The Scribes Letter to the Churches That Split

My Spirit Lead Interpretations of Previous Bible Scriptures …

The Scribe of God writes a Letter to the Churches.

And especially prophecy are not in alignment with any preachers doctrine.  You will not find these interpretations which I write about on Christian websites. Or on prophecy websites.  The Scribe of God is called a heretic or Satan by Christians.  All my interpretations are exactly this “private interpretations” independent of religion.

Won’t be long now.  2024 is coming!  Those with The Holy Spirit will likely be raptured around April 2024.  But that doesn’t mean people will know it happened.  The end of days pattern now shows us that much is hidden from the Christians.  We doubt they will ever see the rapture of the chosen few.

2nd Peter 1:20
“Knowing this first, that no prophecy of the scripture is of any private interpretation.”   

“No private interpretation”?  Pish posh.  I am private an individual with my own mind. And the only one who chooses how to interpret the words that I read.   Whether Post bible desecration or Pre-bible desecration I interpret.  That is a private interpretation.

The Splitting Up of the Churches

Here is what I found about Churches & Religion/Legion while seeking God at Legion’s door.

A short fiction story

I sat outside a church where the preacher echoed a dry meaningless sermon.  Sitting on the steps of that very well built white steeple building….I realized my clothes were not appropriate for their high falutin neighborhood.  They would not let me enter.  God Almighty said to me …

“Fear not Laura, it’s not your fault.   They won’t let me in either”

The story is actually a joke I used to tell of a ragged homeless man whom was unable to find a seat in a big pretty church full of well dressed aristocrats.  All of them in their Sunday best.  Wearing masks of sanctity.

Truth is.  I never fit in at any church I went to.  Why?  Because I was authentic and I thought they were also authentic.   I thought they were superior in most every way.   Nevertheless I learned alot from these churches which I sought out in my search for God.

And recently in the past six years I learned that the people were not superior at all.  They were merely acting.  They were merely wearing masks of sanctity.  And by their benevolent behavior I asked myself for years…”why are they so good and I am so bad?”

The Split of The Churches Into Groups of Religion

When the churches split they also split the most important powerful knowledge by which mankind can avoid living out some of the scariest scriptures in the bibles.

My people perish for lack of knowledge”.  “My people are killed all the day long for lack of knowledge”.  “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge”  Take your pick.  The scripture has been changed several times but still means the same thing.  If you cannot see the enemy how then will you war against it?

“Negativity is bad, don’t be so negative” say the programmed masses.  However by motive Evil doesn’t just want you just dead.  Ruling evil wants you permanently annihilated, soul, & body.

I did not want to acknowledge or face off with the enemy in my young life so I avoided looking at it.  After all what does the hymnal say?  “If I hold my peace (shut up) and let The Lord Fight MY BATTLES victory victory shall be mine.”


Spiritual Warfare

I don’t “let” God do anything I do not have that power!  He does as He chooses to do.  Furthermore the song says “let The Lord fight my battles” right?

After all God’s gifts and transformation, what do I bring to the kingdom of God after being given the gifts of The Holy Spirit?  Do I receive these mighty gifts and then just walk away and say “once saved always saved.  And all that matters is my salvation.”  Or have I found a purpose for my life by the gifts and leading of The Holy Spirit?

It’s true, warfare is not about salvation, spiritual warfare is about overcoming evil and being part of the army of God.  The gifts include powerful magic by The Spirit of God.

“Not by might nor by power but by my Spirit sayeth The Lord.”

I am not going to go over these gifts right now.  See my book.  They are still somewhat listed in the bibles.  Though supernatural gifts from God are grossly misunderstood by Christians.  And the most powerful gifts are socially & verbally trashed by the naive & evil ones who fear getting cast into Hell by The Spirit of God’s power.

When The churches Split Confusion Slipped Into Religion/Legion.

Each church built their doctrine after the scriptures they deemed most important. 

The Pentecostals get the prize.  But no religion has it all correct.  Pentecostals took with them The Mighty supernatural gifts of The Holy Spirit.  These gifts come by prayer in Jesus name (aloud).  And by the laying on of hands in Jesus’ name spoken aloud without shame by Faith & Hope.

Oddly though I received The Holy Spirit in an evening service by prayer & the laying on of hands in a southern Baptist church in the meadow.  A church I was drawn to.

Pentecostal style and other Baptist churches took with them the knowledge of the extensive gift of tongues/dialects/God’s languages/Intercessory prayer in The Spirit.  And the knowledge of utterances given during or after prayer at the alter, for the confirmation of The Baptism of The Holy Spirit.  Or a touch of God.  A visitation.  Yes some non denominational churches used to also wield the knowledge of the power of The Holy Spirit by Jesus’ name.

The Baptists either avoided the supernatural in services or hid the supernatural gifts away only exercising them in sparse evening services which few people attended.  The Baptist preacher whom I knew, he knew he would lose his church attendance if the gifts were displayed in plain sight on Sunday morning.  Why?  Most people just can’t go there.  Gifts of the Spirit are socially unacceptable these days.  that’s why most of God’s fiercest spiritual warriors are also quite unacceptable socially according to the normal standards.

After all what would you say if your daughter came to you and said “Mom I just received the Baptism of The Holy Spirit at the alter call of my church!  And I spoke with other languages.”

I know the invalidation I received by everyone I told…..and those who humored me with a display of belief.

