My Dear Readers Times Are Hard

Beware of Angry Jane’s bad language.

Written By Jazweeh & Angry Jane.

To ALL those WHO BESOS REPRESENTS. You stoled what was the little piece of the American pie that the little guy had. We had Mom & Pop stores. And we sold on Etsy our crafts and our hand made items of QUALITY. You can run but you cannot hide from Almighty God. He’s coming. In a Way you think not. Your greed for power is on display for all to see.

And when Amazon steals ALL IT CAN STEAL from God’s children.  (The Beast) THEN My God WILL return and CRUSH not only his monopoly but his soul in the lake of fire with those he represents. ____Angry Jane

Perhaps this figure head of a guy. The alleged CEO will help me out a bit. The dark greed & power mongering that he represents have Billions maybe Trillions. While CRUSHING every small business & Mom and Pop Etsy Shop seller purposely.  It all started with their Covid bullshit.   

Notice the fucked up techtronic eye? He has some kind of implant on that eye. Or he is more controlled than most puppets of the elite.
Amazon is the oppressor of the small business man of who I am one. And when they are done stealing by low prices. They will then jack prices back up as a monopoly.


Fear is part of the human condition.  Expressing it relieves it.  It’s nice to see that others also feel the full spectrum of emotions that God gave us.

Who Needs A Crash of the Banks when FOOD COSTS SO MUCH? Same effect.

Job loss is everywhere, and now Angry Jane is wondering how she will buy groceries.  Yes we prepared but now we wish we would have done more.

They are priming the American people for a universal income that will require God only knows what from the people.  Where will work fit into all that set income?

Times are very hard for many financially My Self Included


Sometimes God has a move in our life to another place in time where financial security takes on another form.  We lose one income that we relied on for years.  Only to end up finding something better in all our despair.

There are three things humans worry about.  We at AA call these the three S’s, Sex, Society, Security.  What this means is we value highly and emotionally depend on our partners in whatever form that takes.  Husband, wife, sister, friend, ect.  “Society” is our reputation around our peers and other people.  We do care what people think of us and should.  Granted we humans tend to fear losing the right reputation.  And finally my most prized security “Security itself”.  Meaning Money, Home, Car, Food in the fridge, and sometimes Stuff, clothing and a roof over our heads.

When the paycheck stops, we run, duck, and cover.  WHAT IN THE HELL DO WE DO NOW?  Wait a minute?  Where’s God Almighty in all that dependency?  Well naturally He doesn’t show Himself in the material.  We do not get to see just how he provided all these secondary securities for us. So its natural to be more emotionally attached and afraid when the pay check ends.  Than some threat that God is leaving us to beg for bread.

I am at the point of hitting the pawn shops.  That means selling my silver.  I have $20 to my name right now.  I have not had to worry for money in years.

Wtf is going on God?!!  Don’t you care?  Don’t you give a shit about me?  Of course it can ALWAYS GET WORSE.  Ya that’s a nice thought.  Ya, I feel much better now…cause it can ALWAYS GET WORSE.

What fucking ever! Says Angry Jane.  What fucking ever!  Says the fear to the Faith.  Not a farging thing I can do except decide when to move from the problem into the SOLUTIONS.

WHAT SOLUTIONS?  Jane asks.  WHAT SOLUTIONS?  I have over $400 in bills coming due and $20 in my bank acct.  IT DOESN’T LOOK GOOD!

Okay nobody gives a shit about this problem of mine UNLESS they too are going through it.  Or they have a heart of gold perhaps.

God Will Provide, one way or another He will provide.  Has He not always provided?  Yes

Then why so worried?

Sometimes when we look into the face of fear we realize we don’t trust God quite as much as we would like to.  Yes I give Him credit for meeting my needs.  Yes  He always provided.  But now I am scared.  Now I can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel.

KEEP THE FAITH.  KEEP THE HOPE.  KEEP THE THOUGHT THAT GOD IS MAKING A CHANGE FOR US INTO A BETTER PLACE THAN BEFORE.  I belong to God not Etsy Seller.  He provided then and He will provide for me now.

It’s God who makes my food on the table.  I just do the foot work.  All the world belongs to God Almighty.  If and when my security in the carnal returns it will be Him who provided it.

That’s my lesson for today.  I stand on the fact that God Himself is my provider.  He sends the blessings of Goodness, Abundance, & Nature to bless us all.

He feds the lilies of the field.  He provides for the tiny Dragon Fly and the grasshopper too.  How much more shall He pour blessings out unto you.

Sometimes our Faith is tested by changes.  So we say “Out of the problem into the solution.”   If I have to get a job at The Dollar Store so be it.  Perhaps what God has in store for me is something better much better than what I am used to.  A new ministry perhaps?

I can only Hope.

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