusion and is untrue (we believe)  For one thing IT MAKES NO SENSE.  Being cast into he lake of fire is the death of the soul.  Good try but no cigar.  Call it the second death but it is not literally a second death as we know death of the body.  All of Israel have died once.  They had to die so they could have access to the realm of the dead just as Jesus did to bring those out of purgatory.  Furthermore dying brings spiritual advantages as far as sight.  Leaving the body under any circumstance changes a man’s views on life forever.  Whether it be an out of body spiritual experience or death.  The spirit temporarily leave the body.  The man now knows that his flesh is not who he is.

Revelation Something

“And death and hell were cast into the lake of fire. This is the second death.”….or not.

I know this much the end of the scripture is new.  It used to read “which burns forever and ever/fire & brimstone.”  not “This is the second death.”  Also it contradicts by saying “you shall not SUFFER the second death.  Lake of fire is death of the soul it ends the man and his Spirit returns to God who gave it.  There is no suffering at the death of the soul, only nothingness.  As if one never existed.  I could be wrong of course it’s Spirit lead theory.

God is Love He doesn’t torture people for endless pain and suffering burning skin for ever and ever unless that’s what they desire in Hell by their Dark Lord.

All humans had to learn evil & good so we could choose and be separated and harvested from Earth into the right category of eternity or destruction.  All that eternal suffering stuff is likely B.S.  There is balance in God’s world but evil shall stay in its domain while good lives in its realm.  No more mixing.  The darkness is for those who PREFER DARKNESS.  People who know themselves and are fine with being among debauchery and kaos.  Hell is for the dark souls.

“It would be better for a man to be hot or cold…not lukewarm.”  (the script after this is also a supernatural bible change. The meaning of Jesus’ statement was always a mystery not explained in the next verse.)

What Did My Ancestors Say to Me on My Visit?

I fulfilled the Holy Grail my life’s spiritual purpose.  I went to the Second Heaven in a vision and saw my Grandmother and Great Grandmother.  They told me that by realizing my bloodline purpose the day prior and stating it out loud I completed my goal.  I have been working toward fulfilling my purpose for many years.  But it all started with clearing the emotional wreckage of the past.  That began my great search for God.  It also fulfilled my ability to communicate in some of the spiritual realms.  As I said a person must clear away the mess of the heart before they are able to hear into the spirit realm.  Emotional clutter of hate, shame, guilt, resentment, and hurt with it’s trauma must all be worked through.  Why?  Because until we do this return to the past we will not know ourselves.

The Hardest thing for a man to know is himself.

We cannot know our own heart until we clear the wreckage of our emotional adolescents.  Most people really just believe that they are the social mask which they wear.  It’s sad but it’s common because we are programmed by trauma initially.  And then we deny our hearts voice by our subconscious belief that who we are is bad and wrong.  We naturally by peer pressure and TV programming, stifle our true purpose of our bloodline.  We often miss the mark of our inherited spiritual Holy Grail journey.  Our genetic spiritual purpose from God and our sacred ancestral line.

These are things that should have been taught in school.  However by many mistakes and many near death experiences and even death itself Israel fulfills its purpose.  In the face of mocking and judgement we do the job our heart calls us to fulfill.  We find by seeking God what our true purpose in life it.

The Family of God told me that I fulfilled the bloodline purpose once I realized what that purpose was by looking back.  To announce to mankind the soon Coming of Jesus and The New Earth with its New Nature is my bloodline quest.  Mainly the proclaiming of The New Earth.

Self Love

The social status quo is to never look back.  “It’s morbid reflection” they say.  But on the contrary, what I learned by looking back at all of my life was more than I ever expected to learn.  Moving forward for me, had to start with correcting my skewed view of self and learning self Love.  Self Love starts by dialogue.  Never ever speak to one’s self disrespectfully.  Start there and with meditation.  See my and .net sites.  They are the story of my early journey into Truth.  The article catalogue how to attain self awareness.

Israel has lived the words of Jesus down to nearly every prophecy and every lesson in ways they didn’t expect in real time.


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