The people who teach about the gift of tongues today, usually don’t have any experience or idea of what they are talking about.  All they know is Paul said “keep silent in the church”.  Few realize that utterances of tongues and the full on gift of tongues are two quite different supernatural gifts.

Evil fears the full on gift of tongues because it is very likely the most powerful gifts a man or woman can attain while human.  Why?  Because The Spirit of God leads the prayer.  And it can be directed any way the person wielding it pleases.  They can pray in tongues for their birthday cakes to taste good.  Just as easily as they pray for the entire world’s salvation.  All done in Higher Languages straight from God Himself.  So God doesn’t pass this powerful gift out lightly.  It comes in Jesus’ name.

The beast’s fear of the Lion who crushes the serpent (the “crush/bruise” scripture has magically changed by the way in all bibles old and new) is why tongues are trashed by The Image of the Beast (TV) & by social media.

When a man has the gifts of healing and or deliverance that too is very powerful.  But not as vast as the full on gift of tongues.   The difference is this.  Those who have the gift of tongues don’t get to see the instant results in the flesh like the preacher does who just healed or delivered from spiritual bondage a child of God.  It requires a certain type of person to spend years on end praying for those they don’t know.  And praying in languages they don’t fully understand yet but they do understand after years.  However those with this gift make hast to ask for interpretation.  Interpretation comes in ideas not word for word.  They know what they pray about after a while.  They understand the gift God gave them.  But more so as they age with the gift understanding comes.

These Higher Language intercessors engage great works of Faith and should not be mocked.

A Great Mystery Revealed

While the preachers with supernatural gifts often are praised & thanked for what they do after healing a person and doing miracles in plain sight.  They stand before the congregation and are praised.  While the intercessors hide in their closet with great burdens for souls they travail for years on end.  If an onlooker saw them in travail he would say he is cursed rather than gifted.  However their reward is in the New Earth and Heaven.  They are the 144.  Those who travail.  The Woman of Revelation 12.  Though I met a man with the same gift.

The Catholics

The Catholics took with them purgatory, the top floor of Hell and the grave.  The only floor which can be escaped.  Why?  Because those in purgatory condemn themselves.  Rather than condemnation by God The Father’s righteous judgement.  And that is why Jesus and those who walk as He walked bring the self condemned out of purgatory if they can be rescued.

The Catholics also took with the the great gift of the confessional.  “Confess your sins one to another and pray one for another so you will be healed”.  And the truth shall set you free.

The vital confessional sets men free.  By confessing guilt, shame, remorse, and all things we regret deeply we cleanse ourselves by Truth.  Bring Truth into the light.  Never keep these worst sins hidden.  By keeping guilt secret it gains power over us.

The Baptists

“Ye must be born again to inherit the kingdom of God”.  I say again, ye must be born again.  Born of water and of Spirit.  First all humans are 66.6%.  They are Soul 33.3% and they are flesh 33.3%.  When the human receives the Holy Spirit by believing in God & His Son Jesus ye are then at some point given the Holy Spirit representing rebirth.  Hence the 66.6% becomes the 99.999999% a new complete human.

The Beast & Has it’s Religion/Legion

The beast copied God’s pattern by a mock up of its own born again experience.  Turning the 66.6% human 33.3% soul 33.3%body into a full blown hybrid.  Part beast and part human.  No longer privy to the Holy spirit of God or the supernatural gift of Hope.  Blasphemy of The Holy Spirit is to desecrate the temple of God which held the Divine Presence of God from birth. The body which is born with The Divine Presence of God chooses the beast and takes it’s mark in the right arm.  They also have it’s supernatural mark in their foreheads.  Along with whatever they worship above God their Creator.  All of mankind were born with a portion of God’s Spirit.  That portion of Divine Presence is different than the gifts of The Holy Spirit by Baptism of The Holy Spirit.

Esau’s Soup Is the Back-Scene (say it 3 times its code)

The Divine Presence can be defined by the word “Hope”.  Hope the eternal and supernatural gift from God.  Also this Hope promotes the Hope of salvation.  The helmet of armor is Hope.   Those who took the shot without hesitation and without any spiritual concerns handed over their helmet of salvation, (their crowns of Life) and cast them upon the floor before the throne of the beast.  They became “new creatures” alright as the bible now calls them (not creations).  They are reborn in the image of the beast.  They made their choice.  They took their eternal gift of supernatural Faith and put that Faith in the beast and its system.  The separation of goats from sheep.

Praise and Worship Churches

“God Almighty abides in the praises of His people.”  Those churches who praise and worship do well to speak the name of Jesus aloud.  To raise hands high in submission, and to praise God shedding the shame of status quos.  Bonds fall to the ground when praise and worship in Jesus name is carried out.

And so the people must seek God diligently if they are to find Truth which protects them and sets them free from bondage.

JW’s Or Jehovah’s Witnesses

The Jehovah’s Witnesses took with them the New World.  Otherwise called The New Earth.  Paradise. New Nature.  Earth and humans both created the way God intended them to be.  Perfection and joy, with great natural talents and fulfillments.  Purpose for life that far surpasses any present day purposes that we can engage in.  The JW’s tend to focus on The New Earth above all other topics.  At least when I was younger and spent time in the meetings with my parents.  I come from a long line of believers in the New World.  For good reason no doubt.




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