Why am I Mandela Effected?

The BIg Question of the decade:

WHY DO  SOME SEE THE MANDELA CHANGES WHILE OTHERS DO NOT?  And more importantly, WHY do some Christians see the Bible changes to the KJV Bibles (all) and others, even preachers, theologians, scholars, and ministers of the scripture DO NOT?  wth?

First let me clarify “see changes”.  What that means is your bible used to say “the lion shall lie with the lamb”.  Now it says “the wolf shall lie with the lamb”.  Most common example.  Or your sure the Monopoly guy had a monocle but now history teaches HE NEVER DID.  And many remember it that way. Many don’t.   One more truth, those who see the changes to the KJV of bible are actually the UNAFFECTED.  The title is backwards to say “why am I affected?”  If you see the changes you remember the real reality.

How do I know it’s the real reality? Because of new scripture like this:
Amo 3:6

Shall a trumpet be blown in the city, and the people not be afraid? shall there be evil in a city, and the LORD hath not done it?
My God am I weary of listening to people MIS-QUOTE SCRIPTURE over and over and over and over.  I am compelled to keep up with the blasphemy of bible changes just to see what the wicked are up to.

The word “bread” in the King James Version of the Bible has been changed to “meat” all over.  “take meat” always said “take bread”.  Do you remember this?

Last night I listened to a minister on youtube as he mangled the scripture.  Listen to this quote from Amos 3.

“shall there be evil in a city, and the LORD hath not done it?   Hmm wonder what happened to free will, men’s evil, and Satan’s entourage?  Who need Satan when we have God throwing out evil to us left and right.  The bible has God “crying” even.  COME ON!   God is pro evil in the new CHANGED bible, He actually invokes it and pledges to it.  Furthermore “Glory” is now for the people and PRECEPTS OF GOD ARE all mixed up in it.  The Bible has become a Satanic bible.  And ministers are loving and quoting the worst of the new blasphemous scriptures with glee.  Calling it “The word of God” which it is not!  Jesus is The Word.

We now have God doing evil all over the Bible.  And boasting of it.  So these so called Christians read right over scriptures like that as if they are profound and full of wisdom.  They are the LOST SHEEP OF GOD.  God will, wake them up at some point IF their heart is truly in the right place, that is.

Yes some authors of Bible change channels say “if you do not see the changes you are a child of Satan and need to repent.”  Well that is true, they are blind.

If they do not see it is because of THIS KEY.

Those who see are called and chosen.  Those who see (yes including myself and Jazweeh I will not exhibit false humility just to appear humble and in line with present day status quo.)


Now I show you a mystery my friend.  Oh before I do that Jesus said “now I call you My brethren” BRETHREN not “FRIENDS”.    BIG DIFFERENCE and it downgraded us AGAIN as Saton loves to do.  Making us friend of Jesus instead of His brothers and sisters is blasphemy and an insult to us just as much as saying that our grand forefathers were MONKEYS.  This is a huge insult.  We the chosen, are Jesus’ brethren.  (there used to be an “a” in breathren like breath.  (whatever more M.E.).

You see the Bible changes because you value TRUTH over paradigm.  Jesus is the TRUTH.  Truth is KEY and a huge part of salvation just as much as Love is.

Those who vehemently side with truth not only wear it as invisible armor but they also are protected by it from the “strong delusion”.  Yes its that simple.

Furthermore, death can be undone but Love cannot.  Therefore if you Love Jesus truly.  If you value just being near God more than receiving from God your in there.  You see.

Think of it in relationship terms.  Imagine a woman who marries a man just for his money.  God showed me that this is the relationship of many many lost sheep. Watch their videos on YT as they talk over and over about what they will RECEIVE once they are in Heaven.  Listen to the vanity and the materialistic motives of these lost sheep.  God showed me THIS relationship that has ulterior motives and is not pure whatsoever is why the sheep are blind. They go to God with their mask firmly in place.

They do not show God their true heart no matter how many times they kneel before Him.  They show God what they think He wants to see.  God wants us to be real with ourselves and in turn be real with Him.  THIS IS TRUTH.  Being real with God is TRUTH.  He is again, The TRUTH LIFE & WAY.

So therefore if you approach Truth with a mask of deception that even you don’t know your wearing, well your pretty much f**cked.

But not forever.  God showed me that even though the sheep are asleep and are lying to themselves as they are deeply programmed with the beast system techno.  The sheep are brainwashed and victims.  God knows this so His Grace will take it into great consideration.  The sheep will be awakened at some point and if their heart is right and they repent they will also be saved.  This is the “great multitude” spoken of in Revelation the book.

IF YOU do see what does this mean?  Just how called and chosen are those who see?

We are children of God.  He knew us before we came to this earth.  This is why we long for our true home.  OUr soul remembers our true home and how it feels to be close to our Creator.  We miss our Creator but we are here for a reason.

“If you don’t have the gift of tongues chances are you won’t be one of the 144,000.  Why?  Because…its simple, “the 144,000 sang a song that only they were able to learn and knew.”  This isn’t absolute.  I believe there are some who have the gift of tongues but have never expressed it.  This is possible.  With God all things are possible.

Okay so, we must see the Bible changes and speak in tongues.  Wait a minute!  What if we are a baby Christian who sees the Mandela effect but is not learned in the Bible enough to identify changes. Well lets put it this way friend…have you READ the KJV lately? It is a lie and is evil.  The book will no longer agree with your heart if your heart is of God.  Meaning if your really saved and have the Holy Spirit inside you that leads us into ALL TRUTH then you will see that The Bible is now EVIL and WRONG.  And you will not use it for your spirituality link.

The Bible now states that we God’s people are to be “glorified”.  BS.  All glory is to God.

The precepts of the bible have changed and not in a good way.  The voice coming through it have changed to mocking and evil.  There is sexual innuendo (used to be “inuenda”)  all through the book now.  Your heart should NOT agree with the book henceforth.

When God laid out the “strong delusion” spoken of in 2 Thess He did it completely.  Those who are not under the strong delusion see that the KJV Bible is corrupt even if they do not know that it changed supernaturally overnight and is continuing to change.

The Holy Spirit IS The Spirit of Truth is it not?  Therefore TRUTH is the key to the Mandela effect.

What about all the corporate changes and the non believers who have no inclination toward God who see those changes to products, movies, and titles?

These corporate changes for all to see IF they look are also “Lying signs and wonders” that God told us by scripture would occur in the last days.  These signs are available to all men no matter their spiritual condition as a sign for them to repent and find God.

The M.E. is a prompt saying “the supernatural is real so you BETTER seek God now or perish.”   This is the message that is packaged inside the M.E.

If a person can see the corporate changes then they are NOT stuck in complacency and cognitive dissonance.  If they see the M.E. there is a good change they can become saved by repentance and seeking God.  If they ignore the wonders God has allowed them to see they also ignore the state of their own soul.

Your soul needs an eternal home.  You must prepare for that eternal home by seeking in this carnal life.  “now we see dimly, soon we will see eye to eye and then remain these three, Love, Faith, and Hope but Love is the greatest.

Truth is part of Love. Truth shows respect and honor.  Again Jesus IS truth.  Take off your belt of truth for NO-ONE!

When I was in AA working the 12 steps I realized that I had been using the lie as a protection mechanism.  I thought lying protected me from the light of truth.  I was fearful of the truth because I thought that I was bad and wrong.  I was programmed from birth to believe that I was inferior to all people.  I walked in fear all the day, lost to truth about who I was.

If I got in a pinch, I had the lie to protect me.  Well the fourth steps inherent self-reflection caused me to see that my deception was only hurting ME.  That I wasn’t hurting people by lying to them but rather I was hurting myself.  I learned that TRUTH not THE LIE was my real protection in the spiritual realm.

So if you hold the lie to your breast as I once did, seeing deception as a way out and a protective tool then you also have been using the spiritual armor of the wicked.  The lie is the protection of those who are blind.  The lie is what the beast system puts out to us every day, day in day out, lies lies lies.  Lies about EVERYTHING on the face of the earth.  That is what we are taught by TV and in school, LIES.

Why is the beast system lying to us?  Because it runs on fear and lies are its shield.  The beast system is falling apart, people are beginning to see that it lies at every turn.  Do you see the lies in history, math, scientism, media, news, geography, biography, biology, geography, cosmology, politics, and on and on, all lies.

Need I remind you that Saton is the father of lies and that Jesus is Truth?  This means that those who fall under the strong delusion did so because “they loved not the truth.”

That is what that scripture means.  We hold truth to our breast as a protective cover.  Most people lie by reflex and they also think everyone else lies just as they do.  Well, do not judge others by your heart, its a failed system.  Your heart may be completely different than the heart of he whom you judge.

Now, the trick is to pray that you be not deceived.  Also pray that you not fall into false pride and harsh judgement of others.  This is the temptation of those who see.

Do not be baffled by their blindness.  Now that you know “they loved not the truth” you know that truth is paramount in your spiritual walk.  And if you are to continue to see you MUST stay in TRUTH.

As for Love….Jesus must Love through us.  We are incapable of loving without Jesus.

All those New age religionists who claim “Love is the Way” well God is Love YES but the problem is that if they don’t allow Jesus into their own heart they will not be able to Love unconditionally.

Unconditional Love comes only by accepting Jesus into our hearts.  He must be invited.  And if you don’t invite Jesus well, most likely you will accidentally invite demons in by your sinful actions. We create our own demonic entry-ways straight into our hearts, unfortunately.

How do demons enter and how do we expel them?  They enter by sin.


The Spirit has urged do not eat the seed (undeveloped seed) of a GMO fruit or vegetable.  The genetically tampered with seed is an abomination to The LOrd.  He will urge His chosen NOT to eat these abominations and especially do not eat the seed.  How dare they create such diabolical food that makes its on insecticide.  HOW DARE THEY POISON MANKIND and not think twice about it.  How dare they oppress and kill farmers to take over the food and monopolize it.  Do YOU SEE that your being poisoned?  THEY WILL PAY.  This I promise.

Those who by greed allowed the beast’s food corruption system to take over WILL FALL HARD.

The Royal Bloodlines will be eradicated by Satan himself.  The very god that they serve shall bring them to their knees according to the will of The One True God. Selah






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